130+ Wondrous Weather Baby Names

130+ Wondrous Weather Baby Names

Whatever the weather, we’ve got over 130 weather baby names for your raindrop, sunbeam, whirlwind, or snowflake-to-be. Check out our weather report!
Come Rayne or shine, baby needs a name!

If you’re looking for inspiration, the world around you can be a great place to find some.

Weather names are increasingly popular.

You could choose something based on the season you’re due to give birth, or even a name that describes your favorite time of year.

And if you’re currently sitting in bed having just given birth, baby asleep and snuggled up close (YAY! Welcome precious human!), but in all the excitement you haven’t landed on a name…

Fear not!

Look out the window for inspiration.

The gorgeous world out there might have just the thing.

In this article: 📝

  • What name means weather?
  • Sun and sky names
  • Wind names: From easy breezy to stormy strength
  • Snowy wintery names
  • Names for a rainy day
  • Gender-neutral weather names

What name means weather?

If you’re looking for a name that literally means “weather,” the closest contender is probably Kairos.

This ancient Greek word means “the right, critical, or opportune moment.”

But it also means “weather” in modern Greek.

Or you can look to the dozens of weather baby names that mean “snow” or “rain” or “sun” or “wind.”

So let’s take a look at that weather report!

Sun and sky names

We’re seeing lots of sunshine over the whole country, clear skies as far as the eye can see.

Pack a picnic and head on out folks, it’s going to be a calm, beautiful day out there.

These lovely sunny names are joyful and bright.

Just like their meanings.

Girl names for the sun and sky

  1. Ciel: French. “Sky.” This sophisticated name is pronounced in two syllables. A little like the letters “C-L.”
  2. Eliane: A gorgeous Hebrew name meaning “sun.”
  3. Helia: Greek. “Sun.”
  4. Savita: Hindi. “Sun.”
  5. Sunniva: Scandinavian. “Sun gift.”
  6. Sunny: A joyful name that sounds exactly like what it means.

Boy names for the sun and sky

  1. Aarush: Hindi. Meaning “first Ray of sun.” Beautiful for a first baby.
  2. Blaze A fiery name like the sun on a hot summer’s day!
  3. Cielo Italian. “Sky.”
  4. Cyrus Persian. “Sun.”
  5. Elio: Both Italian and Spanish meaning “sun.”
  6. Keyne: Celtic. “Man of the eastern sky.”
  7. Ra: Egyptian. An ancient name with contemporary appeal meaning “Sun.”
  8. Samson: This Biblical Hebrew name means “sun.”
  9. Sol: This historical name meaning “sun” has a very modern feel to it too.

Wind names: From easy breezy to stormy strength

There’s some wind showing up today folks, starting off as the kind of gentle breeze that teases your hair, gathering strength and becoming stronger over the course of the day.

By this evening we’ll see a fierce storm come sweeping through, culminating in a powerful show of thunder and lighting to light up the dark, dark night.

These wind names all have a gentle strength or a powerful presence.

What name speaks to you?

Girl names meaning wind, storm, or breeze

  1. Aella: Latin and Greek. “Whirlwind.” What better name for the wonderful chaos of a new baby?
  2. Alizeh: Persian. “Wind.”
  3. Astor: Icelandic name for the thunder god.
  4. Auretta: This pretty Italian name means “light wind.”
  5. Breeze: Or you could go straight for this lovely name!
  6. Brisa: Spanish. “Breeze.”
  7. Bronte: Greek. “Thunder.”
  8. Makani: Hawaiian. “Wind.”
  9. Stormi: So very popular at the moment.
  10. Tadita: Native American name meaning “to the wind.”
  11. Tempest: Meaning turbulent, stormy.
  12. Thora: Norse thunder goddess.
  13. Tordis: Old Norse. Thunder goddess.
  14. Tuuli: Finnish. “Wind.”

Boy names meaning wind, storm, or breeze

  1. Barack: Hebrew. This strong name means “thunderbolt or lightning.”
  2. Bolt This name referencing a lightning bolt makes a great middle name.
  3. Bayu: An Indonesian name meaning “wind.”
  4. Coro: Native American. “Wind.”
  5. Donar: German, the ancient thunder god.
  6. Freyr: Old Norse. God of rain and sunlight.
  7. Gray: The color of the sky when you know a storm is en route.
  8. Guthrie: Scottish. “Windy spot.”
  9. Keanu: Hawaiian meaning “cool breeze over the mountains.”
  10. Makani: Hawaiian. “Wind.”
  11. Mellan: Gaelic. “Lightning.”
  12. Naseem: This beautiful Arabic name means “breeze or soft air.” Also spelled Nasim.
  13. Rabi: This Arabic name means “gentle wind.”
  14. Ramiel: Hebrew. “Thunder of God.”
  15. Saar: Hebrew. “Storm.”
  16. Storm: Strong and evocative.
  17. Thor: The Norse god of thunder, strength and rain.
  18. Vayu: Hindu god of air and wind.
  19. Wyndham: This noble sounding English name means “from the windy village.”
  20. Zephyr: This super cool Greek name means “west wind.”

Snowy wintery names

Wrap up warm tonight, readers. We’re seeing some soft, gentle snowfall overnight.

Expect a gorgeous winter wonderland to greet you in the morning.

Don’t worry about the icy conditions, that’s just more of nature’s strength on display.

Settle in with your family and a cup of hot cocoa!

These striking names meaning snow, frost, and ice are quietly luminous in their beauty.

Girl names meaning snow

  1. Aneira: This Welsh name is fairly new and means “much snow.”
  2. Asayu: Japanese. “Morning snow.”
  3. Chione: Greek. “Snow.”
  4. Edurne: Basque. “Snow.”
  5. Eira: Welsh. “Snow.”
  6. Eirlys: Welsh. “Snowdrop.”
  7. Fjolla: A lovely Albanian name meaning “snowflake.”
  8. Flykra: A beautiful Faroese name meaning “snowflake.”
  9. Gwyneira: Welsh. “White snow.”
  10. Haukea: Hawaiian. “Snow.”
  11. Havaska: Hungarian. “Snowdrop.”
  12. Hima: Sanskrit. “Snow.”
  13. Icelyn: A modern wintery option.
  14. Koyuki: A sweet Japanese name meaning ”light snow.”
  15. Lumi: Finnish. “Snow.”
  16. Lumia: This variation of the Lumi also means snow.
  17. Lumikki: Another variant of Lumi.
  18. Miyuki: This lovely name means both “beautiful snow” and “beautiful happiness.”
  19. Neige: French. “Snow.”
  20. Neva: Spanish. “White snow.”
  21. Nevara: A gorgeous Spanish name meaning “to snow.”
  22. Nevata: Italian. “Snow.”
  23. Neve: This name has Irish, Italian and Portuguese origins.
  24. Nieves: Spanish. “Snow.”
  25. Nivea: Portuguese. “Snow white.”
  26. Salna: Latvian. “Frost.”
  27. Seoli: Korean. “Frost.”
  28. Sesi: This short and sweet name is Inuit and Native American in its origins.
  29. Shimo: Japanese. “Frost.”
  30. Snejana: An evocative Belgian name meaning “snowy.”
  31. Snow: Say no more!
  32. Suoko: A Japanese name meaning “frost child,” perfect name for a baby born on a frosty morning.
  33. Yuki: Japanese. “Snow.”
  34. Yukiko: Japanese. “Snow child.”

Boy names meaning snow

  1. Andri: Icelandic. “Snowshoe.”
  2. Ayaz: Gorgeous Turkish name meaning “frost.”
  3. Chion: Greek. “Snow.”
  4. Edur: Basque. “Snow.”
  5. Fannar: Icelandic. “Snow drift.”
  6. Frost: This ever-so-cool boy’s name has a very modern sound.
  7. Himesh: Sanskrit. “Snow king.”
  8. Ice: Cool and sleek!
  9. Jack: As in Jack Frost.
  10. Jaki: Icelandic. “Iceberg.”
  11. Jokull: A strong Icelandic name meaning “glacier/ice.”
  12. Moroz: This Russian surname means “frost.”
  13. Salnis: Latvian. “Frost.”
  14. Tushar: Sanskrit . “Snow.”
  15. Yukio: Japanese. “Snow boy.”

Names for a rainy day

We’re expecting some rain over the next few days, and a good thing, too.

This gentle sprinkling over the interior is a blessing for spring time and all the new growth we’re hoping for.

Don’t forget to dance in the rain, folks, and keep an eye out for those stunning rainbows on the horizon.

So what are some rain names?

These beautiful, nourishing rain names offer great options for your little raindrop-to-be.

Girl names meaning rain

  1. Amaya: This soft name has Japanese origins and means “night rain.”
  2. Huyana: A soft-sounding Native American name meaning “rain falling.”
  3. Indra: Sanskrit name meaning “possessing drops of rain.”
  4. Iridiana: Greek. “Rainbow.”
  5. Iris: Greek meaning “rainbow.”
  6. Itzel: Mayan. “Rainbow lady.”
  7. Jora: Hebrew. “Autumn rain.”
  8. Misty: A pretty name that’s pretty popular, too.
  9. Muzna: Arabic name meaning “rain clouds.”
  10. Niara: Hindi. “Mist.”
  11. Noelani: Hawaiian. “Heavenly mist.”
  12. Reva: Indian. Meaning “rain.”
  13. Talia: Hebrew meaning “gentle dew from heaven.”
  14. Varsha: Hindi meaning “rain.”
  15. Ziazan: Awesome Armenian name meaning “rainbow.”

Boy names meaning rain

  1. Dalfon: Hebrew. “Raindrop.”
  2. Dewey: This gentle weather name is winner.
  3. Ghayth. Arabic. “Rain.”
  4. Gowon: With African and Arabic origins, this strong name means “rain maker.”
  5. Hail: Super impactful, on many levels.
  6. Hadad. Mesopotamian, refers to the rain god.
  7. Neil or Niall: Irish. “Cloud.”
  8. Rafferty: This stylish Irish name means “floodtide.”
  9. Van. Vietnamese. “Cloud.”

Gender-neutral weather names

Why not consider one of these lovely unisex names?

  1. Aput: A Greenlandic name meaning “snow crystal.”
  2. Fuyuki: Japanese. “Snow.”
  3. Gale: A strong wind or storm on the sea.
  4. Glacier: A super strong modern name that suggests all the hidden depths of its icy origin.
  5. Kalani: Hawaiian. Meaning “sky.”
  6. Nevada: This Spanish place name means “covered in snow,” just like the mountains.
  7. Raiden: Japanese. “Thunder and lighting.”
  8. Rain or Rayne: This gentle-sounding name works with both spellings.
  9. Skye or Sky or Skyler: Both spellings are equally pretty.
  10. Tahoma: Another Native American name meaning “snow-covered mountain.”
  11. Tal: Hebrew. “Dew or rain.”
  12. Xue: Chinese. “Snow.”

Whether you’re looking for weather girl names, weather boy names, or non-binary weather names, the seasons themselves have a lot to offer!

And of course, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are classic options that never go out of style.

And whatever the weather mama, your baby will be amazing!

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