10 of the Most Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

10 of the Most Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

Looking for brilliant ideas for fun, creative virtual baby shower games? Here’s how to make your online event one to remember.
For many mamas-to-be, a baby shower is their first motherhood milestone.

And these days, it’s just as likely to be online as in-person.

But that needn’t mean missing out on any fun!

Virtual baby shower games can offer just as many laughs and memorable moments.

As with an in-person gathering, some of the options here need a little preparation.

But however much or little planning you want to do, there are plenty of virtual baby shower ideas out there.

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10 fun virtual baby shower games

1. Baby charades

Charades is a game that is every bit as much fun on-screen as in-person.

Add a baby theme to the mix, and you’re guaranteed loads of laughs.

Make a list of baby-themed books, films, songs, and TV shows for your guests — and you, of course! — to act out. (Google is your friend here.)

Take it in turns, or let whoever guesses correctly first have the next go.
Send each title by private message, and you’ll avoid giving your guests too much thinking time.

2. Name that baby tune

This is another virtual baby shower game that needs a little research.

Make a list of song titles with the word “baby” for your guests to perform.

The catch? No words allowed!

They can hum, whistle, or go “doo-doo-doo” — you decide.

Minimal prep, maximum hilarity.

3. Don’t say baby!

Worried that some of your guests might be embarrassed about performing in front of a crowd?

This game needs only their powers of observation.

At the beginning of your gathering, tell everyone not to say the word “baby”.

If they do, whoever notices and calls them out, gets a point.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the gathering is the winner.

4. Baby bingo

Bring out your guests’ competitive sides with a twist on traditional bingo.

Instead of numbers, send out bingo cards with words typically used at a baby shower.

Examples could be boy, girl, nappies — or, of course, mama!

Each guest ticks off the words on their card as they hear them.

The first to tick off every word calls “bingo!” and wins a prize.

Make your own cards from scratch, or shortcut the prep with a pre-printed version.

5. Match the baby photo

This one needs your guests’ cooperation upfront — but it’s worth the effort.

Ask everyone to send a photo of themselves as a baby in advance.

Display them on-screen during your baby shower and get your guests to guess who’s who.

Dragging and dropping the photos into a PowerPoint slide works well.

Then share your screen and prepare to giggle at the guesses!

6. Playdough babies

No-one ever grows out of playdough, right?!

Get your guests to model their own babies from the squidgy stuff — and offer a prize for the best effort.

You can send out playdough in advance, or circulate a playdough recipe and ask your guests to make their own.

Either way, it’ll be good practice for the toddler years!

7. Baby trivia

No list of Zoom baby shower games would be complete without a baby-themed quiz!

Use multiple choice answers or true-or-false statements to keep it simple.

Or leave your guests to come up with their own answers and collect some guesses before you reveal all.

Limit quiet thinking time by giving the point to the first person to shout out the right answer.

8. The Price Is Right – baby edition

Make a list of standard baby items — anything from strollers to pacifiers — and ask your guests to guess the price.

Get them to call out their answers.

Then reveal the truth and enjoy the shock, horror, and knowing looks from other parents!

We’ve got a free template here, along with tips on how to play.

9. Alphabet baby names

Ask each guest to give a child’s name in turn.

The first must start with A, the second with B, and so on through the alphabet.

Add to the challenge with a time limit.

Ten seconds per answer is perfect if you’re feeling strict, 30 seconds if you want to be generous.

Increase the jeopardy by reducing the time limit in each round.

Anyone who doesn’t come up with an answer in time is out.

Last one standing is the winner!

10. Baby fortune telling

This is a great one to wrap up your baby shower.

Ask your guests to make their predictions for your baby — sex, birth weight, birth length, or anything else you like.

Collect them up, and check the answers when baby arrives.

(Better still, get someone else to do it — you might find you have your hands full!)

Whoever gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

Relax and enjoy your virtual baby shower games

Whatever games you choose, relax and enjoy your virtual baby shower.

And if the PowerPoint doesn’t work, and Great Aunt Mable hasn’t received her playdough, don’t sweat it.

Your virtual baby shower will be full of people who love and care about you.

Whatever you do, you’re going to have a blast.

Do you play games on a virtual baby shower?

We have lots of info on baby shower etiquette.

But the only unbreakable rule about virtual baby showers is to do what you enjoy!

If you love bonding with your friends and family over a game, go ahead.

Plenty of options work every bit as well online as in-person.

How do you play virtual baby shower games?

Games for virtual baby shower fun include word puzzles, craft-based activities, performances, and quizzes.

Check out our suggestions below to find out more.

What can you do at a virtual baby shower?

While no-one will be getting up close and personal with your baby bump, there’s still lots you can do.

Chat, play games - even food isn’t out of bounds!

Ask your guests to make up a plate to munch on while you talk.

Or send them cupcakes or other treats to enjoy at the gathering.

How do you throw a baby shower on Zoom?

Virtual baby shower games on Zoom can work brilliantly.

Think about decorating your in-camera space, or choose a virtual background to create a party atmosphere.

And be creative with Zoom features.

Sharing your screen is a great way to display pics for the “match the baby photo” game.

Got any other bright ideas for creative virtual baby shower games?

Or maybe you want to combine it with a drive-by baby shower?

Why not share them with the other mamas-to-be on Peanut!

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