The 60 Ultimate Turkish Baby Names With Meanings

The 60 Ultimate Turkish Baby Names With Meanings

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture; inhabited and controlled by the Anatolians, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, and influenced by the Romans, Greeks and Persians. We get it, this isn’t a history lesson, but Turkish culture is packed with potential when it comes to Turkish baby names for your little peanut.
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What are common Turkish baby names?

Popular and timeless, these names are long-time traditional Turkish favorites.

Popular Turkish Baby Boy Names:

  1. Adem: “Of the Earth.” Turkish form of the name Adam.
  2. Ahmet: Greatly praised.
  3. Ayaz: Cool breeze.
  4. Berat: The night of forgiveness.
  5. Emir: King or commander.
  6. Emre: “Friend” in Turkish.
  7. Eymen: Blessed and good fortune.
  8. Hamza: Lion, steadfast, strong and brave.
  9. Haşim: Turkish form of Hashem.
  10. Kaan: King of Kings.
  11. Mehmet: One who praises.
  12. Miraç: Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.
  13. Mustafa: Chosen, selected, appointed.
  14. Ömar: Populous and flourishing.
  15. Yusuf: “God increases”

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Popular Turkish Baby Girl Names:

  1. Aylin: Woman with moon halo.
  2. Azra: Pure.
  3. Defne: Derived from the Greek Daphne, which means a laurel or bay tree.
  4. Dilara: She who delights the heart.
  5. Ecrin: Gift of God.
  6. Elif: Honest and slender like “Alif,” the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.
  7. Eylül: September.
  8. Hiranur: Light of the diamond.
  9. Isra: Freedom.
  10. Miray: Glowing like the moon.
  11. Narin: Delicate.
  12. Nehir: River.
  13. Yara: Water lady or small butterfly.
  14. Zehra: Blossoms, beauty.
  15. Zeynep: Precious gem.

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What are unique and rare Turkish baby names?

Looking for a cool name that will make an impression and a statement? Take a look at these beautiful names and their meanings.

Rare Turkish names for boys

  1. Alp: Heroic.
  2. Aslan: Lion.
  3. Aydin: Educated.
  4. Cem: The one who rules.
  5. Deniz: Sea.
  6. Emin: Self-assured.
  7. Eren: Holy.
  8. Hakan: One who rules.
  9. Ihsan: Kind man.
  10. Kadir: Powerful.
  11. Mazhar: Esteemed.
  12. Ruslan: Lion - a perfect name for your strong little man.
  13. Taner: Born with sunrise.
  14. Timur: Iron man.
  15. Zeki: Man of intelligence.
  16. Zoltan: King or ruler.

Rare Turkish names for girls

  1. Aysun: As beautiful as the moon.
  2. Beste: Melodic.
  3. Burcu: Of sweet scent.
  4. Ceren: Baby gazelle.
  5. Damla: Drop of water.
  6. Ebrar: Virtuous.
  7. Ece: The Queen
  8. Ekin: Crop.
  9. Emel: Passion.
  10. Fatma: Daughter of Prophet Muhammed.
  11. Feray: Moon shine
  12. Naz: Timid
  13. Yaz: Summer.
  14. Yildiz: Like a star.

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