Twin Baby Names: 60 Ideas for Naming Twins

Twin Baby Names: 60 Ideas for Naming Twins

So, you’re expecting twins. Great! You’ll be needing twice of everything. Baby onesies, strollers, and cribs – not to mention twice the patience! However, before the dynamic duo arrives on the scene, you’ll need to think of another extra twin thing: twin baby names.
Now, does that mean you’ll need twice the creative thinking? Could it mean that you won’t have to give up one of your two favorite names? Might it open up a world of possibilities for cool paired names that you hadn’t even thought of?

Let’s take a look at some ideas for naming twins. We’ve got twin girl names and twin boy names, matching twin names, and twin names that get a little bit creative too.

Table of Contents 📝

  • Choosing the perfect twin names
  • Names that mean “twin”
  • Twin names for girls
  • Twin names for boys
  • Twin names for boys and girls

Choosing the perfect twin names

Finding the right name for your baby can be hard. Finding the right name for twins might spell double the trouble. In reality, though, there are some easy ways to find names that sound just right together.

How’s that? Well, for example, you could try to find matching twin names:

  • Names that rhyme, like Addison and Madison, or Billy and Lily
  • Names on a theme, such as twin cities, mythological twins, or names inspired by nature
  • Names that start with the same letter, such as Jeremy and Jemima

Or, you can always just choose two names you love, without them being related at all. There is no right way to pick twin names. If it feels right, it’ll be right – and only you will be able to say whether it does or not.

Names that mean “twin”

Do you want a way to honor the twin-ness of your two little ones? Well, here are some cute twin names that actually mean “twin”. That’s right!

So, what name means “twin”? Thomas. It’s not actually as quirky as you might expect. However, the name Thomas comes from the Greek word meaning “twin”. And, in any of its variations – Tomás, Tommaso, Tomos, Tomasz – it always has the same meaning.

What girl name means “twin”? Well, the feminine version is Thomasine. But you might like one of its many different variations: Thomasina, Tamsin, Tammi, or Tamsen..

Twin names for girls

So, twin girl names. Where to start? If you’re wondering what twin names go together? you’re in the right place. But, just because they are conventionally girls’ names, doesn’t mean they can only be used for girls. That’s up to you!

Matching twin names for girls

Let’s start with matching twin names that begin with the very same letter.

  1. Addison and Ashley
  2. Abigail and Angela
  3. Clarissa and Claire
  4. Ella and Emma
  5. Erin and Ellen
  6. Hannah and Hayley
  7. Iris and Isabelle
  8. Julia and Jane
  9. Kelsey and Kylie
  10. Luna and Lucille
  11. Mia and Maya
  12. Naomi and Nicole
  13. Rita and Rachel
  14. Tanya and Tina

More cute twin names for girls

Of course, twin names don’t need to start with the same sound. Here are twin girl names that match, but in different ways. They might rhyme or be a part of a theme, instead.

  1. Lily and Milly
  2. Gabriella and Isabella (You can find more like this in our list of Italian baby names)
  3. Arianna and Brianna
  4. Elizabeth and Isabel
  5. London and Paris – or Georgia and Virginia, or Atlanta and Savannah!
  6. Esme and Imogen
  7. Faith and Grace. Two virtues that will make a wonderful pair of twins.
  8. Madison and Addison
  9. Madeline and Adeline
  10. Lauren and Corinne
  11. Stacy and Macy
  12. Ella and Lily
  13. Rose and Daisy
  14. Phoebe and Penelope. Two wise women from Greek mythology.

Of course, just because your babies are twins, it doesn’t mean their names need to match at all. Hit up our ultimate list of top girl names and pick your faves.

Twin names for boys

Now for the boy twin names. These two little munchkins could be like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, or as different as chalk and cheese. No one says twin names need to match!

Matching twin names for boys

  1. Jacob and Joshua
  2. Logan and Lucas
  3. Nathan and Noah. Two Hebrew names, with an ancient resonance.
  4. Brian and Brandon
  5. Luke and Leo
  6. Curtis and Caleb
  7. Aaron and Adrian
  8. Daniel and David
  9. Carter and Connor
  10. Richard and Ryan
  11. Michael and Matthew
  12. Elijah and Ezra
  13. Arthur and Archie. Popular English boy names – that make a top combination.
  14. Gareth and Graham

Creative twin names for boys

  1. Achilles and Hector. The two great warriors from Greek mythology.
  2. Daniel and Ezekiel
  3. Arthur and Merlin. Yep, that’s the two characters from English legend.
  4. Caleb and Joshua
  5. Austin and Brooklyn. Why not play with some city names? Austin and Dallas? Darwin and Sydney?
  6. Bill and Ben
  7. Samuel and Saul
  8. Abraham and Asher

Twin names for boys and girls

What are some good twin names for a boy and a girl? Here are some unique twin baby names you can use when your kids aren’t necessarily of the same gender.

  1. Chloe and Christian
  2. Emma and Evan
  3. Emily and Ethan
  4. Isabel and Isaac
  5. Bonnie and Beau. In Scotland, Bonnie means “beautiful”. And in French, Beau is the word for “handsome”.
  6. Lily and Liam
  7. Naomi and Noah
  8. Sophie and Sam
  9. Zoe and Zac. As well as that awesome Z, these names are regularly combined.
  10. Nathan and Nala

Choosing your twin names can be a wonderfully fun and exciting part of being pregnant.

While it might feel like a lot is riding on it, you will find the right names in the end (promise!) – maybe even in time for your twin baby shower.

And if you’re still feeling stuck, why not join the baby names group on Peanut for extra inspiration?

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