60 Virgo Baby Names for Your Little Love

60 Virgo Baby Names for Your Little Love

From Agatha to Zola and Amelia to Valerian, here are 60 brilliant Virgo baby names for your little star. Read on for inspiration!
Got a Virgo baby on the way?

If your due date is between 23 August and 22 September, you probably do!

If you’re searching for some name inspiration, there are loads of Virgo names to choose from.

It’s one of the most thoughtful and caring signs of the zodiac.

In fact, Virgos are famed for their compassion, modesty, and hard-working attitude.

For baby names, you could take inspiration from associations with purity or from Virgo’s planet Mercury — linked with intelligence, healing, and medicine.

This earth sign is also related to fertility, harvest, industry, and craftsmanship.

With so many positive attributes, it’s not hard to find inspiration amongst these dazzling Virgo star names.

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  • Is Virgo a girl or boy name?
  • What is the Virgo goddess name?
  • What is a good name for Virgo babies?
  • What is a good name for a Virgo boy?
  • What is a good name for a Virgo girl?

Is Virgo a girl or boy name?

Before we get onto Virgo baby names, have you considered the name Virgo itself?

Virgo is a gender-neutral name with Latin origins.

It means “the virgin” or “pure one” and would make a unique choice for any Virgo boy or girl.

It also means “the maiden.”

Other similar-sounding names include:

  1. Argo: A Greek mythology name. Jason’s ship in his search for the Golden Fleece.
  2. Fargo: A gender-neutral place name that’s just appearing on the map.
  3. Margo: A French name meaning “pearl.” Margot is an alternative spelling.
  4. Vargas: Originally a Spanish surname, but a cool first name too.
  5. Varsha: A Hindi girl’s name meaning “rain.”
  6. Victoria: A classic girl’s name and the ancient Roman goddess of victory.
  7. Virge: Suitable for either sex, a variation of Virgil.
  8. Virgil: The greatest Roman poet. A unisex name, meaning “staff bearer.”
  9. Virginia: Latin origins, meaning “virginal” or “pure.”
  10. Vivek: A Sanskrit name meaning “wisdom” or “distinction.”

What is the Virgo goddess name?

Astraea (or Astraia) is the goddess of justice, innocence, and purity associated with Virgo.

Astraea supports the balance of the seasons and living in harmony with nature.

She also holds a pair of scales to weigh up the rights and wrongs of human disputes.

As the legend goes, Astraea lived alongside mankind during the “Golden Age.”

She was so appalled by human lawlessness and injustice that she left earth.

After this, Zeus transformed Astraea into the constellation of Virgo.

As well as Astraea, here are a few more mythological Virgo baby names:

  1. Anona: Latin origins, meaning “corn” or “grain”. From the Roman goddess of the harvest.
  2. Astrid: A Scandinavian name meaning “divinely beautiful.”
  3. Ceres: A Roman goddess associated with Virgo. The deity of agriculture, fertility, and vegetation.
  4. Demeter: The Greek goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone.
  5. Erigone: The daughter of Icarius of Athens. She’s associated with the Virgo constellation in Greek mythology.
  6. Gaia: The Greek mythological earth goddess. A name that means “rejoicing.”
  7. Hestia: The Greek goddess of the home, hearth, and chastity.
  8. Persephone: The Spring goddess and daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
  9. Shala: A Babylonian goddess represented in Virgo. She’s often seen with an ear of grain, associated with fertility.
  10. Spica: The brightest star in Virgo, Latin for “ear of grain.”

What is a good name for Virgo babies?

As long as humans have gazed up at the sky, we’ve been inspired by the moon, sun, and stars.

So it makes sense that star sign names are still popular.

If you’re searching for an unusual Virgo name for your baby girl or boy, here are a few options.

  1. Aster: A unisex name that’s September’s birth flower. It’s also a Greek name meaning “star,” so double points on Zodiac associations!
  2. August: Augusta or Augustus are also options. Along with September, it’s the Virgo birth month.
  3. Honor: Suitable for girls and boys, this is a virtue name that means exactly what it says.
  4. Indigo: A color name that’s bright blue like Sapphire — Virgo’s birthstone.
  5. Rosemary: One of Virgo’s flowers with plenty of nickname options too.
  6. Sage: A popular Latin herb name meaning “wise” and “knowing.”
  7. September: The other Virgo birth month. Septima and Septimus are fun variations.
  8. Shannon: An Irish name used for girls and boys, meaning “old and wise.” Perfect for new babies with old souls.
  9. Silver: A word name with precious, celestial associations.
  10. Zola: A cool-sounding gender-neutral choice with literary associations.

What is a good name for a Virgo boy?

When it comes to Virgo boy names, you’re spoilt for choice.

Earthy, reliable, courteous, and practical — there’s plenty of inspiration on offer.

Here are some wonderful names celebrating your Virgo bundle of joy.

  1. Benedict: A Latin name meaning “blessed.”
  2. Curtis: Usually for boys (but sometimes seen for girls too), Curtis means “courteous” or “polite.”
  3. Demetrius: A Greek boy’s name meaning “follower of Demeter” (the harvest goddess).
  4. Ezra: A Hebrew biblical name, meaning “helper.”
  5. George: A popular English boy’s name (originally from the Greek Georgios) meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  6. Hugo: A name popular across Europe, meaning “quick of mind” or “great intellect.”
  7. Idris: A name with Welsh and Arabic origins, meaning “lord” or “studious.”
  8. Jared: A down-to-earth Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “he descends.”
  9. Mason: An English name, meaning “stone worker.”
  10. Mercury: Virgo’s planet — a strong and unusual choice.
  11. Rainer: Of German origins, meaning “wise army.”
  12. Raphael: A romantic choice linked with science, healing, angels, and travel.
  13. Truman: An English boy’s name meaning “loyal one.”
  14. Valerian: A Latin floral name meaning “strength” and “health.”

What is a good name for a Virgo girl?

Here are some ideas for great Virgo girl names.

They’re all associated with Virgo qualities of kindness, humility, intelligence, and industriousness.

  1. Adamina: Hebrew, meaning “child of the red earth.”
  2. Agatha: Of Greek origins, meaning “good woman.”
  3. Amelia: A German name linked with industriousness and hard work.
  4. Avani: Of Hindi origins, meaning “the good earth.”
  5. Hermione: The feminine version of the Greek Hermes, meaning “earthly messenger.”
  6. Imogen: A Celtic name meaning “maiden.”
  7. Millicent: Another German name meaning “strong in work.”
  8. Ophelia: A Greek name meaning “help”. Also, Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in Hamlet.
  9. Pallas: A Greek girl’s name meaning “wisdom.”
  10. Pia: A Latin name meaning “from Mount Olympus” with added links to piety.
  11. Poppy: One of the August birth flowers.
  12. Riva: Hebrew, meaning “maiden.”
  13. Sapphire: Virgo’s birthstone.
  14. Solange: A sophisticated French girl’s name meaning “solemn.”
  15. Theresa: The English form of the Spanish Teresa, meaning “harvester.” An alternative is Terra.
  16. Wednesday: The day of the week associated with Virgo. Also popularized by the Gothic Wednesday Adams.

That’s it for our top Virgo baby names!

All the best with your choice!

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