The 76 Best Turkish Baby Girl Names

The 76 Best Turkish Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for Turkish baby girl names for your daughter-to-be look no further, we’ve got you.

Turkish girl names have beautiful meanings that evoke nature, astronomy, mythology and spirituality.

On top of that, they’re sweet and elegant, perfect for the beautiful and strong girl you’re raising.

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What are the most popular Turkish girl names?

If you’re looking for a quintessential Turkish name for your future daughter, these are definitely some to consider.

  1. Aiyla: Moonlight of moon halo.
  2. Alara: Mythological aquatic fairy.
  3. Aylin: Woman with moon halo.
  4. Aysun: As beautiful as the moon.
  5. Beste: Melodic.
  6. Burcu: Of sweet scent.
  7. Defne: Laurel or bay tree; tall and majestic.
  8. Ece: The Queen.
  9. Elif: Honest and slender like “Alif,” the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.
  10. Fatma: Daughter of Prophet Muhammed.
  11. Hiranur: Light of the diamond.
  12. Miray: Glowing like the moon.
  13. Yildiz: Like a star.
  14. Zehra: Blossoms, beauty.
  15. Zeynep: Precious gem.

What are the rarest Turkish baby names for girls?

Want something more unique? These gorgeous names might just be what you’re looking for!

  1. Aergul: Blooming roses.
  2. Afet: A woman of bewitching beauty.
  3. Asli: Sincere.
  4. Banou: Princess.
  5. Ceren: Baby gazelle.
  6. Dilara: She who delights the heart.
  7. Dilay: Gorgeous moon.
  8. Doga: Nature.
  9. Esin: Inspirational.
  10. Eylül: September.
  11. Feriha: Joyous woman.
  12. Fusun: Charming woman.
  13. Gulya: Flower.
  14. Handan: Full of joy.
  15. Irmak: From the river.
  16. Kelebek: Butterfly.
  17. Kiraz: Cherry tree.
  18. Makbule: Loved.
  19. Mehtap: From the moonlight.
  20. Nermin: Delicate.
  21. Nuray: Radiant moon.

What are cute Turkish baby girl names?

These cute names are perfect for your little angel.

Sweet and easy!

  1. Aysel: Moon stream.
  2. Azra: Pure.
  3. Canan: Darling.
  4. Ceylan: An antelope.
  5. Damla: Drop of water.
  6. Emel: Passion.
  7. Esen: Breeze.
  8. Ilay: Water nymph.
  9. Isra: Freedom.
  10. Lale: Tulip flower.
  11. Naz: Timid.
  12. Nehir: River.
  13. Pembe: Pink!
  14. Pinar: Spring — perfect for a spring baby.
  15. Sanem: Perfection.
  16. Seda: With echo.
  17. Yara: Water lady or small butterfly.
  18. Yaz: Summer.

What are cool Turkish baby names for girls?

Trying to stray away from the classics and find an edgier name for your babe? We hear you.

  1. Belgin: Pure.
  2. Berna: Young woman.
  3. Berrak: Woman of clarity.
  4. Derya: From the ocean.
  5. Dilek: Wishful.
  6. Ebrar: Virtuous.
  7. Ecrin: Gift of God.
  8. Ekin: The harvest.
  9. Elmas: Like a diamond.
  10. Elvan: Colors.
  11. Emine: One who is fearless and courageous.
  12. Feray: Moon shine.
  13. Funda: Heather.
  14. Hande: Smiling.
  15. Hazan: Fall.
  16. Meltem: Wind from the sea.
  17. Narin: Delicate.
  18. Nurten: Of bright skin.
  19. Sevda: Loving woman.
  20. Sevil: Beloved.
  21. Sidika: Truthful.
  22. Sumeyye: She who is high above others.

And there you have it, a tapestry of Turkish treasures to grace your babe!

From moonlit melodies like Aylin to vibrant blooms like Gulya, you’re sure to find the perfect pick of these Turkish baby girl names.

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