11 Toys for an 11-Month-Old

11 Toys for an 11-Month-Old

As your little one approaches their first birthday, their improving mobility can make it harder to keep them in one place happily occupied with a toy.

You might end up wondering if there are any toys for 11-month-olds that will keep them occupied for longer than 30 seconds.

Well, hopefully with one or two of our top picks, your little one might be occupied for a longer stretch, and you might be able to enjoy that cup of coffee while it’s hot…

The dream, right?

But first, some FAQs.

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  • How do I keep my 11-month-old entertained?
  • How many toys should an 11-month-old have?
  • What should I be doing with my 11-month-old?
  • What toys should my 11-month-old have?

How do I keep my 11-month-old entertained?

At this age, your 11-month-old will be into everything. And we mean literally IN. EVERYTHING. The trash can, the kitchen cupboards, the laundry basket, you name it—their curiosity knows no bounds. They’re exploring their boundaries and, in their own way, keeping themselves entertained.

It’s age-appropriate for children to only be able to concentrate or play independently for around two to five minutes per year of age. So if you’re not even getting two mins of alone time these days, you’re, um… not alone.

How many toys should an 11-month-old have?

There’s no right or wrong here. If you’re wondering what kind of toys to buy for 11-month-olds, don’t feel obligated to buy up the whole toy store. A few toys, supplemented with random household objects (cardboard boxes, wooden spoons, plastic bowls), are probably enough.

What should I be doing with my 11-month-old?

Choosing the right toys is a big part of encouraging your baby’s development. Talking to them, and letting them get involved with your daily activities, will help them develop their language and motor skills too.

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, why not ask your fellow Peanut mamas for some tips, or check out our great ideas for fun activities to enjoy with an 11-month-old baby?

What toys should my 11-month-old have?

So, the big question. What are the best toys for 11-month-old baby boys and girls? Here’s our guide:

1. An activity center

This might be an activity cube or an interactive tabletop where your 11-month-old can sit or stand to play — great for improving leg strength. These toys will often introduce simple concepts like numbers and letters.

2. Copycat toys

Think a bunch of keys, toy phone, pretend kitchen, or a doll with a stroller. Your mini-me wants to be just like you.

3. Musical instruments

Your 11-month-old will love getting their hands on anything musical. Think brightly-colored xylophones, maracas, castanets, tambourines, or a keyboard.

4. Stacking toys

Whether cups, rings, or blocks, stacking toys are a great toy for 11-month-old baby boys or girls, even if they’ve been playing with them for a few months already. They’re amazing for hand/eye coordination and those all-important fine motor skills.

5. A play walker

Encouraging their first steps with a sturdy four-wheeled activity walker is a no-brainer. For safety, choose the push walker type, not the type that baby sits in. And when they’re tired from all their toddling, they can enjoy all the buttons and flaps.

6. Pop up toys

A great toy to help your little one learn cause and effect. Choose one where there are different buttons, levers, or knobs to twist to help develop problem-solving and fine motor skills.

7. Interactive books

We’re talking flaps, pull-out sections, different textures, and noises. Reading storybooks to your baby is essential for great language skills, and interactive books provide another level of fun.

8. Balls

Sometimes simple is best. They’ll love throwing, bouncing, rolling, putting them in containers, and tipping them out again. Balls with bells or with bumpy surfaces add an extra sensory aspect.

9. A balance bike or trike

If your 11-month-old is confident on their feet already, a bike or trike where they can push themselves along will build their muscle strength, coordination, and confidence.

10. Shape sorters

Excellent for fine motor skills and cognitive development, a shape sorter is a great choice. Baby might get frustrated at first, so start with the easiest shape (the circle) and watch as their understanding grows.

11. Noisy toys

Toys that play songs or noises are bound to be a big hit. If the thought of more annoying tunes horrifies you (we understand!), try going for something more educational, like a farmyard puzzle where each animal makes the corresponding noise.

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