104 Top Two-Syllable Baby Boy Names

104 Top Two-Syllable Baby Boy Names

It takes two, baby! Two-syllable baby boy names to be exact. We’ve got a list of 101 of our favorites. You might just find your favorite here, too.
Looking for a name that’s not two long and not two short 😉?

Two-syllable baby names are a great in-betweener.

A little softer on the ear than a one-syllable name but without the formality that can come with one too many syllables.

Let’s take you through how it works.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a 2-syllable name?
  • Popular 2-syllable boy names
  • Short and sweet 2-syllable names
  • 2-syllable nature names
  • Badass 2-syllable boy’s names
  • Our best-loved 2-syllable names

What is a 2-syllable name?

A syllable is defined as a part of a word that contains a single vowel sound and is pronounced as a unit.

It’s often easiest to identify syllables by clapping the word out.

A name like Abe has one syllable, Aaron has two syllables (Aa-ron), and Adrian (A-dri-an) has three.

When in doubt, clap it out!

Popular 2-syllable boy names

Taken from the Top Ten names in the US for 2021, here are the trendiest two-syllable names.

  1. Liam: Short for William, but strong enough to stand on its own, it means “protector.”
  2. Noah: The most popular baby name at the moment, Noah is a lovely biblical name meaning “to comfort.”
  3. Lucas: This name has both Latin and Greek origins and means “bringer of light.”
  4. Henry: A German name meaning “ruler of the household.” A royal name for a little prince.

Short and sweet 2-syllable names

  1. Adam: A Hebrew name meaning “red earth.”
  2. Alex: Short for Alexander, this Greek name means “helper and defender of mankind.”
  3. Ali: This enchanting Arabic name means “exalted.”
  4. Amir: A lovely Arabic name meaning “prince.”
  5. Eli: At only three letters, this mighty little name means “uplifted.”
  6. Ezra: A popular name at the moment, Ezra means “helper” and has Hebrew origins.
  7. Ian: A Scottish name that means “God is gracious.”
  8. Leo: Perfect for your little lion boy.
  9. Levi: Classic and cool, just like the jeans. This name has Hebrew roots and means “joined.”
  10. Luca: This Greek name means “one from Lucania.”
  11. Milo: A gentle name with a hidden strength, meaning ”soldier.”
  12. Owen: This Welsh name means “young warrior.”
  13. Remy: This sweet French name means “oarsman.”
  14. Tayo: This brilliant Yoruba name means “worth joy.”
  15. Theo: Short for Theodore (#10 of the most popular boy’s names for 2021), this name means “divine gift.”
  16. Timo: A Norwegian form of Timothy.
  17. Zion: Hebrew. “A sign, excellent.”

2-syllable nature names

Nature names are very popular at the moment, so here are our top picks for two-syllable boy names that honor the world around us.

  1. Asher: Very popular at the moment, it means “ash tree dweller” in Old English and “happiness” in Hebrew.
  2. Brady: This Irish name means “broad meadow.”
  3. Corbin: This English and French surname is fairly rare as a first name and means “crow.”
  4. Dylan: Meaning “son of the seam” this Welsh name is one of our favorites.
  5. Forest: An English word name that suggests strength and integrity like the trees it’s named for.
  6. Gavin: A Celtic name that means “white hawk.”
  7. Hayden: An English name meaning “fire.”
  8. Kellen: This unique two-syllable boy name is German and Irish in origin and means “swamp” and “slender.”
  9. Landon: A great English name with a refined feel that means “long hill.”
  10. Lennox: This edgy Scottish name means “elm grove.”
  11. Logan: Another Scottish name meaning “small hollow.”
  12. River: A great English name suggesting a gentle peaceful nature but with the potential for great strength.
  13. Silas: A Latin name meaning “forest.”
  14. Wesley: This charming English name means “western meadow.”
  15. Wilder: A gorgeous name means “untamed,” just as it suggests, and is perfect to describe a free-spirited child who loves the outdoors.

Badass 2-syllable boy’s names

We hear you asking, “ok we’ve seen the gentle nature names, but what is a badass name for a boy?”

Well, here are 11 stunners.

You’ll recognize a lot of celebrity names on this list.

They definitely have star power.

  1. Axel: This Scandinavian name is possibly the most rock-n-roll name ever, and at the same time, it means “father of peace.” Such a great combination!
  2. Hendrix: Meaning “son of Hendrik,” this name also has iconic status in the music world. Perfect for a musical family.
  3. Jackson/Jaxon: Hebrew. “Son of Jack.”
  4. Jagger: This is an English occupational name for a “carter.”
  5. Ledger: A word name that refers to a book for record keeping. And of course, made famous by the incredible actor Heath Ledger.
  6. Maddox: This brilliant Welsh name means “fortunate.”
  7. **Mason: With both French and German roots, this name means “stoneworker.”
  8. Paxton: Of Latin and English origin, this name means “peace town.”
  9. Phoenix: The ever-rising mythical bird makes a super cool two-syllable boy name.
  10. Viggo: A Scandinavian name meaning “war.”
  11. Xander: Names beginning with X are always interesting. This strong Greek name means defender.

Our best-loved 2-syllable names

And we’re not done yet.

Here are some of our other favorite two-syllable boy names.

Some vintage, some new, but all picked especially for you.

  1. Aaron: This traditional Hebrew name means “enlightened.”
  2. Aiden: A Gaelic name meaning “little fire.”
  3. Andrew: A classic Greek name meaning “strong,” “manly” and “courageous.”
  4. Austin: Both a place and a name meaning “magnificent.”
  5. Bennet: A gorgeous Latin name meaning “little blessed one.”
  6. Bentley: English. “From the moor.”
  7. Bryson: An English name for “son of Bryce.”
  8. Caleb: This solid name with biblical origins means “devotion.”
  9. Carter: Irish, “transporter of goods.”
  10. Christian: Latin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  11. Charley: This short version of Charles means “free man.”
  12. Colton: An interesting English word name for a town of colt breeding.
  13. Connor: With Irish and Scottish origins, this name is believed to mean “lover of hounds” and “wise.”
  14. Cooper: Latin, “barrel maker.”
  15. David: Hebrew, “beloved.”
  16. Declan: The English version of an Irish name, thought to mean “man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”
  17. Easton: This Scottish name means simply “east.”
  18. Emmett: With English and Hebrew roots, this name means “universal” and “truth.”
  19. Ethan: A popular Hebrew boy’s name that means “long lived.”
  20. Eric: Scandinavian, “ever powerful.”
  21. Ever: This is a unique and simple English word name.
  22. Felix: Hebrew, “happy.”
  23. Fintan: Irish, “white fire or white bull.”
  24. Grayson: A traditional English surname, it means “son of a gray-haired man.” Married to a silver fox 😉?
  25. Griffin: Welsh, “strong lord.”
  26. Hugo: A form of Hugh meaning “mind, intellect.”
  27. Isaac: This joyful Hebrew name means “he will laugh.”
  28. Jacob: Another great name for people of faith, Jacob is Hebrew and means “supplanter.”
  29. Jason: A Greek name meaning “to heal.”
  30. Jasper: A Persian name meaning “bringer of treasure.”
  31. Joseph: Hebrew. “God shall add.”
  32. Jayden: This modern name is fresh and cool.
  33. Kingston: An English name means “king’s town.”
  34. Leon: This form of the Latin Leonard means “like a lion.”
  35. Lincoln: Latin, “lithe.”
  36. Linus: This uber-chic Greek name means “flax.”
  37. Mathew: Hebrew. “Gift of God.”
  38. Magnus: A powerful Scandinavian name meaning “greatest.”
  39. Memphis: A historical place name dating back to Ancient Egypt.
  40. Micah: A version of Michael.
  41. Michael: Hebrew, “who is like God.”
  42. Nathan: Hebrew, “He gave.”
  43. Nolan: This Irish name means “noble” or “famous.”
  44. Omar: This commanding Arabic name means “flourishing.”
  45. Oscar: An Irish name meaning “God spear” or “champion warrior.”
  46. Parker: A medieval English name for a game keeper.
  47. Renzo: This a slick shortened form of the Italian name Lorenzo.
  48. Roman: This strong Latin name is thought to mean “famous man.”
  49. Roscoe: A Norse name meaning “deer forest.”
  50. Rowan: Irish, “red.”
  51. Ryan: Traditionally an Irish surname, Ryan means “little king.”
  52. Ryder: This modern name is the fav of many celebrities for their children.
  53. Ryker: A German name meaning “rich.”
  54. Stellan: While the precise meaning is unknown, this Swedish name may mean “calm.”
  55. Thomas: Hebrew, “twin.”
  56. Waylon: English, “wayside land.”
  57. Wyatt: With old European origins, this name is most often associated with the Wild West and means “strong in war.”

There you have it.

Two cute.

Two charming.

Two special.

Two-syllable names for the win. 👏

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