6 Toys for a 3-Month-Old

6 Toys for a 3-Month-Old

Your 3-month-old is no longer a newborn and they’re discovering more about the world every day.

Now they’re so curious, you might be asking yourself if it’s time to pick out some new toys.

But what are the best toys for a 3-month-old baby?

You’ve come to the right place, mama.

We’ve taken a look at the milestones your 3 month old might be approaching and picked out toys that will support their development while also being lots of fun.

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  • How do you entertain a 3-month-old?
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How do you entertain a 3-month-old?

Some people ask, “do 3-month-olds need toys?”. When your baby finds it just as entertaining to watch leaves in the park as they do to watch you stacking blocks, it’s a fair question.

Even though toys might only entertain your 3-month-old for a few minutes, the range of stimuli that they can offer helps your baby’s sensory development, their understanding of the world, and their gross and fine motor skills.

Babies get tired quickly and the giggly playtime that no parent can resist might not last for long, but toys have a lot to offer.

At 3 months old, your baby might already be on a roll as their tummy time starts to pay off.

Don’t panic if they haven’t mastered it yet, or if they can’t roll back the other way. There are lots of toys you can use to help them keep practicing.

And while they’re on their back, you might notice your baby swiping at things.

This doesn’t always look very coordinated, but it’s a precursor to grabbing and pulling objects towards them. Any toy that makes a noise when they manage to hit it is going to be, well, a big hit.

What are the best toys for a 3-month-old baby?

Here are our top 6 toys for 3-month-old babies:

1. Musical toys

By 3 months, lots of babies have already noticed that you carry a very interesting object around in your pocket. It lights up and makes noises. It’s your cell phone! Give them their own version with a musical toy that plays tunes and flashes when they hit the buttons. One with a handle for their little hands to grasp is ideal.

2. Teething rattles

Babies explore the world with their mouths as well as their eyes and hands, so a toy they can hold and chew is sure to keep them busy. If it includes a rattle they can hear when they shake (or drop) the toy, even better.

3. Ring chain

A colorful set of interlinking rings can be a great developmental toy for a 3-month-old because it’s easy to hold and lets them explore different textures as they play. These toys can do double duty as teething rings and it’s easy to fasten them to your baby’s stroller so they can keep playing while you’re on the go.

4. A seat with an activity table

It seems so simple to adults, but sitting up to look around the room gives your baby a whole new perspective on the world. If that wasn’t entertaining enough, most baby seats have an activity table with some noisy toys. At this age, they’ll probably still need the seat to give them quite a lot of head support.

5. Tummy time water mat

Mix things up at tummy time by using a water mat. When your baby presses down, they’ll feel the water moving and watch the bubbles change while also continuing to strengthen their neck and core muscles.

6. Spiral Activity Toy

Spiral toys are versatile and easy to attach to your baby’s stroller. They come in every size and theme and usually give your baby a variety of textures and sounds to engage with.

Have a great playtime!

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