104 Tremendous Triplet Baby Names

104 Tremendous Triplet Baby Names

All sorts of delightful things come in threes.

From blind mice to little pigs to Goldilocks’ bears, from stooges to sneezes to chipmunks — trios are a hit.

If you’re having triplets, congratulations!

It’s a rare event, happening in only one in 10,000 pregnancies.

When it comes to naming them, the great news is you get three goes on this ride.

Picking triplet baby names means not having to forfeit your faves if you have your heart set on more than one name.

There are so many routes you can go when choosing.

We’ll take you through our favorite options.

So, what are good names for triplets? One, two, three — let’s go!

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  • What should I name my triplets?
  • What are good triplet names that rhyme?
  • Anagram triplet baby names
  • Triplet baby names that start with the same letter
  • What are good triplet girl names?
  • What are good names for triplets boys?

What should I name my triplets?

Triplets are almost always fraternal multiples, meaning each baby is made of its own egg and sperm combo.

It’s possible for triplets to be any combination of the following: three girls, three boys, two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy.

In extremely rare cases, identical triplets can result from the same egg and sperm.

When it comes to naming your terrific trio, trust your instincts.

While some mamas prefer to go for names that show the connection among their triplets, others opt for names that celebrate each child’s individuality.

Like all baby names, there’s no one way to do this.

You can choose names that:

  • Rhyme
  • Start with the same letter
  • Are themed in some way
  • Refer to famous trios from history
  • Are significant in your family

Or you can choose names that have nothing to do with one another!

Opting for three different names you like is also a great way to go, regardless of whether they’re connected.

After all, you’re going to have three unique people on your hands, and you may want their names to reflect that.

We’ll give you some ideas of avenues to take.

What are good triplet names that rhyme?

Try out these poetic options that either rhyme outright or come pretty darn close:

  1. Chloe, Joey, and Zoe: Meaning “blooming”, “God will increase”, and “life”. Triplet names dripping with abundance. ✨
  2. Lily, Millie, and Billy: Meaning “pure”, “gentle strength”, and “determination”. An admirable combination!
  3. Nadine, Eugene, Maxine (and Colleen and Francine): Meaning “hope”, “noble”, and “greatest”. Destined for great things!
  4. Joe, Mo, and Bo: Meaning “God will add”, “savior”, and “to live”. These triplet names boast Southern charm with a dose of higher power.
  5. Bailey, Hailey, and Kaylee: Meaning “bailiff”, “hays meadow”, and “crown” – an adorable set of English names.
  6. Lila, Mila, and Ella: A multicultural set meaning “night” (in Arabic), “miracles” (in Spanish), and “goddess” (in Hebrew). Pure magic. ✨
  7. Mae, Ray, and Faye: Meaning “goddess of Springtime”, “wise protector”, and “fairy”. Triplet names fit for a storybook.
  8. Anne, Cheyenne, and Dan (and Fran and Stan): Meaning “grace”, “people of a different language”, and “God is my judge”.
  9. Annabelle, Mirabelle, and Isabelle: Meaning “favored grace”, “wonderous beauty”, and “devoted to God”. A truly gorgeous trio.
  10. Quinn, Brynn, and Gwynn (and Flynn and Lynn): Meaning “wise”, “hill”, and “blessed”.
  11. Josiah, Aaliyah, and Isaiah: Meaning “God supports and heals”, “exalted”, and “salvation of the Lord”. A powerhouse set of Biblical names.
  12. Holly, Molly, and Ollie (and Polly): Meaning “holly tree”, “star of the sea”, and “olive tree”. Even the meanings rhyme!
  13. Rick, Nick, and Mick: Meaning “brave ruler”, “victory of the people”, and “who is like God?”.
  14. Fred, Ed, and Ted (or Freddie, Eddie, and Teddie): Meaning “peace”, “prosperous protector”, and “God’s gift”.
  15. Erin, Karen, and Sharon: Meaning “Ireland”, “pure”, and “a fertile plain”.
  16. Jayden, Braden, and Hayden: Meaning “thankful”, “salmon”, and “of the hay fields”.
  17. Cori, Tori, and Laurie: Meaning “maiden”, “bird”, and “symbol of victory”.
  18. Drew, Lou, and Sue: Meaning “wise”, “famous warrior”, and “lily”.
  19. Mickey, Nikki, and Ricky: Meaning “who resembles God?”, “people of victory”, and “powerful leader”.
  20. Andy, Mandy, and Sandy (and Brandy and Randy): Meaning “brave”, “loveable”, and “man’s defender”. Quite the troupe to have in your corner.
  21. Barry, Gary, and Larry (and Harry and Mary): Meaning “fair-haired”, “spear”, and “crowned with laurel”.
  22. Keri, Sheri, and Terri (and Perry and Jerry): Meaning “dark-haired”, “beloved”, “harvester”.
  23. Denise, Maurice, and Elise: Meaning “follower of Dionysius”, “dark-skinned”, and “God’s promise”.
  24. Lindy, Mindy, and Cindy: Meaning “beautiful”, “sweetened with honey”, and “from Mount Kynthos”.
  25. John, Don, and Vaughn: Meaning “God is gracious”, “world ruler”, and “little”.
  26. Minnie, Vinnie, and Ginnie: Meaning “beloved”, “to conquer”, and “maiden”.
  27. Jill, Bill, and Phil: Meaning “youthful”, “resolute protection”, and “friend of horses”.
  28. Bonnie, Connie, and Ronnie (and Johnny and Donny): Meaning “pretty”, “steadfast”, and “counsel rule”.
  29. Dee, Lee, and Bree: Meaning “dark”, “meadow”, and “noble”.
  30. Kylie, Miley, and Riley: Meaning “boomerang”, “smiley”, and “valiant”.

Anagram triplet baby names

Or you can opt for anagrams — same letters, different arrangements:

  1. Aidan, Diana, and Nadia: Meaning “little fire”, “divine”, and “hope”.
  2. Diane, Andie, and Aiden: Meaning “divine”, “strong”, and “little fire”.
  3. Aden, Dean, and Dena: Meaning “little fire”, “valley”, and “delicate”.
  4. Adrien, Darien, and Randie: Meaning “son of Adria”, “rich”, and “admirable”.
  5. Adina, Dania, and Aidan: Meaning “delicate”, “God is my judge”, and “little fire”.
  6. Lacie, Caelie, and Alice: Meaning “braid”, “beloved”, and “noble”.
  7. Evan, Neva, and Vena: Meaning “God is gracious”, “snow”, and “vineyard”.
  8. Abel, Bela, and Elba: Meaning “breath”, “heart”, and “white”.
  9. Adel, Dale, and Leda: Meaning “noble”, “valley”, and “happy”.
  10. Abril, Blair, and Libra: Meaning “to open”, “plain”, and “scales”.
  11. Alina, Illana, and Liana: Meaning “light”, “tree”, and “to climb like a vine”.
  12. Alek, Kale, and Lake: Meaning “defender of people”, “free person”, and “body of water”.
  13. Ameline, Emelina, and Melanie: Meaning “industrious”, “hardworking”, and “dark-skinned”.
  14. Amir, Irma, and Mira: Meaning “prince”, “universal”, and “admirable” – for your royal, beloved three.
  15. Arnold, Roland, and Ronald: Meaning “eagle ruler”, “renowned land”, and “mighty counselor”. No holding back this trio.

Triplet baby names that start with the same letter

Or how about names that start with the same letter:

  1. Audrey, Anna, and Andrew: Meaning “noble strength”, “favor”, and “strong”.
  2. Britt, Brett, and Bethany: Meaning “exalted”, “from Brittany”, and “house of figs”.
  3. Craig, Colleen, and Catherine: Meaning “rock”, “girl”, and “pure”.
  4. Daphne, Diane, and Dave: Meaning “laurel tree”, “divine”, and “beloved”.
  5. Elizabeth, Elaine, and Edith: Meaning “God is my oath”, “shining light”, and “prosperous in war”.
  6. Faith, Francesca, and Flora: Meaning “trust”, “free person”, and “flower”.
  7. Gary, Gordon, and Goldie: Meaning “spear”, “spacious”, and “made of gold”.
  8. Harriet, Harold, and Hank: Meaning “home ruler”, “army ruler”, and “estate ruler”. Covering all the bases with these three.
  9. Isabel, Isolde, and Isme: Meaning “pledged to God”, “fair lady”, and “esteemed”.
  10. Jacqui, James, and John: Meaning “God is gracious”, “supplanter”, and “graced by God”.
  11. Kalil, Kaia, and Khan: Meaning “friend”, “pure”, and “prince”.
  12. Leonora, Larry, and Liam: Meaning “light”, “crowned with laurel”, and “strong-willed protector”.
  13. Mia, Melissa, and Matthew: Meaning “mine”, “bee”, and “gift of God”.
  14. Nia, Nathaniel, and Norma: Meaning “bright”, “gift from God”, and “Norse woman”.
  15. Octavia, Oliver, and Ola: Meaning “eight”, “olive tree”, and “ancestor’s relic”.
  16. Peter, Paula, and Piper: Meaning “rock”, “humble”, and “flute player”.
  17. Quinton, Quade, and Queenie: Meaning “fifth”, “son of Uaid”, and “queen”.
  18. Ruby, Riley, and Rhys: Meaning “red”, “valiant”, and “ardent”.
  19. Sade, Sophia, and Scarlett: Meaning “honor earns a crown”, “wisdom”, and “red”.
  20. Tess, Taylor, and Tim: Meaning “late summer”, “tailor”, and “one who honors God”.
  21. Uriel, Uriah, and Umar: Meaning “God is my light”, “flame of God”, and “flourishing”.
  22. Vera, Veronica, and Valerie: Meaning “faith”, “true image”, and “strength”.
  23. Xander, Xavier, and Xenia: Meaning “defender of men”, “new house”, and “hospitality”.
  24. Yaakov, Yael, and Yaron: Meaning “supplanting”, “ibex”, and “to sing”.
  25. Zain, Zara, and Zachary: Meaning “beauty”, “blooming flower”, and “God remembers”.

What are good triplet girl names?

In search of triplet names that go perfectly well together – much like your adorable new trio?

We’ve taking inspo from nature, royalty, and famous crews to unify your three new daughters”

Themed names

  1. Names that mean ocean: Darya, Hali, and Mira
  2. Names that mean dawn: Roxana, Sahar, and Oriana
  3. Flower names: Daisy, Heather, and Rose (and Lily, Poppy, and Violet—this list is long.)
  4. Names that mean light: Alina, Ellen, and Lucy
  5. Names that mean moon: Mona, Luna, and Mahina
  6. Names that mean star: Asteria, Celeste, and Esther
  7. Royal names: Elizabeth, Grace, and Josephine
  8. Disney names: Alice, Aurora, and Belle

Famous trios

Pop culture and literary circles are filled with dynamic trios and plenty of inspo for triplet baby names.

Here’s some of our favorites:

  1. Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe (They’re sure to be best of Friends.)
  2. Billie, Ella, and Nina (For the jazz lovers.)
  3. LaVerne, Maxine, and Patricia (AKA the WWII-era swing group The Andrews Sisters.)
  4. Amy, Meg, and Jo (From the classic novel-turned-film-more-than-once, Little Women.)
  5. Anne, Emily, and Charlotte (The famous Brönte sisters.)
  6. Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy (Hamilton for the win.)
  7. Mary, Winnie, and Sarah (Any fans of Hocus Pocus out there?)
  8. Alex, Natalie, and Dylan (A powerpack of Charlie’s Angels.)
  9. Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose (Who doesn’t love these Golden Girls?)
  10. Daphne, Penelope, and Eloise (This one’s for the Bridgerton fans.)
  11. Phoebe, Piper, and Paige (Charmed, we’re sure.)

What are good names for triplets boys?

So, you’ve a little troupe of merry gentlemen (fingers crossed) coming your way.

Get your unit tight-knit and in harmony with our collection of triplet names for boys:

Themed names

Some mystical names for boys fit for iconic trios:

  1. Names that mean night: Gau, Altair, and Orpheus
  2. Names that mean ocean: Irving, Hurley, and Kai
  3. Names that mean light: Aaron, Bodhi, and Luciano
  4. Names that mean moon: Luan, Mani, and Bader
  5. Names that mean star: Elrond, Itri, and Reeva
  6. Royal names: Albert, James, and Harry
  7. Disney names: Marlin, Kristoff, and Peter

Famous trios

Nothing like a few famous trios to get you excited for your baby boy times three:

  1. Kevin, Joe, and Nick (This one’s for the Jonas Brothers’ fans!)
  2. Bruce, Peter, and Clark (for your three little superheroes)
  3. Jimmy, Tommy, and Henry (These are all Goodfellas.)
  4. Jon, Brandon, and Rob (for lovers of Game of Thrones.)
  5. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin (Stranger Things have happened.)
  6. Chandler, Ross, and Joey (These Friends need no introduction.)
  7. Walter, Saul, and Jesse (for those who can’t get enough of Breaking Bad.)
  8. Harry, Ron, and Hermione (Any Potterheads around?)

Hopefully, you’ve found a lot of inspiration on this list.

To see what names other mamas are considering, or to share your own brilliant picks, head over to the Peanut Community.

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