Six Toys for 10 Month Old Babies

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How do I keep my 10 month old entertained?” you ask. There’s no shortage of fun baby toys out there, from the tried and tested classics to the trendy must-haves. But what are the best toys for 10 month old babies?

Toys for 10 Month Old Babies

At this exciting stage of their development, your little one’s curiosity is through the roof — and the toys you choose need to keep their brains (and hands) busy. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best types of toys, especially for 10-month olds.

What are the best toys for a 10 month old?

What do 10 month old babies play with? Try toys from these six categories:

1. Walkers

Maybe your 10 month old has started shuffling along on their bum. Or perhaps they’re crawling or pulling themselves upright. They might even be taking those first adorable little steps. No matter where they’re at with walking, a walker can help them practice this all-important skill.

With easy-to-grasp bars to help them toddle along – and often accompanied by vibrant colors and exciting sounds – walkers are among the most popular toys for 10 month olds. You can even place your little one at the heart of their very own control center to get those arm and leg muscles moving during their daily exercise!

2. Waterproof Bath Toys

We all know how much kids love splashing around in the tub, so make bathtime an aquatic adventure by introducing stacking cups, beakers, and wind-up toys.

Whether you turn your bathroom into a coral reef, lake, or river complete with rubber fish, frogs, and ducklings, these toys are brilliant for imaginative play, motor skills, and vision. Plus, a lot of these toys squirt water, so you’ll know that baby, tub, and toy will be squeaky clean before bedtime!

3. Toy Phones or Remotes

Have you noticed your 10 month old watching on in wonder when you’re talking on the phone? Maybe they’ve started mimicking you, trying to repeat what you’re saying, or holding a toy up to their ear. Or perhaps they’ve gotten their sticky fingers on your phone or the TV remote, mashing the buttons with glee.

At this vital stage of language and speech development, small plush or plastic versions of household gadgets are the perfect developmental toys for 10 month olds. And they’ll keep your screen from getting smudged! Win-win.

4. Teething Toys

Introduce your baby to new textures and colors with realistic (and delicious looking!) teethers. From macarons to watermelons, your little one can do their best impression of The Very Hungry Caterpillar while chomping down on these chewers!

These are good toys for a 10 month old, specially designed so they can explore the world of taste and touch safely while easing the teething process.

5. Blocks and Puzzles

What do you give a 10 month old for Christmas? Why, blocks and puzzles (of course).

These all-time classic children’s toys encourage hand-eye coordination and develop their tactile and visual skills. Both entertaining and educational in equal measure, a giant, vibrant jigsaw puzzle or letter & number stacking blocks can help keep curious minds stimulated — while teaching them about new shapes, sizes, and colors in the process.

6. Sensory Toys

Integrating sound with sight and touch, toys such as mobiles, playmats, and soft toys are great for sensory development. A selection of textures, materials, and noises will help your baby develop their mobility and strengthen their muscles as they reach, grab, squeeze, and press.

Check out the best pop-out books, pull-along toys, and sensory balls to get them moving and learning at the same time.

Have we missed any? Share your favorite toys for 10 month olds with your fellow mamas on Peanut.

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