9 Toys for a 7-Month-Old

9 Toys for a 7-Month-Old

So, your little one is 7 months old—more than halfway through their first year!

Baby’s sitting up, rolling over, and maybe even looking like they want to start crawling. But how do you keep them entertained?

Out of all the options, which toys for a 7-month-old baby should you choose?

Luckily, we’ve got some great suggestions for you right here.

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What toys should a 7-month-old be playing with?

So many things can become toys for 7-month-old babies (and that’s why it’s important to keep them out of reach!).

They’re getting ever more curious and grabbing at anything that looks interesting.

And that’s really good.

It’s crucial for your baby’s gross and fine motor skills that they have an incentive to get moving and handle different objects.

The best toys for 7-month-olds are ones that will engage and stimulate them—whether that’s with bright colors, sounds, or textures.

Here are nine ideas to inspire you:

9 fun toys for 7-month-old babies

1. Shape sorter toys

This is one of the classic developmental toys for 7-month-olds (and beyond). Fitting the shape into the correct hole is great for building fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Choose a traditional wooden toy or a more modern version that lights up or makes a sound when a shape goes in its hole.

2. Musical books

These are board books that play different tunes when your baby presses the buttons—ideal for developing an understanding of cause and effect. And now your little one may be able to sit up without support for a while, they’ll enjoy turning the pages on their own.

3. Nesting cups

Nesting cups make a really versatile toy that your baby will love playing with for months (or even years) to come. The cups can be both nested and stacked, and you can show your baby how to put other small toys inside them.

4. Bath toys

Once your baby is sitting up on their own, bath time becomes a lot more fun. Bring in toys like floating balls, squeezable sea creatures, and mini buckets with drain holes in the bottom. All great for engaging your little one’s curiosity.

5. Mirrors

Mirror play is good for developing your baby’s visual senses. While your baby doesn’t yet understand that it’s their own reflection in the mirror, at 7 months, they might start to smile or make sounds when they see themselves. You can include mirror play as part of tummy time or have a little conversation with your baby about what they can see. “There’s your nose!”

6. Activity balls

These are small, colorful plastic or wooden toys with beads that can be moved along tracks. They often feature different shapes (like bugs or animals) and attachments that make a sound (such as bells or rattles). Babies find these really engaging, and they have the advantage of being super portable.

7. Teething toys

Soothe your teething baby’s sore gums with a silicone teething toy. They come in lots of different designs, but the main point of them is your baby can chew on them to ease their pain. You can chill them in the refrigerator to make them extra soothing.

8. Moving toys

If your baby is showing interest in trying to crawl, a toy car or any toy with wheels can be used to encourage them. Put it just out of their reach so that they try to move towards it. Keep rolling the toy until they’ve followed it several times. Then let them play with it as a reward.

9. Activity tables

These are useful if your baby is already trying to stand with support. Your baby can hold onto the table and play with the different buttons, switches, and other fun attachments. And no problem if your baby isn’t ready to stand yet—many tables have detachable legs so they can be played with on the floor to start with.

What is the best toy for a 7-month-old?

Ultimately, there’s no one perfect toy for a 7-month-old baby. Different babies will be drawn to different playthings, and as long as it’s something safe, that’s fine!
And remember: the most expensive toys aren’t necessarily the ones that will engage your baby the most. From banging on a pot with a wooden spoon to sensory play with ice cubes, there are a lot of fun activities that are totally free.

Have fun!

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