40 Valkyrie Baby Names for Your Powerful Princess

40 Valkyrie Baby Names for Your Powerful Princess

Looking for Valkyrie baby names for your powerful princess? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of female valkyrie names.
Seeking out perfectly powerful names for your little princess?

Look no further than the Valkyrie names of Norse mythology.

We’ll take you through our favorites.

But first, let’s start by answering your questions about these magical maidens.

In this article: 📝

  • What are Valkyries?
  • Who is the most famous Valkyrie?
  • Are there 13 Valkyries?
  • Who is Queen of the Valkyries?
  • Are all Valkyrie names female?
  • Strong Norse valkyrie names

What are Valkyries?

Valkyries are the beautiful and fearless Norse warrior maidens who serve Odin, the god of war and the dead.

On the battlefields, so the myths say, it was the Valkyries who decided who lived and who died.

They’re sometimes represented with enormous wings or on horseback and often in armor or with a large spear. 🗡️

The stories of the Valkyries are found in famous Norse poems, such as the Völuspá, Grímnismál, Darraðarljóð, and Nafnaþulur poems of the Poetic Edda.

Some names are from other poems, such as Helgakviða Hundingsbana I and Helgakviða Hundingsbana II.

Valkyrie names carry great weight and often feel quite ominous, even somber.

They can also be quite tricky to pronounce if you don’t have Norse roots yourself.

And while you could enjoy the novelty of that, bear in mind that your little one might spend a lot of her life correcting everyone who says her name incorrectly.

That said, there are a few names that are easy to read and say in English.

You might be drawn to Eir, for example, or to Mist, Róta, or Svava.

Of course, if you’re drawn to Norse and Viking names generally, we’ve put together a list of 210 options for you.

Who is the most famous Valkyrie?

The most famous Valkyrie is Brynhildr.

Her name is pronounced Brin-hil-duur, and means “armor battle” or “bright battle.”

She is the leader of the Valkyries and is famous for angering Odin when she killed the wrong king during a battle.

Are there 13 Valkyries?

There are definitely more than thirteen Valkyries, but the exact number is uncertain.

Our list below contains 40 names.

Who is Queen of the Valkyries?

This can be a tricky one to answer.

While Freyja’s name usually comes up as the queen of the Valkyries, sometimes the myths seem to imply that she is only connected to the Valkyries, rather than their queen.

Freyja is the Norse goddess of love, lust, and celebrations.

In the video game God of War (which shouldn’t be confused with the original Norse myths and legends), Sigrun is named the Valkyrie queen.

Are all Valkyrie names female?

According to Norse mythology, all Valkyries are female, which means that the list of names below are typically female Valkyrie names.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them as male Valkyrie names.

You make the rules when it comes to naming your baby, mama!

Strong Norse valkyrie names

Here are some Valkyrie names for you to consider, each with its own Valkyrie name meaning (and some tips on how to pronounce them!).

  1. Brynhildr: Meaning “armor battle” or “bright battle.” It is pronounced Brin-hil-duur.
  2. Eir: Meaning “peace” or “mercy,” Eir was often associated with great medical skill and proficiency. It’s one of the easiest Valkyrie names to spell and pronounce and could belong on our list of cool one-syllable names.
    It’s pronounced Ee-rh.
  3. Geirahöð: This unusual name means “battle spear.” It’s pronounced Gee-ey-ra-hut.
  4. Geiravör: Meaning “spear-vör.” It’s pronounced Gee-ey-ra-vurr.
  5. Geirdrifu: Meaning “spear-flinger.” It’s sometimes spelled with an “l” on the end: Geirdriful, and is pronounced Gee-ey-dra-fu.
  6. Geirönu: This name means “the one charging forth with the spear.” It’s pronounced Gee-ey-ro-nu.
  7. Geirskögu: Like the other valkyrie Geirönu, Geirskögu also means “spear-bearer.” It’s pronounced Gee-aer-sko-gu.
  8. Göl: Göl means “tumult,” “noise” or “battle.” It’s sometimes spelled Göll and is pronounced Gawl.
  9. Göndu: Meaning “wand-wielder” is one of the fiercest Valkyries. It’s sometimes spelled Göndul and is pronounced: Gawn-du.
  10. Gunnr: Gunner means “war” or “battle.” It’s pronounced Gunner.
  11. Herfjötur: Meaning “fetter of the army” or “host fetter,” Herfjötur was a Valkyrie who was known for placing fetters or shackles on soldiers. It’s pronounced Her-fyo-tur.
  12. Herja: This one has a particularly powerful meaning: “one who devastates.” Herja was both a Valkyrie and a Germanic goddess. It’s pronounced Her-gha.
  13. Hlaðguðr svanhvít: Meaning “swan-white,” Hlaðguðr svanhvít is King Hlödvér’s daughter, and the sister of Hervör alvit. It’s pronounced Hluh-goor-svan-vit.
  14. Hildr: Meaning “battle,” Hildur is the daughter of Högni and Hedin’s wife. It’s pronounced “Hill-dur.”
  15. Hjalmþrimul: Meaning “helmet clatterer.” It’s pronounced Jam-pree-mul.
  16. Hervör alvitr: There’s no doubt this mystical meaning will resonate with some—it means “all-wise strange creature.” It’s pronounced “Her-vor-aal-vee-tur.”
  17. Hjörþrimul: Meaning “the female sword warrior.” It’s pronounced Jor-pree-mul.
  18. Hlökk: Meaning “noise” and “battle.” It’s pronounced Lowk.
  19. Hrist: Hrist means “the quaking one.” It’s pronounced Rist.
  20. Hrund: Hrund means “pricker.” It’s pronounced Rund.
  21. Kára: Meaning “the curly one.” It’s pronounced Kaara.
  22. Mist: This one means exactly what you think it does: “cloud” or “mist.” It’s also pronounced as you would say mist in English.
  23. Ölrún: Meaning “ale-rune,” Ölrún doesn’t have an easy definition in English. It’s pronounced Awl-run.
  24. Randgrid: Meaning “shield-destroyer.” It’s pronounced Rand-grid.
  25. Ráðgríðr: Meaning “council-truce.” It’s pronounced Rad-gri-dur.
  26. Reginleif: This one has both a beautiful meaning and pronunciation. It means “daughter of the gods” and is pronounced Rain-leaf.
  27. Róta: Meaning “sleet and storm.” It’s pronounced Row-tah.
  28. Sanngriðr: One of the most badass Valkyrie names, Sanngriðr means “very violent and very cruel.” It’s pronounced San-grid-ur.
  29. Sigrdrífa: Meaning “inciter to victory.” It’s pronounced Sig-ur-dri-fa.
  30. Sigrún: Meaning “secret victory.” It’s pronounced Sig-run.
  31. Skalmöld: Skalmöld means “sword-time.” It’s pronounced Skal-mold.
  32. Skeggöld: Meaning “ax-age.” It’s pronounced Ske-gold.
  33. Skögul: Meaning “shaker” or “high-towering.” It’s pronounced Sko-guul.
  34. Skuld: Skuld means “debt” or “future” and refers to a Valkyrie who was the goddess of fate. It’s pronounced as you read it.
  35. Svava: Svava is a sleep maker. You pronounce the name as you spell it.
  36. Sveið: Meaning “vibration” or “noise.” It’s pronounced Sveyud.
  37. Svipu: Svipu means “changeable.” It’s pronounced Svi-poo.
  38. Þögn: Þögn means “silence.” It’s pronounced Pawn.
  39. Þrima: Meaning “fight.” This is one of the easiest Valkyrie names to say — it’s pronounced Prima.
  40. Þrúðr: Meaning “strength” or “power,” Þrúðr is a Norse Valkyrie who serves ale to those who have died in battle and are now in Valhalla. It’s pronounced Pruder.

We hope you find the perfect Valkyrie baby name for your little warrior.

Happy naming, mama!

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