47 Thoughtful Baptism Gifts for Babies

47 Thoughtful Baptism Gifts for Babies

Uh oh ‒ the christening is on Sunday and you have no idea where to start.

You’ve got a lot of questions: Is it customary to give a gift for a baptism?

If so, what is an appropriate gift for a baptism?

Maybe you’re not even sure what a baptism is!

Okay. Breathe.

We’ll answer some of those questions, then give you some great ideas for baptism gifts.

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  • What is a baptism?
  • Do you get a baby a gift for baptism?
  • How much do you give for a 2023 baptism?
  • What is an appropriate gift for a baptism?
  • What should a grandparent give for a baptism?
  • What are good last-minute baptism gift ideas?
  • What are some good baptism cards?
  • What do godparents pay for at a Catholic baptism?

What is a baptism?

In the Christian religion, a baptism signifies a welcome into the faith.

While the details of the ceremony may differ depending on the Christian denomination, the purpose of the celebration is the same.

It is also often the moment when godparents become godparents ‒ a special honor that’s worthy of acknowledgment.

So is a baptism any different from a christening?

Well, it depends on the Christian denomination ‒ some use baptism and christening interchangeably, while others have clear differences between the two ceremonies.

Do you get a baby a gift for baptism?

Yes, it’s tradition to give some sort of token to commemorate the event.

It doesn’t have to be a huge offering ‒ it’s more about making a gesture, a way of marking this important ritual.

Just like at weddings, you’ll generally present your gift at the reception after the ceremony, not at the church.

As to what’s appropriate, it’s important to remember that this is primarily a religious rite of passage and that you probably want to honor that when it comes to your choice.

It’s also worth considering that children can get baptized at various ages, so you may want to factor this into your decision-making.

Think you’ve got a hand on it?

Hold on. It gets more complicated:

The child getting baptized is not the only one that needs to be considered gift-wise.

If it’s your own baby getting baptized, it’s customary to also give something to the new godparents to acknowledge the awesome task they are taking on.

And this works in reverse, too.

If you’re a godparent, it would be a good idea to give the parents something to commemorate the big day.

How much do you give for a 2023 baptism?

Well, that depends on your budget, but generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $100 for baby’s baptism present.

It depends on how close you are with the baby’s parents and how much you want to spend on them.

We’ve included baptism gifts for every budget in our list below, so you’re sure to find something perfect.

What is an appropriate gift for a baptism?

Now for some brilliant baby baptism gift ideas!

If you’re looking specifically for baptism gifts for boys or baptism gifts for girls, it’s worth knowing that most of these gifts are gender-neutral or have personalization options that make them fit for a boy or girl.

So let’s dive into the best baptism gifts for babies:

1. Baptism book

This is one of our favorites when it comes to baptism gifts because it’s something that the family will cherish for a long time to come.

This cute baptism book with a cuddly lamb is perfect for a close friend or family member’s baby.

If you’re the parent or godparent, the personalized book A Promise to You is an ideal way to show the little person in your life how important they are to you.

2. Children’s Bible

There are lots of great children’s bible options out there, from Baby’s First Bible box sets to beautifully illustrated Children’s bibles.

3. A wall cross with words of wonder

Something to remind your babe of their faith is a wall cross.

Check out these ornate pieces that will likely find prime positioning on a family wall.

4. First cross necklace

If you’re thinking longevity, a first cross necklace is a good choice since it can be worn into adulthood, although it’s best to avoid putting necklaces on young babies, as they can be a choking hazard.

And if you’re wondering, What is an appropriate gift for a Catholic baptism?, a necklace can be an especially good choice, since the child can save it to wear at their communion ceremony later on.

5. Keepsake boxes

A cute keepsake box makes a sweet baptism gift, and this one can be personalized, so it’s extra-special.

You might want to put a tiny ornament inside the box and turn it into a real treasure chest.

Yup, these boxes put the keep in keepsake.

6. Baptism blanket

This is a really nice idea for a grandparent or godparent to give to the little star of the day ‒ the perfect way of showing them that they are enveloped in love.

We love this pearlescent white baptism blanket on Amazon ‒ simple and classic.

7. Musical lamb

Okay. This one’s just adorable.

If you’re looking for something that registers oh-my-goodness on the scale of all things cute, this is the way to go.

Wait for it: a little lamb holding a blanket.

What’s more, this little lamb sings!

Anyone want some soothing sounds to go with their snuggles? Yes, please.

8. Their first savings account

Okay. Don’t worry.

You don’t have to visit your bank branch for this one.

This bank is small and silver and Noah’s Ark shaped.

Get it engraved for a personal touch.

9. A musical snow globe

Adults and children the world over are enraptured by the tiny universe inside a snow globe.

This little piece of magic is likely to shower the little one in your life with lots of love.

Baby smiles almost guaranteed.

10. Cash

Yes, this is always welcome, and in some cases might be expected, especially if the baptizee is your grandchild, niece, or nephew.

What should a grandparent give for a baptism?

There are lots of ideas for grandparents to gift baby for their baptism ‒ any of the above ideas work just fine, but here are some handpicked ideas just for grandparents to give:

  1. Baptized Footprint Frame
  2. Always an Angel On Your Baptism Keepsake Gift
  3. Growing in Faith Keepsake Photo Album
  4. My Baptism Book
  5. Faith is The Light That Guides You Resin Box with Rosary
  6. Serenity Lamb With Crib Cross
  7. Bless This Child Olive Wood Comfort Cross
  8. Cottage Garden Baptismal Prayer for a Sweet Boy
  9. Sweet Teddy Bear Crib Medal with Bible Verse

How much money should a grandparent give for grandchild baptism?

There’s no definite answer here, but generally, grandparents tend to spend a bit more on baby than anyone else (not just as a baptism gift, either!).

But generally speaking, anywhere from $50 to $150 is appropriate for a grandparent to gift their grandchild as a baptism gift.

What are good last-minute baptism gift ideas?

Amazon is a great place to get some last-minute baptism gifts ‒ many of these options are available for delivery within just a few days:

  1. Blessed Bunny Musical Baptism Gift Set with Musical Plush Bunny, First Bible Story & Keepsake Box
  2. 5 Piece Baby Baptism Candle Set
  3. Wooden Noah’s Ark Toy Animal Playset
  4. Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie
  5. Personalized Baby Baptism Wooden Block
  6. ‘My Little Book of Blessings’ Personalized Baptism Book
  7. Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
  8. Pink Pearl Baptism Bracelet
  9. ‘Baby’s First Book of Prayers’ Book & First Rosary Set
  10. White Baptism Socks with Cross Embroidery
  11. Baby Baptism Embroidered Cross Bib and Socks
  12. ‘Everybunny Prays’ Gift Set with Praying Musical Bunny and Prayer Book in Keepsake Box
  13. Soft Blue Cotton Quilt Embroidered with 9 Bible Verses
  14. Personalized Prayer Photo Book Album for Babies
  15. Catholic Baptism Candle Set in a Wooden Box with Towel, Candle, Rosary, and Shell
  16. Wooden Baptismal Ceremony Keepsake Gift in Hard Shell Gift Box
  17. Personalized Baptism Baby Bible

What are some good baptism cards?

Don’t forget the card!

Sometimes, these last even longer than the baptism gifts do.

Decades down the line, the baby star of today’s baptism might rediscover your words of care and encouragement, reminding them of the special role you play in their life.

Here are a few of our favorite baptism cards to accompany your gift (or even house your gift, if you’re giving money):

  1. ‘You Are a Child of God, You are Wonderfully Made, Dearly Loved’ Card
  2. ‘For Your Precious Little One on Their Baptism’ Card
  3. ‘A Baby Is…’ Card
  4. ‘On Your Baptism’ Floral Card
  5. ‘May God’s Love Guide You Through a Life of Faith and Happiness’ Card
  6. Noah’s Ark Baptism Card
  7. ‘As Your Sweet Little Girl is Baptized…’ Card
  8. ‘With Love on Your Baptism’ Card
  9. Pop-Up Guardian Angel Baptism Card
  10. Watercolor ‘Love’ Cross Baptism Card
  11. ‘God Made You Special’ Card

What do godparents pay for at a Catholic baptism?

If you choose to have godparents for your child, traditionally, they tend to pay for their baptism ceremony.

This is because they’re seen as responsible for baby’s spiritual development throughout their life.

But how much does it tend to cost for a baptism?

Well, oftentimes, the church where baby is baptized will ask for a donation

It’s a good idea to check your church’s website to see if there is a requested donation amount.

Otherwise, something around $100 is typical.

So there you have it, 47 beautiful baptism gifts for the little one.

Which are your favorites? Share them with the moms of Peanut!

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