6 Best Toys for 8-Month-Old Babies

6 Best Toys for 8-Month-Old Babies

At eight months old, baby’s ready to zoom around the house on all fours, pick things up, and track things down.

They’re curious and exploring – and want to touch everything (and then put it in their mouths).

So, what are the best toys for 8-month-old babies?

Let’s find out.

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  • What is an 8-month-old baby supposed to be doing?
  • What toys are suitable for 8-month-old babies?
  • What are the best toys for an 8-month-old?
  • How many toys should an 8-month-old have?

What is an 8-month-old baby supposed to be doing?

Supposed to is a difficult phrase. Every baby – like every adult – is different, and not every baby will fit into the same timeline.

(That’s normal, by the way, so no stress. But if you are worried about anything related to your little one, bring it up to your doctor. That’s what doctors are for.)

That said, here’s what you might expect an 8-month-old baby to be doing:

  • Being curious. They want to touch, taste, and look closely at everything. Time for a safety check!
  • They’re on the move. They might not always be crawling just yet, but they are heading in that direction. They might be able to pull themselves up to standing too.
  • Getting physical. Picking things up, smashing things together, throwing them. Havoc!
  • They see what they want – and will go get it. If they spot a toy across the room, they’re heading that way. Their understanding of space – movement, near and far, object permanence – is pretty sophisticated now.

What toys are suitable for 8-month-old babies?

Suitable toys for 8-month-old babies are those that your little one can use safely.

That really means no loose or small parts that a baby could choke on, or long pieces that they could twist around their necks.

But talking of safety – baby’s now starting to crawl.

That means, toys aside, it’s well worth doing some baby proofing.

In the meantime, here are some of the best toys for 8-month-old development:

What are the best toys for an 8-month-old?

1. Crawl balls.

Baby’s on the move.
Big balls that can move, make noises, and are very colorful and bright are perfect sidekicks on baby’s journey around the home.

2. Baby walkers.

If baby can get themselves up on their legs already, a push walker (not a walker they can sit in, which can be dangerous can be excellent entertainment. They usually come with buttons to press, rattly things, musical jingles, and other exciting features.

3. Chewy things.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Expect everything baby encounters to end up in their mouths. Teething toys are great at this age, because they can reduce the pain of those teeth coming through.

4. Stacking blocks.

Toy blocks are a great toy for babies of any age. The best aren’t just good for stacking. They can have numbers, mirrors, buttons, peek-a-boo surprises, and rattles too. They may well be the ultimate baby toy.

5. Balls.

The simpler the toy, the more creative your eight-month-old can be with it. Balls are a great example, as they can be thrown, rolled, and of course chewed. Ones with soft spikes are great for sensory stimulation – and make it easy for baby to pick up.

6. Everyday objects.

Baby will be fascinated by just about any object around the house. Good examples are Tupperware, brushes, and (plastic!) cups.

How many toys should an 8-month-old have?

There’s no right number of toys for an 8-month-old baby, or for a baby of any other age. If they can explore, stay stimulated and entertained, and interact with other people (oh, and have something to chew on!), you don’t need to worry about quantity at all.

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