6 Toys for a 6-Month-Old

6 Toys for a 6-Month-Old

Good news—toys for a 6-month-old might just be as much of a delight to you as they are to them.

At 6 months, your baby is right in the heart of the Golden Age of Babydom.

They’re attentive, curious, smiling, babbling (in some language known only to them and other babies) and might even be in some sort of sleep routine.

Watching your little one grab hold of the world (quite literally as they practice using those pincers) can really be something to see.

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  • What toys can a 6-month-old play with?
  • How many toys should a 6-month-old have?
  • Our list of best toys for 6-month-old babies

How do I entertain my 6-month-old all day?

Wow. Why can’t they just binge-watch a Netflix series like the rest of us?

At 6 months (and right throughout our lives, TBH) play does more than entertain.

Developmental toys for 6-month-olds help them grow—physically, socially and cognitively.

Play helps them recognize emotions in themselves and others, learn how to use their bodies, and figure out how they exist in relation to the world around them.

What toys can a 6-month-old play with?

Right. Safety first. Too small or too sharp and it’s best to steer clear.

(Size wise, think 2.5 inches or more to avoid choking.)

Also, at 6 months, your baby is a bit more mobile than before.

They might be able to sit up on their own and roll from side to side. Scan the play area for any hazards that may be in roll’s reach.

How many toys should a 6-month-old have?

You may be pleased to know that there’s no need to go out and spend a fortune on a cart full of fancy toys.

The whole world is a playground at this point—and almost everything is a potential toy.

A container filled with rice to shake, plastic cups to stack, balls to pass back and forth—the cost of a toy is by no means = to the amount of fun and learning that it can bring.

Our list of best toys for 6-month-old babies

So what are the best toys for a 6-month-old? These are our favorites:

  1. Toys with mirrors. At 6 months, your baby is able to recognize faces. The funny thing is, they’re not able to recognize their own. Only at about 18 months can they see that the baby staring back at them in the reflection is actually themselves.

To get to the bottom of this, psychologists in the 70s conducted what came to be known as the rouge test. A bit of red makeup was put on the noses of babies to see how they would react when they saw themselves in the mirror. As it turns out, when babies are very young, they can’t connect the rouge in their reflection to the rouge on their own face. Basically, they don’t identify the baby in the mirror as themselves.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love to hang out with their glassy friend. Sit with them (and their reflection). Pull faces. Run through all sorts of emotions. It’s endless fun—and it’s the window to the next phase of self-awareness.

  1. Toys that make sounds. At this stage, your baby is trying on this thing called language. They may be babbling and even saying things that sound like words. Try to get a call and response going with toys that make sounds. (And if you’ve ever wanted to sing all day long, having a 6-month-old is a perfect excuse.)

  2. Toys that stack (and wobble). Building things up (and knocking things down) helps with so many aspects of your baby’s development. They’re strengthening their motor skills, sensory awareness, and spatial sense—all while having a blast.

  3. Toys that get them moving. We don’t need to tell you that your baby is quite a bit more mobile than before. They’re starting to sit, roll and even stand with some support.

A great way to get them to explore this new body of theirs? An activity gym. (If the term is new to you, they’re basically comfy interactive playmats that come with all sorts of sights and sounds to tickle the senses.)

Toys that can be passed back and forth are also a real help when it comes to developing their dexterity.

  1. Toys that help with teething. Yep, 6 months is around the time when babies start teething (give or take). Teething toys are not only fun but can also provide some serious relief. They come in all shapes—from bananas to giraffes and everything in between.

  2. Toys that might just stay with them for the rest of their lives. A comforting soft toy might enter their life at this point and never leave. A soft bear/bunny/python (yes, we’ve seen them) can be a welcome addition.

Enjoy, mama.

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