7 Toys for a 1-Month-Old

7 Toys for a 1-Month-Old

Congratulations, mama!

Your little peanut has reached the big milestone of turning one month old!

While the first few weeks might have flashed by in a hazy blur, you might start noticing your baby becoming (a tiny bit) more alert and interested in the world around them.

So, what are the best toys for one-month-old babies?

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  • Do 1-month-olds need toys?
  • What toys can a 1-month-old play with?
  • Toys for one-month-old baby

Let’s start with some FAQs.

How do I keep my 1-month-old entertained?

At one-month-old, your baby might only be awake between naps for around an hour, so there’s not a huge amount of time to have to “entertain” your baby. For now, a short period of interaction between a feed and sleep is perfect.

Can a 1-month-old baby play?

Not really, in the traditional sense of the word “play.” The best toys for 1-month-old babies are simple and provide building blocks for their learning. Don’t stress!

Do 1-month-olds need toys?

So if they can’t play, do they need toys? At this age, your baby’s favorite toy will be your face and your voice. They learn a lot through mimicking, so you might prioritize making eye contact, doing funny faces, and talking, reading, or singing to your little one.

What toys can a 1-month-old play with?

One-month-olds’ visual range is only around 12-15 inches. Because of this, playtime for your little one—whether it’s with you or with their toys—is most effective when it’s up close and personal.

It’s also a good idea to make sure any toys are washable. Spit happens!

Toys for one-month-old baby

Becoming a new parent involves lots of decisions. Are you wondering what toys should I get for my 1 month old? Let’s break it down.

Here are the very best toys for 1-month-old baby boys and girls that are sure to be a hit!

1. Soother/comfort blanket

At this young age, your little peanut might love some extra comfort in the form of a soother blanket. We’re talking about those adorable, supersoft little fabric squares, with animal faces and tied corners to grasp or suck.

2. Stroller toy

If your one-month-old isn’t too keen on a trip in the car seat or stroller, using a small clip-on toy can help. Choose a brightly colored option that makes a rattle noise, has scrunchy sections, an animated face, and baby-safe mirrored pieces.

3. High contrast flashcards

Contrary to popular belief, babies can see in color from birth, but things are a little blurry. Black and white toys provide the highest contrast of color, but bright, highly contrasting primary colors are great too. Flashcards are a great way to entertain baby with high-contrast pictures.

4. Playmat

Tummy time is a great habit to get into even at this young age, and a nicely padded, brightly colored, and contrasting play mat will give your little one plenty to look at while hanging out on the floor.

5. Mobile

A portable mobile you can clip onto a baby gym or the side of their crib is a great choice. Babies love music and a soothing lullaby can help calm a fussy one-month-old. Just make sure you’re always supervising to avoid anything falling on the baby or them becoming tangled.

6. Wearable rattles

While your one-month-old may not be able to grasp a rattle, soft lightweight rattles that attach around the ankle or wrist are great. You can help them by moving their legs in a bicycle motion to shake those rattles and practice some important muscle strengthening, too!

7. Swing or bouncer

A swing or bouncy chair might become your best friend, to not only give you a few minutes of hands-free time but also to entertain and soothe your baby too. One with an overhead bar with dangling rattles or soft toys will help stimulate your baby’s eyesight, and if it plays some calming music too, even better.

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