25 Fun & Unique Toddler Room Ideas

25 Fun & Unique Toddler Room Ideas

These 25 toddler room ideas will have you putting together a unique sanctuary and play space for your little adventurer in no time!
Moving into a big kid’s bed is an exciting time for your little adventurer.

Not so long ago, the planning of their nursery was a rite of passage for you.

And now here you are, looking for toddler room ideas.

(Can time slow down just a little, please?!)

According to interior design research, your toddler’s bedroom should be something they can enjoy today and when they’re older.

So the idea here is to think of a space that will grow with them.

Just because they love dinosaurs or unicorns this week doesn’t mean they’ll want them all over their walls in five years.

Practicality is another big consideration.

Functional furniture that grows up with your little one creates a space that feels personal to them and adapts to their changing needs.

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  • How can I make my toddler room fun?
  • How do I prepare my toddler for a new room?
  • Toddler boy room ideas
  • Toddler girl room ideas

What should a toddler room have?

A toddler bed is the first essential item needed to pull together your toddler bedroom ideas.

Toddler beds are smaller than your average single bed.

They’re lower to the ground and usually have guard rails along the side with a small gap for them to climb in and out of.

If you have a convertible bed, it will easily transform from crib to toddler bed and eventually to a twin when your little one is ready.

An alternative is to get a conversion kit to turn their bed from one type to another.

As to when this shift should happen, well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises transitioning to a toddler bed once their crib railing is lower than their chest.

And, yep, that’s because otherwise, it’s just too easy for them to escape.

Once you’ve got the bed covered, it’s time to think of making the rest of the space inviting for both play and rest.

Cozy rugs or a city streets mat can form a great floor covering for them to get out their blocks, trucks, puzzles, dinosaurs, and dolls.

Next up: storage is a must.

It’s amazing how quickly that floor can get covered with all number of bears and books and blocks.

Trunks, baskets, buckets, and shelves that are fixed to the wall are all great options.

How can I make my toddler room fun?

Practicality doesn’t have to mean “no fun”.

Start with a base tone and add pops of color and texture with soft furnishings, fun bed linen, and artwork.

These can easily be changed as your toddler grows.

How do I prepare my toddler for a new room?

A new room is an exciting move for your toddler!

Talk about the move and how special it is that they’ve grown up to be big enough for a new bed and fun things.

Familiar items, such as a beloved stuffy, will make them feel more comfortable in their Big Kid room.

Get your toddler familiar with their space before they move rooms by using it for play and bedtime stories.

So now it’s time to get planning. Ready for some serious inspo? Let’s go!

Toddler boy room ideas

Before we jump in, a quick note.

While we’ve divided our list into boys and girls rooms for easy reference, all of these toddler bedroom ideas work just as well for any gender.

You and your little one get to decide what makes your unique version of a perfect toddler room.

With that in mind, let’s get going.

1. A magic toddler boy room

The muted palate of this toddler room is lifted with artwork and soft furnishings that create a special kind of moody magic.

2. Under the sea

Help your little one drift away to dreamland with some sea creature motifs and styling.

3. Have a whale of a time

These whale decals are a great addition to any toddler room and can be easily removed if your little one grows out of this design.

4. Time to explore

This toddler’s room idea uses neutral tones and lots of textures to create a fun space that reminds us of the great outdoors just waiting to be explored.

5. Get back to nature

This giant wall mural is a great way to create a gorgeous accent wall to expand your toddler’s horizons.

6. Space to play

A cozy yet fun space to play is an essential element of any toddler room decoration. This simple design is waiting to be filled with fun.

7. Wild times

The animal prints and range of textures in this toddler room make for a fun space where your little one can safely explore their wild side.

8. Room to grow

The muted tones on the wall are complimented with soft furnishings and versatile furniture to create a toddler space that will grow with your child.

9. Brilliant books!

The lower placement of this toddler bookshelf encourages independence and a love for reading.

10. It’s a jungle in there!

This jungle wall mural is complimented with adorable soft toy animals that bring this toddler’s room to life.

Toddler girl room ideas

There’s space to play and quiet corners to relax in these toddler girls’ rooms.

11. A little home within a home

Your little one will really make themselves at home in this happy space of minidom.

12. Super storage toddler room ideas

Clever storage ideas in your toddler’s room are something you’ll appreciate for years to come.

13. A fairy haven

The neutral tones in this toddler’s room are complimented by the whimsical wall art that they won’t outgrow for years.

14. Superb sibling rooms

This cute room is the perfect toddler bedroom idea if you’re making room for two.

15. Studious toddler girl room ideas

Work and play come together in this adorable design.

16. Pretty in pink

Not all toddler girls love pink, but for those who do, this one’s a delight.

17. Room to grow, room to play

This beautiful toddler girl room has space for them to spread their wings right into teenagehood.

18. Swings and roundabouts

For optimum fun, a room with a swing is just the thing!

19. Neutral tones for sweet dreams

The dreamy wallpaper tops off the serene tones and diverse range of textures.

20. Pop of color

The neutral background color for this toddler bedroom idea makes the bright blues really pop!

21. Somewhere over the rainbow

An oversized stuffy may become your little one’s bestie for the next few years. Pop a rainbow on the wall and vines cascading from their bed frame, and you’ve got a full wonderland effect.

22. Sweet dreams and room to play

This toddler bedroom design combines areas for independent play with cozy spaces to rest or hear a book being read.

23. Hanging hammocks

This house bed frame with an adorable space for a favorite toy makes bedtime extra special.

24. Falling in love

Invite the outside in with a beautiful nature-inspired hanging mobile to match your chosen color palette.

25. House bed designs

This bed doubles as a play space that invites imagination into the room.

Enjoy getting ready for the next stages of your little one’s life!

Decorating your toddler’s bedroom can be lots of fun and a major milestone to celebrate.

And once you’ve finished decorating your toddler’s room, you may be inspired to change your own bedroom.

Enjoy, mama!

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