75 Welsh Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

75 Welsh Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

Welsh names are beautiful and unique - perfect for your baby girl. They’ve made a comeback in recent years, within Wales and beyond, so don’t let your location stop you. This is why we gathered the best Welsh baby girl names along with their meanings.
When looking for a name for your little peanut, you should definitely consider some of these great Welsh monikers.

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  • What are the most beautiful Welsh baby names for girls?

What are the most popular Welsh baby girl names?

The great thing about Welsh names is that they have beautiful meanings, often linked to nature. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Aerona: Berry. The feminie version of Aeron.
  2. Alaw: From the River Afon Alaw, musical and harmonic.
  3. Alys: Welsh version of Alice.
  4. Anna: The name of one of King Arthur’s sisters.
  5. Arianwen: Innocence and purity.
  6. Beca: Known in Wales because of the Rebecca riots.
  7. Caitrin: Pure and clear.
  8. Cambrie: Wales.
  9. Caron: Loving or kind-hearted.
  10. Carys: Beloved one.
  11. Ceri: To love.
  12. Deryn: Bird.
  13. Dona: Goddess in Welsh mythology.
  14. Dylan: Gender-neutral name, meaning sea.
  15. Eilonwy: Gorgeous princess, sounds about right!
  16. Glynnis: Valley, glen.
  17. Gracie: God’s favor, beauty, kindness and mercy.
  18. Gwyneth: Derived from the Kingdom of Gwynedd.
  19. Mari: Welsh version of Mary.
  20. Meredith: Great ruler. Popularized by Grey’s Anatomy.
  21. Morgan: Sea-born.

What are the rarest Welsh baby names for girls?

Looking for something more unique? These names are exceptional, just like your baby-to-be.

  1. Abertha: Sacrifice.
  2. Adain: Winged.
  3. Adaryn: High-flying bird.
  4. Aeronwen: Fair.
  5. Alwena: A river.
  6. Aneira: Truly golden.
  7. Angharad: Meaning, “much loved.”
  8. Avalon: Island.
  9. Bethan: Welsh form of Elizabeth.
  10. Blodeuwedd: Delicate, colourful and fragrant.
  11. Brenda: Classic and honorable.
  12. Bryce: Alert and ambitious.
  13. Cadie: Pure in Celtic Welsh.
  14. Cari: Friend.
  15. Caryl: Love.
  16. Catrin: Welsh form of Katherine.
  17. Cristyn: Welsh version of Christine - pretty and feminine.
  18. Daron: Oak.
  19. Del: Meaning pretty.
  20. Efa: So cute!
  21. Eilir: Alluring and spontaneous.
  22. Enid: Soul or life.
  23. Gladys: Princess.
  24. Glenda: Holy, good.
  25. Gorawen: Joy.
  26. Guinevere: A Welsh classic, meaning white shadow.
  27. Iola: Violet, beauty.
  28. Megan: Pearl.
  29. Seren: Star in Welsh Celtic.
  30. Teagan: Beautiful.

What are the most beautiful Welsh baby names for girls?

These names are sweet and precious. Take a look!

  1. Addien: Beautiful or charming girl.
  2. Aeres: Heiress.
  3. Amser: Time.
  4. Anwena: Inspiration of poetry. Nice, right!
  5. Arial: Vigorous.
  6. Asgre: Soul.
  7. Blodwen: White flowers, beauty, purity.
  8. Bronwen: Blessed and fair.
  9. Buddug: Victory.
  10. Cassadee: This name refers to a girl with curly hair, perfect for a curly-haired babe!
  11. Ceirios: Cherry.
  12. Dyllis: Perfect and reliable.
  13. Ebrill: A person born in April.
  14. Elen: Light.
  15. Gisal: Pledge.
  16. Gwanwyn: Spring.
  17. Irvetta: White river.
  18. Kordelia: Sea jewel.
  19. Lynette: Lake.
  20. Mali: Ruler and first born.
  21. Megha: Pearl.
  22. Rhedyn: Fern.
  23. Trina: Pure, innocent, good.
  24. Vanora: White wave.

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