Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

You’re a mama-to-be, but you can’t get everyone together in the same place. How do you celebrate the arrival of your little one when you’re apart? A virtual baby shower might be the answer.
Many people choose online baby showers even when there isn’t a global pandemic to think about.

With friends and family living in different states or all over the world, it’s normal that the big moments in life sometimes need to happen online.

So, how do you make an on-screen baby shower a success?

With the people you love around you (even virtually), there’s no doubt you’ll have fun. But here are some virtual baby shower ideas to make it extra special.

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  • How to host a virtual baby shower
  • Preparing for the party
  • What to do during your virtual baby shower
  • Virtual baby shower FAQs

How to host a virtual baby shower

So, you’ve decided to throw your little one an online party. Good plan!

Next, though, there are some practical questions that you’ll need to get your head around.

What do you do at a virtual baby shower? Do you eat? And, is there a way to make the classic baby shower games virtual?

Sure there is! It’s all just going to take a bit more imagination. Here are our tips on how to have a virtual baby shower.

Preparing for the party

A virtual baby shower is just like an in-person one – you’re just on-screen.

So, you’ll have the normal things to think about, just with a couple of twists to bear in mind.

  • Choose invitees wisely. Video chat can be lovely. But you can’t exactly mingle. Too many guests and you all end up the size of a postage stamp, fighting for the microphone – and that’s not exactly conducive to a party atmosphere. We suggest keeping the gathering intimate. If you have a big guest list, consider throwing more than one baby shower for all your different groups of pals.
  • Decide on a platform. Obvs, this will be a crucial decision. Are you a Zoomer or a Google Meeter? Pick a platform you’re comfortable with, and do a practice meeting beforehand so there’s no umming and ahing on the big day.
  • Pick a theme. Want a sailor baby shower theme or a princess party? Go for it! Decorate your room just like you would for a “real” party, or pick an on-theme Zoom background.
  • Get creative with your baby shower invitations. You’ll need to let guests know you’re going virtual, but don’t just stick a zoom invite on your invitation and call it a day. Why not try some creative baby shower invitation wording that reflects the fact that you’re going digital? Something like, “Love knows no distance. You’re invited to our virtual baby shower!”
  • Consider food and drinks. It might feel a little weird to eat on-screen, but it can be a nice way of bringing everyone together. In your invitation, you can encourage your guests to stick to the theme – Pink lemonade? A pretty appetizer you can ooh and aah over? – so you all feel like you’re really at the same party.
  • Virtual baby shower favors? You may want to thank your guests for coming. A baby shower favor can be a great way to do it. Just remember, you might have to mail them in advance!

What to do during your virtual baby shower

You’re all set. Now you just need to have some fun. What are you going to do during your baby shower?

Welcoming your new little one to the world is a lot of fun in itself. But beyond that, anything goes. Here are some virtual baby shower activity ideas.

  • Pre-prep activities. Involve everyone in the activities from the beginning. For example, on your invites, ask guests to send you their baby pics. A fun game can be to guess who’s who!
  • Speech! Everyone loves a good speech. As a proud new mama, you may have a few words to say. If not, someone else surely will.
  • Advice from other mamas. If you’re a first-time mama, it can be a nice idea to get some tips from those with a bit of experience. Sharing fun mama-ing stories can be a great thing to do at a baby shower.
  • Virtual baby shower games? Most of the popular baby shower games can work virtually, too. Try baby bingo, Pictionary, or lullaby singalongs.

Virtual baby shower FAQs

Here are some other things you might be wondering:

What does virtual baby shower mean?

That’s an easy one! It’s a baby shower that you do online through a video chat platform, such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

Several people can join in, and all their faces will show up on the screen in their own little boxes, Hollywood Squares-style!

Are virtual baby showers tacky?

This should not be on your list of worries – these are desperate times!

Are you worried people will think a virtual shower looks like a gift grab? Don’t be so sure.

Your friends and family want to celebrate you, and they’ll probably be happy to receive an invitation to any kind of party, even a virtual one.

You can up the elegance with a refined theme and tasteful invitations.

How long does a virtual baby shower last?

Give it enough time to play some virtual baby shower games and chat with everyone.

Two to three hours is a good time for an in-person baby shower, but yours could be longer or shorter.

Consider giving guests an easy out at the two-hour mark, like a break in the virtual games.

Don’t let a pandemic or big distances stand in your way.

Even a drive-by baby shower can be lots of fun, so you do you, mama.

You and your little one deserve to be celebrated, mama! Soak up your special day.

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