8 Toys for a 5-Month-Old

8 Toys for a 5-Month-Old

There are so many fun baby toys out there—from traditional wooden stacking toys to activity centers with more buttons than the International Space Station.

But what are the best toys for a 5-month-old baby?

Here, we’ve listed a selection of our favorite toys for 5-month-olds for you to choose from.

But first, let’s look at what your baby may be starting to do at this age.

How does that influence the way you entertain them?

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How do you entertain a 5-month-old?

At 5 months old, your baby might be starting to sit up with support.

Toys and activities that encourage them to use their neck, shoulder and belly muscles will help them develop the strength they need to move from lying down to sitting.

Tummy time is great for this, for example.

Meanwhile, they’re really working on their grab action—reaching for toys or anything they want to have a closer look at (your hair, your keys…).

Providing toys with bright colors will encourage your baby to pick them up and practice their fine motor skills.

And a toy that makes a noise when it’s shaken, pressed, or dropped is sure to be a winner. Your 5 month old loves to experiment with cause and effect.

What toys should a 5-month-old have?

Here’s our top pick of the best toys for 5-month-old babies:

8 fun toys for 5-month-old babies

1. Playmats

Ideal for tummy-time play, the best playmats for 5-month-olds will have lots of colorful pictures, different textures to explore, and—of course—things that make a noise. A little mirror for your baby to admire their reflection is fun too.

2. Baby gyms

One of the most influential developmental toys for 5-month-old babies, baby gyms are essentially playmats with an extension. An arch (or several arches) stands over the mat, with different toys hanging from it. Your baby will enjoy reaching for the toys with their hands or kicking at them with their feet, so the gym is great for muscle development and hand-eye coordination.

3. Rattles and rainmakers

Your baby will love anything that rattles as they move it, so try giving them shaker toys with beads inside, such as rattles and rainmakers. You can even improvise with an old plastic bottle filled with rice (but make sure the lid is securely taped on and supervise your baby while they’re shaking it).

4. Stacking rings

These are good toys for 5-month-old babies and beyond. Your little one might get the most enjoyment from putting the rings in their mouth right now—but in the next few months, they’ll move on to actually stacking them!

5. Musical mobiles

A colorful musical mobile is perfect for entertaining your baby. You can find all kinds of fun designs, from sea creatures to stars to woodland animals. And a portable mobile can be attached to your baby’s crib or stroller, depending on where you need it.

6. Teething toys

Chewable silicone teething toys can help give your baby some relief when their milk teeth start to appear. Pop them in the refrigerator to cool down for extra soothing power.

7. Activity center seats

These support your baby to play while sitting up. Designs differ, but there’s usually a seat in the middle of a round plastic table with lots of play attachments. There are often things to press, twist, or flip, causing lights to come on and sounds to play—good practice for fine motor skills and sensory stimulation.

8. Cloth and board books

Sturdy cloth or board picture books are great for your little bookworm to explore. Books with textured patches and flaps will encourage your baby to engage with them. And listening to you read will help boost their developing language skills.

Let the fun begin!

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