Does a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Work?

Does a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Work?

Ever heard of the toothpaste pregnancy test? 🪥

This DIY pregnancy test involves mixing a few drops of urine with toothpaste, supposedly then telling you whether you’re pregnant or not.

Sounds like a good way to save money on pregnancy tests, right?

We’re not so sure…

Let’s explore the ins and outs of the toothpaste test together. 🦷

In this article: 📝

  • What is the toothpaste pregnancy test?
  • How to test pregnancy at home with toothpaste
  • What is the toothpaste gender test?

What is the toothpaste pregnancy test?

You may have read online, or heard through a friend, about a reaction that happens when mixing your pee with toothpaste…

And you may have also heard, this method tells you whether you’re pregnant or not.

In theory, the color of the toothpaste, the texture, if it fizzes, if it bubbles, if it reacts generally, can indicate pregnancy. 🫧

Sadly, we’re here to de-bunk these rumors. 🙅‍♀️

Although we might see some sort of reaction may take place, this doesn’t mean you’re pregnant, or not pregnant… we don’t really know what it means.

No scientific studies have been conducted around toothpaste and urine — so, there’s no proof to say that urine causing toothpaste to bubble may mean you’re pregnant… sorry!

Still want to give it a go anyway?

Here’s how you do the test: 👇

How to test pregnancy at home with toothpaste

If you’re looking to give this homemade pregnancy test a try, all you’d need is:

  • White toothpaste
  • A clear bowl or container
  • A cup to collect your urine sample

And you’re set!

Now watch to see if any bubbling, fizzing, or changes in color happen — if so, in theory, this indicates you’re pregnant.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, sadly, that’s because it is… 😕 

Any changes to the toothpaste after adding in your pee could just be to do with the acidity. 🧪

Your urine typically has an acidity of 6.0 to 7.5.

And, if it’s combined with toothpaste (which, dependent on brand, has varying levels of acidity), this may cause a reaction. 👩‍🔬

So, basically, a reaction can happen — but it’s nothing to do with whether you’re pregnant or not.

Toothpaste pregnancy wait time

Again, because there’s no scientific backing behind this theory, the suggestions around ‘wait time’ are a bit of a mixed bag…

Some say you should wait up to 10 minutes to see a reaction from your toothpaste test.

Some say 3 minutes. 🤷‍♀️

But, in our opinion, you’d probably be wasting your time…

You may see a reaction of some sort, but it won’t be able to tell you whether you’re pregnant or not. ❌

People also say to wait until the day of your missed period to test for pregnancy.

This… we can agree on! 👏

Testing too early could lead to false-negative results, as the levels of the hormone that pregnancy tests look for — hCGmay not be high enough to be detected during early pregnancy.

But, if you’re waiting until the day of your missed period to do the toothpaste test, again, you may be wasting your time, and energy…

It’s probably best to head down to the local drugstore instead, and pick up a pregnancy test to be sure. 👶

What does a ‘positive’ toothpaste pregnancy test look like?

Well, that’s the thing…

It’s supposed to fizz and bubble, creating a frothy substance if you’re pregnant. 🫧

But because there’s no studies done at all to support this, if you are pregnant and did this test, you may not see any reaction at all.

Or you may see fizzing and bubbling and frothing.

But neither a reaction, or lack of, indicates pregnancy…

What color does toothpaste turn when testing for pregnancy?

The theory is that when the toothpaste is mixed with urine, if you’re pregnant, it will turn blue. 💙

It’s said that the ingredients in the toothpaste will change color when they are mixed with hCG — the hormone that’s more present in our pee when we’re pregnant.

But, again, there’s no studies to suggest that this color change has anything to do with pregnancy.

What brand of toothpaste should you use for the toothpaste pregnancy test?

Wondering whether you should use your Colgate, Oral B, or another brand of toothpaste for the best pregnancy test results?

In theory, it doesn’t matter what type of brand you use — as long as the toothpaste is white or clear-colored.

This is because a color reaction may take place if you’re pregnant, according to popular belief.

As mentioned above though, we can’t trust this theory — so we’d say it’s best to save your toothpaste for keeping your pearly whites clean, rather than wasting it on homemade pregnancy tests. 🦷

What is the toothpaste gender test?

Some believe that the toothpaste test can also detect whether you’re having a boy or girl. 👶

This contradicts the above toothpaste pregnancy test, saying that the fizzy, bubbly, colorful, or frothy reaction actually means you’re pregnant with a boy.

No reaction, “It’s a girl!”.

But, again, there’s no scientific backing behind this. 🤦‍♀️

The most common (and most accurate) way of finding out your baby’s gender is through your routine ultrasound scan offered around 18 - 20 weeks.

Of course, there are many wives tales about how to guess what gender you’re carrying…

One example is the Chinese Gender prediction (where you can receive a prediction based on your age, month of conception, and variables in the lunar calendar — pretty fun to play around with!).

Another is how your bump sits…

  • High, watermelon-shaped belly = girl 🍉
  • Low, basketball-shaped belly = boy 🏀

But, alas, all these, like the toothpaste test, are just wives tales, and have no scientific backing.

We know the information overload when you’re TTC can become overwhelming sometimes.

But, that’s why we’re here. 🤗

If you want to talk to other women who get what you’re going through, you’re always welcome to join us on Peanut. 🥜


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