Vibrators and Pregnancy: What to Know

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Looking to invite yourself over for some DIY Netflix and Chill? Want to add a bit of vibe to your sex life? Toys can be a delightful addition to the mix. But what about when you’re pregnant? Is there added risk to combining vibrators and pregnancy? Here’s the 411.

Vibrators and Pregnancy

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  • Can vibration cause miscarriage?

Is it safe to use toys while pregnant?

Unless you have been told otherwise, toys (vibrating or not) are safe to use at all stages of pregnancy—internally, externally, during sex, while masturbating. In fact, using sex toys while pregnant can be a great way to de-stress, relieve discomfort, and explore your changing body.

There are some instances when you’ll have to be more cautious. Steer clear if:

  • You have placenta previa (when your baby’s placenta is covering your cervix). Particularly in later pregnancy, sex of all types may lead to heavy bleeding in women with this condition.
  • You are at risk for premature birth, as there’s a slight possibility that orgasms can lead to contractions.
  • Your water has broken. You might be at added risk of infection.

If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider. We understand, you might feel awkward asking your doctor about sex toys–but don’t worry, they’ve heard it all before!

Can vibrations hurt a fetus?

The vibrations generally add no additional risk (again, unless you have been told to stay away for specific reasons.)

There aren’t really “pregnancy vibrators,” aka vibrators specifically made for pregnancy. (Gap in the market, perhaps.) Your body is the best judge of what’s working for you and what’s not. Depending what you’re into, you may want to try clitoral massagers, wands, bullets rabbits, hands-free options (search up vibe panties and pads 💓)… You do you.

And if you’re wondering if penetration will disturb your fetus, your body’s pretty spectacular at providing the necessary protection. The amniotic sac and the protection provided by the uterine wall have got you (and your baby) covered.

Here are the three S’s of safe sex toy satisfaction. Keep things:

  • Spotless. Keep your toys as clean as possible. When you’re pregnant, you’re so much more susceptible to infection, so you have to be extra cautious when it comes to coming into contact with harmful bacteria. Follow the cleaning advice on the package. (For vibrators, soap, water, and a good towel dry usually do the trick.)

  • Stored. When you’ve finished using it, pop your vibrator in a clean, dry place. (The aim here is to prevent bacteria build-up). Set up a home for it in your house, like a special drawer or pouch, that no other items may enter.

  • Safe. STIs are more dangerous when you’re pregnant—both for you and your baby—and can lead to preterm birth. To stay extra safe, don’t share your sex toys or use shared toys. If you’re using toys with a partner, particularly if you’re not monogamous, it’s best to put a new condom on your vibrator for each use so that the surface that comes in contact with your body is squeaky clean.

Note that sex (in all its wondrous forms) may feel different when you’re pregnant. Hormonal shifts, increased blood flow, and changes to your cervix may leave you feeling more sensitive than normal. This can be a good thing—but it may also result in some mild spotting. This is normal—but if the bleeding continues or is heavy, get to your doctor.

Can vibration cause miscarriage?

There is no real link between miscarriages and using vibrators while pregnant—but if you want to be extra cautious, vibrators and early pregnancy are the combo to watch out for. That’s because the risk of miscarrying is highest in the first trimester.

If you have a miscarriage, it’s not your fault. They are common—as in they occur in as many as one in four pregnancies. Reach out if you need support. Counseling, chatting with friends and family, and reaching out to other mamas on Peanut can all help make the experience less isolating.

Happy playing!