60 Vintage Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

60 Vintage Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Do the modern names you’re finding all feel, somehow… not quite right? Maybe you’re looking for something a little more classic, more timeless, more vintage. With this list of vintage baby boy names, we’ve got you covered.
Our list features everything from common old-fashioned names like Noah, James, and Sebastian, to more unusual names like Atlas, Otto, and Basil.

What they all have in common, though, is a rich sense of history. Read on to find your perfect match.

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11 popular old-fashioned boy names

These names are so popular at the moment, you might not realize how far back they go.

  1. Benjamin: A Biblical name that means “son of the south”, you’ll find Benjamin – or its shortened version, Ben – on countless baby name lists these days.
  2. Henry: The name of many English kings over time, Henry means “estate ruler”. It’s still popular today.
  3. Jack: Jack is back! This incredibly popular name has been on lists of English boy names for years. It started gaining popularity again in the early 2000s – a trend it continues. It means “to be gracious”, and is related to the name John.
  4. James: Truly a name that’s stood the test of time, James is a variation of the Hebrew name Jacob and means “supplanter” – someone who supersedes and replaces.
  5. Leo: Strong and leonine, Leo is related to the name Leon, which means “lion” in Latin. This classic name has belonged to many kings, emperors, and popes in its time.
  6. Noah: An ancient Hebrew name that means “rest and repose”, the popularity of Noah has skyrocketed in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down.
  7. Oliver: A popular name in medieval England and to this day, Oliver has roots in the Germanic word for “olive tree”.
  8. Owen: Meaning “youth”, Owen is related to the Welsh name Owain, and the Irish and Scottish name Eoin.
  9. Sebastian: You’ll find this name in several languages across Europe. It comes from the Latin Sebasitanus and, in Greek, it means “vulnerable”.
  10. Theodore: Meaning “gift of God”, Theodore’s popularity has seen a sudden resurgence. It’s also commonly shortened to Theo, Ted, or Teddy, names you could also use on their own.
  11. Tobias: Another common Biblical name, Tobias is from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Tobiah, which means “God is good”.

Cute vintage boy names

These cute vintage names have become so cool and trendy, they’re positively hipster.

  1. Atlas: In Greek mythology, Atlas carried the world on his shoulders. It’s been on the up and up in popularity since the early 2010s.
  2. Atticus: Any To Kill a Mockingbird fans out there? The lawyer Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s famous novel made Atticus a common name in the 1960s and beyond. It’s from the Greek Attikos, which means “from Attica”.
  3. August: A hugely popular baby name right now thanks to celebrities like Mandy Moore and Princess Eugenie, August means “great or magnificent”.
  4. Basil: A Greek name that means “royal”, “knightly”, “brave”, and “chivalrous”.
  5. Beau: From the French word meaning “beautiful” or “handsome”.
  6. Caleb: From the Hebrew kelev, Caleb has two possible meanings: “dog” or “whole heart”. Let’s go with the latter!
  7. Ezra: Of Hebrew origin, Ezra means “help”.
  8. Felix: Originally a Roman surname (how much more classic can you get?), Felix means “happy” or “fortunate”.
  9. Guy: A variation of the Hebrew name Gai, which means “valley” or “ravine”.
  10. Hugo: Meaning “mind” or “intellect”, Hugo is the Latin form of Hugh.
  11. Jasper: Jasper means “treasurer” and comes from the Hebrew word gizbar. Believe it or not, this chic-sounding name dates to the Middle Ages.
  12. Jude: The Latin diminutive of Judah, Jude means “praised”. For many, it conjures images of the famous actor Jude Law, and the Beatles song “Hey Jude”.
  13. Milo: This name has two possible roots. It could come from the old German miles, which means “soldier”, or from the Slavic milu, which means “merciful”. You might also choose names related to Milo, such as Mylo or Miles.
  14. Oscar: English, Irish, or Norse in origin, Oscar has a few meanings, including “God spear”, “deer lover”, or “champion warrior”.
  15. Otis: A variation of Otto, below.
  16. Otto: A German name, Otto means “wealthy”.
  17. Rex: From the Latin, meaning “king”.

Forgotten vintage boy names

These names steer clear of being too popular or overly retro, while still sounding timeless.

  1. Alf: Related to the Old Norse words for “elf” or “elf counsel”, Alf is often used as a nickname for Alfred, but can stand on its own, too.
  2. Almanzo: An Arabic name meaning “victorious”.
  3. Baylen: From the French for “auburn-haired”.
  4. Caspian: Refers to the large salty sea between Asia and Europe. It also means “white”.
  5. Cyrus: A Persian name that means “the sun”.
  6. Harland: Meaning “from the land of strength” in Old English.
  7. Leland: This Old English name means “one who lives by unseeded land”.
  8. Linus: From the Greek name meaning “flax”, Linus is the son of Apollo in Greek mythology.
  9. Rainier: From the name Rayner, which means “advice” or “army”.
  10. Socrates: This name is the definition of classic. It was the name of the famous ancient Greek philosopher and means “whole”, “unwounded”, “safe”, and “power”.
  11. Titus: Meaning “title of honor”, Titus is an Ancient Roman name.
  12. Wells: An Old English name that means “stream”.

More old-school boys’ names

Still looking for options? Maybe one of these old-school names will strike a chord.

  1. Ambrose: Latin for “immortal”.
  2. Amos: Meaning “carried by God”.
  3. Archie: Can be used on its own or as a nickname Archibald. It means “genuine” or “bold”.
  4. Barnaby: Meaning “son of the prophet”.
  5. Bartholomew: Meaning “furrowed”, Bartholomew is often shortened to Bart or Tolly.
  6. Benedict: From the Latin meaning “blessed”.
  7. Brooks: “To live by a brook”.
  8. Cassius: From the Latin word for “hollow”.
  9. Ethan: Hebrew for “strong” or “firm”.
  10. Jesse: A Hebrew name, Jesse means “gift”.
  11. Jonah: Another Hebrew name, meaning “dove”.
  12. Joshua: Meaning “Yahweh is savior”, Joshua can be shortened to Josh.
  13. Julian: Julian means “youthful” in Latin.
  14. Levi: Hebrew for “joined” or “attached”.
  15. Magnus: From Latin, meaning “greatest”.
  16. Malachi: Meaning “my messenger” or “my angel”.
  17. Perry: An Anglo-Saxon name that means “pear tree”, “strange”, or “traveler”.
  18. Robin: A unisex name, Robin means “bright fame”.
  19. Rufus: Meaning “red-haired”.
  20. Silas: Meaning “wood” or “forest”.

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