70 Turkish Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

70 Turkish Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

Looking for the best name for your little boy?

Or, more specifically, the best Turkish baby boy names?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Turkey has a long and rich history full of tradition, and with that comes great baby names with beautiful meanings.

Many of these Turkish boy names come with Persian, Greek, and European influences, too.

So let’s dive in!

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  • What are the most popular Turkish baby names for boys?
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  • What are cute Turkish boy names?
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What are the most popular Turkish baby names for boys?

These are classic Turkish baby boy names that have something inherently cool about them.

All pretty great choices, if we do say so ourselves.

  1. Ahmet: Greatly praised.
  2. Alp: Heroic, mountain.
  3. Ayaz: Cool breeze.
  4. Berat: The night of forgiveness.
  5. Deniz: Sea.
  6. Emir: King or commander.
  7. Emre: Friend in Turkish.
  8. Eren: Holy.
  9. Hamza: Lion, steadfast, strong and brave.
  10. Haşim: Turkish form of Hashem.
  11. Kerem: Nobility and generosity.
  12. Mehmet: One who praises.
  13. Musa: Child.
  14. Mustafa: Chosen, selected, appointed.
  15. Ömar: Popular and flourishing.
  16. Selim: Safe.
  17. Yusuf: God increases.

What are the rarest Turkish baby names for boys?

After something more unique?

We’ve got you covered with these great choices.

  1. Adlee: The one who is measured by God.
  2. Afshin: Ancient king.
  3. Bayram: Celebration.
  4. Burak: Fast and strong, like a lightning bolt.
  5. Cahill: Young and innocent.
  6. Candana: Sincerity and honesty.
  7. Ceyhun: The name of a central Asian river.
  8. Hosmunt: Clever person.
  9. Kahraman: Hero.
  10. Mazhar: Esteemed.
  11. Miraç: Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.
  12. Nijaz: Desire or wish.
  13. Okan: An individual of a noble nature.
  14. Ozan: A composer or storyteller.
  15. Ruslan: Lion — a perfect name for your strong boy.
  16. Safet: Pure.
  17. Volkan: Volcanic.

What are cute Turkish boy names?

Still haven’t found the perfect name?

What about something short and sweet?

  1. Aagha: Control. A noble name.
  2. Adem: Of the Earth. The Turkish form of Adam.
  3. Altan: Crimson sunrise.
  4. Aslan: Lion.
  5. Baris: Peaceful, quiet and calm.
  6. Cem: The one who rules.
  7. Efe: Means elder brother in Turkish.
  8. Emin: Self-assured.
  9. Ihsan: Kind man.
  10. Kaan: King of Kings.
  11. Niroop: Sparkling appearance.
  12. Taner: Born with sunrise.
  13. Timur: Iron man.
  14. Ufuk: Horizon.
  15. Zehab: Gold.
  16. Zeki: Man of intelligence.
  17. Zoltan: King or ruler.
  18. Levent: Good-looking.

What are cool Turkish baby boy names?

Want your boy to be the coolest kid on the block?

These are the Turkish boy names you’re looking for:

  1. Aydin: Educated.
  2. Balian: King or Lord.
  3. Barış: Peace.
  4. Cemil: Kind heart.
  5. Cetin: Tough, hard and strong.
  6. Demir: One who is made of iron.
  7. Duman: One who is helpful and supportive.
  8. Eldar: Person born to fight with fire.
  9. Eymen: Blessed and good fortune.
  10. Galip: Winner.
  11. Hakan: One who rules.
  12. Halil: Friend.
  13. Hasad: Harvest or reaping.
  14. Kadir: Powerful.
  15. Murat: A wish that comes true.
  16. Neval: New city.
  17. Sevket: Power and dignity.
  18. Suleyman: Turkish form of Solomon, meaning peace.
  19. Tabeeb: Doctor.

Phew, mama!

We’ve trekked through mighty mountains (Alp, anyone?) and sailed across seas (Deniz, perhaps?) to find your winning Turkish boy name (Galip, maybe?).

So, did you find your babe’s name in a lion’s roar with Aslan or something more peaceful with Barış?

Choose wisely, mama — and if you need a second opinion, why not find your Bump Buddy on Peanut?

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