6 Toys for a 9-Month-Old

6 Toys for a 9-Month-Old

Whether you like wooden blocks or toys with flashing lights, train sets or dressing-up boxes, the chances are that your 9-month-old baby is into everything.

But what are the best toys for a 9-month-old to encourage their curiosity and help them learn about the world?

Don’t worry, mama.

We’ve looked at the milestones your 9-month-old might be approaching and picked out the toys that will help them to practice their new skills.

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  • What should a 9-month-old be doing?
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What should a 9-month-old be doing?

Firstly, let’s park the “should” and remember that every baby is different and will develop at their own pace.

Some 9-month-olds will already be babbling from the minute they wake up, while others prefer to quietly observe.

Some might be crawling or cruising.

Others might have mastered the bottom-shuffle, or be perfectly content to sit where they are, thank you.

No matter what your little one is doing, the perfect developmental toy for your 9-month-old is out there.

At this age, your little one will probably be:

  • Moving their whole body from a to b (AKA practicing their gross motor skills).
  • Touching or picking up small objects (that’s their fine motor skills).
  • Making (loud) noises or watching you as you speak and sing, which is their way of developing speech and language.

So how do you entertain a 9-month-old? You engage all of these newfound skills and interests.

What toys should a 9-month-old have?

Here are our top types of toys for a 9-month-old baby:

1. Ball pit

In the middle of a ball pit, your baby has a lot of options. They can kick their legs and watch the balls move, they can pick up the balls and pass them between their hands, they can mouth the balls, and they can have a go at throwing. It’s a big, colorful lesson in cause and effect.

2. Pop-up toy

Toys like Jack-in-the-boxes or pop-up farmyards help your little one to learn about object permanence (the idea that things still exist even when they can’t see them). It doesn’t matter how many times they watch these toys in action, they’ll still enjoy the surprise.

3. Toy phone

Babies can be pretty young when they start putting toys to their ear to “talk on the phone.” Whether you go for an electronic baby cell or a pull-along old-fashioned telephone, toy phones encourage babies to use their voices, mimic your tone, and practice their first words and sounds.

4. Shape sorter

At this age, some babies are ready to develop their problem-solving skills. A shape sorter is a great place to start. What’s more, they’re versatile. You can use the pieces to teach your baby about shapes, colors, and building towers too.

5. Baby walker

If your baby is already on the move, a push-along walker is a great toy to help them to stand up and develop their leg muscles ready for walking independently. Lots of walkers have buttons, music, and lights, so even if your 9-month-old spends the first few weeks sitting beside the walker, they’ll be entertained.

6. Activity cube

Usually, each side of an activity cube has a different developmental toy for your 9-month-old to explore. There might be a xylophone, an abacus, a mirror, or a bead roller coaster for them to play with.

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And one last tip – common household objects can also make great toys for babies. To a 9-month-old, an old formula tin is a drum, a milk jug could be a shaker, and a cardboard box is the best seat in the house.

Let playtime begin!

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