Vaginal Massage: Benefits and Methods

Vaginal Massage: Benefits and Methods

Massages can relieve tension, melt stress away, and relax the body.

But have you heard of vaginal massage?

It’s a type of sensual massage and can be used to build trust in relationships and create intimacy, but it isn’t actually considered part of foreplay.

Also known as yoni massage, the aim of this massage is to help you understand your body better, and feel more comfortable with what feels good.

During a yoni massage, you explore your body in a sensual way, and there is no pressure to perform or satisfy anyone.

A deep vaginal massage can be stimulating.

If you climax, that’s ok, but that isn’t always the goal – and in fact, the experience doesn’t need to be arousing.

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So, what is a vaginal massage?

A vaginal massage is exactly what it sounds like – a massage focused on your vagina.

You can either practice on yourself or with a partner, and the benefits are now widely-known (more on the benefits later).

This type of massage has been around for centuries.

And the word ‘Yoni’ is from the Sanskrit language – it means womb or vagina.

In a spiritual context, just like this type of massage, it’s about the sacred space where all power and creation lives.

For many women practising this type of massage, it’s spiritual rather than purely sexual, although of course, these two things are not mutually exclusive.

What are the benefits of vaginal massage?

The practitioners of yoni say that there are many benefits to this type of massage, including:

  • Relief from painful periods because it boosts blood circulation to the area.
  • Relief from painful sex.
  • It can create a more intense orgasm.
  • It can help to create better sexual encounters and more sexual intimacy when shared with a partner.
  • It can help release trauma and negative feelings in relation to sex.
  • The intimate area can be re-sensitized.
  • It can bring more female joy and confidence and create a sense of deep peace and relaxation.
  • It can promote a more loving relationship with your body.
  • It can help manage vaginal atrophy for menopausal women.
  • For some women, a regular vaginal and perineal massage after the 35th week of pregnancy can help to decrease the rate of injury and trauma of delivery.
  • It can work as a form of fertility massage.


How to massage a vagina

Yoni massage is based on spirituality, so it may be beneficial to prepare your mind and go into the experience with a sense of openness. Ideally, have a calm, comfortable space that you can lie down in, with gentle lighting.

When you’re ready, start with some breathing exercises of gentle inhale and exhale breaths, slow and audible. Try to maintain your breathing throughout your session.

Lie back, bend your knees and slowly open your legs to allow access to your vagina.

Gently massage, with sensual touching, your body, starting with your breasts, your tummy, and work towards your vagina.

Then move on to the intimate massage. There are several techniques you can try, and if you’re a beginner, here are some good ones to start with:

  • Cupping: Shaping your hand into a cup-like shape and holding it over your vagina. Gently move in a circular motion and flatten your hand against the opening and then use your palm to massage the whole area.
  • Circling: Circle the clitoris in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, varying between small and larger circles and alternating the pressure from your finger.
  • Rolling: Gently hold your clitoris between your thumb and finger and gently rub the clitoris between them. There are also a few different positions you can try:

Flying solo? Then these are two great positions to be in for comfort and relaxation:

  • Lotus: Sit with crossed legs and a straight back, resting your hands palm down on your knees. Breathe slowly.
  • Hand on heart: Sit with crossed legs and a straight back and gently rest your right hand on your heart. With eyes closed, feel your heartbeat and focus on the energy. Breathe deeply, and allow the connection between your hand and heart to grow.

Or if you are with a partner:

  • Lotus: Your partner sits cross-legged. You gently sit on their thighs and wrap your legs around them, with your ankles crossed. You stare into each other’s eyes and breathe deeply in unison.
  • Spooning: You and your partner lie on your left sides somewhere comfortable. Line up your hearts and tummies and breathe deeply in unison to build a connection.


As you become more familiar with your body through yoni massage, you may want to try some other techniques. These include:

  • The sacred spot:

Also known as the “G-spot massage”, this technique can generate pleasure.

Try the massage by inserting a gently-curved finger into your vagina.

Then gently feel for a soft spongy section on the front wall that can sit behind the clitoris.

When you find it, massage it gently, varying your strokes between fast and slow and different amounts of pressure.

When you’re more confident, you can also try massaging your clitoris at the same time to increase the pleasurable sensation.

  • Edging:

This is where you edge close to the point of orgasm, but back away right before you climax.

This type of massage aims to create increased sensitivity in your vaginal area.

Basically, as you feel your body getting closer to a climax, slow down your massage and then stop.

Connect with your heartbeat by placing your hand on your heart and breathing deeply.

Then, whenever you’re ready, restart your massage and work up to a climax.

It’s also possible to get a professional vaginal massage.

Of course, this is worth some caution, and it’s good to ask the provider questions about their training and license to practise, as there’s no official certification for yoni massage.

That said, there are plenty of professionals out there who can offer this service in a caring and considerate way.

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