281 Welsh Baby Names & Meanings

281 Welsh Baby Names & Meanings

Stock up on Welsh cakes and pop some leeks in your pockets! Here’s the ultimate list of beautiful Welsh baby names with meanings to choose from.
Popular in Wales and beyond, Welsh baby names have strong and beautiful meanings, perfect for your baby-to-be.

With its picturesque landscapes, ancient castles, and rich history, Wales has a beautiful culture to offer.

So it’s only natural to want a lyrical Welsh baby name for your babi bach.

And you might be surprised at how many Welsh names you’ll already be familiar with.

Whether you’re looking for a unique name that honors your Welsh heritage, or a traditional name with Welsh roots, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of Welsh baby names.

In this article: 📝

  • Welsh name pronunciation
  • What are popular names from Wales?
  • Old Welsh names
  • What are unique and rare Welsh names?
  • What are other Welsh names?
  • What is the most Welsh name?

Welsh name pronunciation

If you want to choose an authentically Welsh baby name, you’ll have to get the pronunciation right.

The Welsh language can be tricky for non-speakers, but we’ll break down some of the most common pronunciations you may find challenging:

  • Di ‒ like diawl, pronounced “j” as in “just”.
  • Dd ‒ like Caerdydd, pronounced “th” as in “the”.
  • Ff ‒ like cyffredin, pronounced “f” as in “find”.
  • I ‒ like iaith, pronounced “y” as in “you”.
  • Ll ‒ like llath, pronounced “chl” ‒ there’s no English-speaking equivalent to this, and it’s one of the hardest to pronounce for non-Welsh speakers, so here’s a handy video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQBGOb7iQZ0&t=78s).
  • R ‒ like Rhian, pronounced “rr” like a Spanish rolling of the tongue.
  • Si ‒ like siop, pronounced “sh” as in “shop”.
  • Ts ‒ like wats, pronounced “ch”, as in “watch”.
  • Th ‒ like peth, pronounced as a soft “th”.
  • F ‒ like ifor, pronounced “v” as in “voice”.
  • Ch ‒ like bach, pronounced like the soft Scottish “ch” like “loch”.
  • Y ‒ like ynysig, pronounced “a” as in “about”.
  • W ‒ like mwg, pronounced “oo” as in “you”.

There are lots more specific ways to pronounce Welsh baby names, so if in doubt, Google Translate could be your best friend!

What are popular names from Wales?

Looking for popular Welsh names that are unique at the same time?

Well, you may already know these traditional Welsh names ‒ they’re pretty common around the world.

10 common Welsh names for girls

First up, let’s hear it for the girls! Here are the most common Welsh names for merched babi (baby girls).

  1. Anna: The name of one of King Arthur’s sisters.
  2. Arial: “Courage”.
  3. Caitrin:Pure and clear”.
  4. Deryn: “Bird”.
  5. Gracie: “God’s favor, beauty, kindness, and mercy”.
  6. Gwyneth: Derived from the Kingdom of Gwynedd.
  7. Meredith: “Great ruler”. Popularized by Grey’s Anatomy. Also spelled Meredudd.
  8. Morgan: “Sea-born”.
  9. Rhiannon: “Great queen”.
  10. Siân: “God is merciful”.

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10 common Welsh names for boys

Now onto the boys. You’ll fall head-over-heels for these popular Welsh names for bechgyn bach (baby boys):

  1. Alan: “Rock”. Also spelled Alun.
  2. Andreas: Welsh version of Andrew, meaning “strong, manly”.
  3. Arthur: The legend himself. Perfect for your little King. Meaning “dark, black”.
  4. Brad: “Broad clearing”.
  5. Cedric: “Generous”. Also spelled Cedrych.
  6. Conan: Meaning “to grumble”.
  7. Dylan: “Son of the sea and waves”.
  8. Harri: Welsh version of Harry, meaning “powerful ruler”.
  9. Lewis: “Lion-like”. Also spelled Lewys.
  10. Owen: “Youth”. Also spelled Owain.

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Old Welsh names

Now for some classics ‒ traditional Welsh names that you might not be as familiar with.

Did you know that Welsh baby names often come from the Celtic language?

You may notice some similarities between these old Welsh names and Celtic baby names.

Another bonus? A lot of these old Welsh names are now gender-neutral, so you can take your pick, no matter the sex of your baby.

  1. Adda: Welsh version of Adam, meaning “son of the red earth”.
  2. Adeon: Meaning “wing”.
  3. Aedd: Meaning “fire”.
  4. Aeddan: Meaning “fire”.
  5. Aelhearn: Meaning “iron-brow”.
  6. Aelwyn: Meaning “fair brow”.
  7. Aeron: Meaning “slaughter”.
  8. Afagddu: Meaning “darkness”.
  9. Afallon: Meaning “apple tree”.
  10. Alban: Meaning “mountain”.
  11. Aldith: Meaning “ancient battle”.
  12. Alec: Meaning “defender of men”.
  13. Aled: Meaning “offspring”.
  14. Alwyn: Meaning “white rock”.
  15. Amaethon: Meaning “farmer”.
  16. Anarawd: Meaning “host”.
  17. Aneirin: Meaning “golden”.
  18. Angwyn: Meaning “blessed”.
  19. Anhun: Meaning “worthy of praise”.
  20. Arawn: Meaning “king of the underworld”.
  21. Arianwyn: Meaning “silver-white”.
  22. Arnallt: Meaning “strong ruler”.
  23. Arthen: Meaning “bear”.
  24. Arthfael: Meaning “bear prince”.
  25. Arthgen: Meaning “born of bears”.
  26. Arwel: Meaning “prominent”.
  27. Arwyn: Meaning “blessed”.
  28. Aurfryn: Meaning “golden hill”.
  29. Auryn: Meaning “gold”.
  30. Awsten: Meaning “magnificent”.
  31. Baeddan: Meaning “small boar”.
  32. Baglan: Meaning “crook”.
  33. Barri: Meaning “mountain”.
  34. Barti: Meaning “rich in land”.
  35. Bedaws: Meaning “birch tree”.
  36. Bedwyn: Meaning “birch tree”.
  37. Bedivere: The name of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  38. Berwyn: Meaning “peak of holiness”.
  39. Bevan: Meaning “son of Ifan”.
  40. Beynon: Meaning “son of Einion”.
  41. Bledig: Meaning “wolf-like”.
  42. Bledri: Meaning “wolf-ruler”.
  43. Boreugwyn: Meaning “morning holiness”.
  44. Branwaladr: Meaning “crow-ruler”.
  45. Breichiawl: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  46. Brice: Meaning “son of Rhys”. Also spelled Bryce.
  47. Brychan: Meaning “freckled”.
  48. Bryn: Meaning “hill”.
  49. Brynllyn: Meaning “hill lake”.
  50. Brynmor: Meaning “large hill”. Also spelled Brynmawr.
  51. Bryngwyn: Meaning “holy hill”.
  52. Cadell: Meaning “battle”.
  53. Cadfael: Meaning “battle prince”.
  54. Cadog: Meaning “battle”.
  55. Cadwaladr: Meaning “battle leader”.
  56. Cadwallon: Meaning “battle leader”.
  57. Cadwgan: Meaning “battle”. Also spelled Cadogan.
  58. Caerwyn: Meaning “white fort”.
  59. Cawrdaf: Meaning “giant”.
  60. Cecil: Meaning “sixth”. Also spelled Sessylt.
  61. Cei: Meaning “path”. Also spelled Kye or Cai.
  62. Celynen: Meaning “holly”. Also spelled Celynin.
  63. Cennydd: Meaning “handsome”. Also spelled Kenneth.
  64. Cian: Meaning “ancient”. Also spelled Kian.
  65. Cledwyn: Meaning “holy sword”.
  66. Clydai: Meaning “famous”.
  67. Clydno: Meaning “fame devourer”.
  68. Coel: Meaning “trust”.
  69. Collen: Meaning “hazel tree”.
  70. Craigfryn: Meaning “rocky hill”.
  71. Cranog: Meaning “crane”.
  72. Crwys: Meaning “cross”.
  73. Cymro: Meaning “Welshman”.
  74. Cynan: Meaning “great”.
  75. Cyndeyrn: Meaning “chief-lord”.
  76. Cynfab: Meaning “firstborn son”.
  77. Cynfarch: Meaning “chief horse”.
  78. Cynfael: Meaning chief prince”.
  79. Cynon: Meaning “offering”.
  80. Dedwydd: Meaning “blessed”.
  81. Delwyn: Meaning “pretty boy”.
  82. Deri: Meaning “oak tree”.
  83. Dwyryd: Meaning “two fords”.
  84. Eirian: Meaning “shining one”.
  85. Eirwyn: Meaning “golden and pure”.
  86. Elffin: Meaning “white”.
  87. Elwyn: Meaning “kind and pure”.
  88. Elystan: Meaning “noble gem”.
  89. Emlyn: Meaning “rival”.
  90. Emrys: Meaning “immortal”.
  91. Emyr: Meaning “king”.
  92. Fflamddwyn: Meaning “flame-bearer”.
  93. Fychan: Meaning “small”. Also spelled Vaughan.
  94. Gareth: Meaning “gentle”.
  95. Gawain: Meaning “white hawk”. Also spelled Gavin.
  96. Gerallt: Meaning “spear-ruler”. Also spelled Gerald.
  97. Gethin: Meaning “dark”.
  98. Glanmor: Meaning “bright and great”.
  99. Glyn: Meaning “from the valley”.
  100. Grigor: Meaning “vigilant”.
  101. Gruffydd: Meaning “prince”. Also spelled Griffith or Gruffudd.
  102. Gwaednerth: Meaning “strong blood”.
  103. Gwalchgwyn: Meaning “white falcon”.
  104. Gwalchmai: Meaning “May hawk”.
  105. Gwatcyn: Meaning “little ruler”.
  106. Gwaun: Meaning “heath”.
  107. Gwen: Meaning “white”.
  108. Gwenlyn: Meaning “blessed hill”.
  109. Gwilym: Meaning “strong-willed warrior”.
  110. Gwydderig: Meaning “wild one”.
  111. Gwyddno: Meaning “knowledge and fame”.
  112. Gwydion: Meaning “poet”.
  113. Gwynfor: Meaning “holy lord”.
  114. Gwythyr: Meaning “victor”.
  115. Hafgan: Meaning “summer song”.
  116. Heddwyn: Meaning “peace and blessings”.
  117. Heilyn: Meaning “cup-bearer”.
  118. Heulfryn: Meaning “sunny hill”.
  119. Heulyn: Meaning “ray of sun”.
  120. Huw: Meaning “heart”.
  121. Idwal: Meaning “lord of the ramparts”.
  122. Iestin: Meaning “justice”.
  123. Illtyd: Meaning “lord of everything”.
  124. Iorweth: Meaning “worthy lord”.
  125. Llew: Meaning “light”.
  126. Lloyd: Meaning “holy”. Also spelled Llwyd.
  127. Llywelyn: Meaning “leader”. Also spelled Llewellyn.
  128. Mabon: Meaning “child”.
  129. Macsen: Meaning “greatest”.
  130. Mael: Meaning “prince”.
  131. Maelgwyn: Meaning “holy prince”.
  132. Maelgwn: Meaning “wolf-prince”.
  133. Math: Meaning “bear”.
  134. Mathonwy: Meaning “son of Math”.
  135. Medrawd: Meaning “brave”. The name of King Arthur’s son. Also spelled Mordred.
  136. Meirion: Meaning “dairy farmer”.
  137. Moelwyn: Meaning “white”.
  138. Morien: Meaning “sea-born”.
  139. Myrddin: Meaning “sea hill”. Also spelled Merlin.
  140. Pawl: Meaning “small”.
  141. Pedr: Meaning “rock”.
  142. Pryderi: Meaning “to care for”.
  143. Pwyll: Meaning “wisdom”.
  144. Rhein: Meaning “spear”.
  145. Rheinallt: Meaning “spear hill”. Also spelled Reynold.
  146. Rhisiart: Meaning “powerful and strong”.
  147. Rhun: Meaning “great”.
  148. Rhydderch: Meaning “great king”.
  149. Rhydwyn: Meaning “blessed crossing”.
  150. Seiriol: Meaning “shining one”.
  151. Selwyn: Meaning “youthful”.
  152. Siarl: Meaning “free man”.
  153. Sior: Meaning “farmer”.
  154. Steffan: Meaning “crown”.
  155. Sulien: Meaning “sun-born”.
  156. Sulwyn: Meaning “fair sun”.
  157. Taliesin: Meaning “radiant brow”.
  158. Tewdwr: Meaning “people’s ruler”. Also spelled Tudor.
  159. Tomos: Meaning “twin](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/twin-baby-names)”.
  160. Trefor: Meaning “large settlement”.
  161. Trystan: Meaning “noisy”. Also spelled Tristan.
  162. Ynyr: Meaning “honor”.

Medieval Welsh names

Now for some traditional Welsh names from way back when ‒ the 13th century:

  1. Adaf: Meaning “born of red earth”. ♂️
  2. Bleddyn: Meaning “wolf-like”. ♂️
  3. Dyddgu: Meaning “dear day”. ♀️
  4. Einion: Meaning “anvil”. ♂️
  5. Generys: Meaning “girl hero”. ♀️
  6. Geneth: Meaning “close to God”. ♀️
  7. Gwenllian: Meaning “fair and flaxen”. ♀️
  8. Gwilim: Meaning “resolute protector”. ♂️
  9. Gwir: Meaning “truth”. ♀️
  10. Hunydd: Meaning “justice”. ♀️
  11. Hywel: Meaning “eminent”. ♂️
  12. Iorwerth: Meaning “fair lord”. ♂️
  13. Ithel: Meaning “generous lord”. ♂️
  14. Iwerydd: Meaning “ocean”. ♀️
  15. Kenneric: Meaning “greatest champion”. ♂️
  16. Mabel: Meaning “lovable”. ♀️
  17. Madog: Meaning “generous”. Also spelled Madoc or Maddox. ♀️ ♂️
  18. Madyn: Meaning “gift of God”. ♀️ ♂️
  19. Meilyr: Meaning “man of iron”. ♂️
  20. Milisandia: Meaning “strong in work”. ♀️
  21. Morfran: Meaning “sea crow”. ♂️
  22. Phelip: Meaning “horse lover”. ♂️
  23. Rhiryd: Meaning “harsh ruler”. ♂️
  24. Tangwystl: Meaning “pledge of peace”. ♀️
  25. Tegwared: Meaning “decisive one”. ♀️ ♂️

What are unique and rare Welsh names?

How about some Welsh names that you don’t often come by.

Call these Welsh baby names out in the playground and you can be sure only your child will come running!

Rare Welsh baby girl names

First up, our favorite rare Welsh girl’s names ‒ for your unique little peanut.

  1. Abertha: “Sacrifice”.
  2. Cari: “Friend”.
  3. Daron: “Oak”.
  4. Del: “Pretty”.
  5. Efa: “Life”.
  6. Eilir:Butterfly”.
  7. Eilonwy: “Gorgeous princess”.
  8. Enid: “Soul” or “life”.
  9. Gladys: “Princess”.
  10. Glenda: “Holy, good”.
  11. Guinevere: “White shadow”.
  12. Lola: “Violet, beauty”.

Rare Welsh baby boy names

Now onto the top rare Welsh boy’s names ‒ you won’t find many of these around!

  1. Afan: “Raspberries”. Also the name of a Celtic saint.
  2. Amlodd: “Great praise”. Grandfather of King Arthur.
  3. Bowen: “Son of Owen”.
  4. Bran: “Raven”.
  5. Celyn: “Holly”.
  6. Darren: “Edge”.
  7. Eryl: “Place of knowledge”.
  8. Geraint: “Old man”.
  9. Ifor: “Bow warrior”.
  10. Martyn: “Warrior of Mars”.
  11. Niclas: “Victory of the people”.
  12. Oswalt: “Divine power”.
  13. Rhodri: “Crown”.

What are other Welsh names?

There are many names around that have meanings in lots of different languages ‒ some names might sound Welsh but actually be German, Latin, or even Spanish!

And the opposite can be true, too ‒ Welsh baby names might not sound all that Welsh.

Is Arwen a Welsh name?

Yes, Arwen is a Welsh name.

  1. Arwen: Meaning “muse”. Also spelled Awen.

Is the name Manon Welsh?

Yes, although Manon has origins in both Welsh and French.

  1. Manon: Meaning “beautiful queen”.

Is Katie a Welsh name?

While the name Katie can be found in Wales, it’s not explicitly a Welsh name.

Katie means “pure”, with origins in Latin, English, and French.

What does Rhys mean in Welsh?

The Rhys name meaning in Welsh is:

  1. Rhys: “Ardor”. Also spelled Rees, Reese, and Reece.

Is Lily a Welsh name?

Yes and no. Lily is an English baby name, referring to the white flower.

However, it may also be inspired by the Welsh word “alaw”.

  1. Alaw: Meaning “melody”. Also spelled Alawn.

What is Michael in Welsh?

Michael is a Hebrew baby name meaning “gift from God” or “he who is like God”.

Here are a couple of unusual, rare Welsh name versions of Michael you might like:

  1. Meical
  2. Mihangel

What is Welsh for James?

James is another Hebrew name meaning “supplanter”.

The Welsh baby name version of James is:

  1. Iago

What does Mali mean in Welsh?

Mali is a sweet Welsh baby name, sounding close to the English Molly:

  1. Mali: Meaning “wished-for child”.

Is Rosie a Welsh name?

It can be, although Rosie is usually used as a nickname of the Welsh baby name:

  1. Rhoswen: Meaning “white rose”.

Is Megan a Welsh name?

Yes, Megan is a Welsh name:

  1. Megan: Meaning “pearl”.

Is Saran a Welsh name?

Not quite ‒ Saran is an African name meaning “joy” as well as a Hindi name meaning “sanctuary”.

However, the Welsh name Seren is pretty close:

  1. Seren: Meaning “star”.

What is Welsh for David?

David is another Hebrew name meaning “beloved”.

The Welsh names for David are:

  1. Dafydd
  2. Deian
  3. Dai
  4. Dewi

Is Mia a Welsh name?

No ‒ Mia has a few origins, but not from Wales.

It’s an Egyptian name meaning “beloved”, an Italian name meaning “mine”, and a Slavic name meaning “darling”.

However, there is a Welsh name that sounds similar:

  1. Mair: Meaning “rebellious child” or “beloved”.

What does Idris mean in Welsh?

Idris is a Welsh name that’s risen in popularity ever since a certain Mr. Elba appeared on our screens.

But what does Idris mean?

  1. Idris: Meaning “ardent lord”.

What does Cadi mean in Welsh?

Cadi is a sweet Welsh baby name for girls ‒ short and sweet:

  1. Cadi: Meaning “pure”.

Is Quinn a Welsh name?

Sort of. Quinn is a Celtic name, which inspired much of the Welsh language.

  1. Quinn: Meaning “wise”.

Is the name Ellis Welsh?

Yes, Ellis is an Anglicized version of the Welsh name:

  1. Elis: Meaning “He is my God” or “benevolent”.

What is Welsh for John?

John is a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “graced by God”, and has lots of versions in different languages.

Here are the Welsh names for John:

  1. Evan
  2. Ianto
  3. Ieuan
  4. Ifan
  5. Ioan
  6. Siencyn
  7. Sion

What is the Welsh name for “love”?

There are a few Welsh names meaning “love”, each sweeter than the next:

  1. Angharad: “Much loved”.
  2. Carys: “Beloved one”.
  3. Ceri: “To love”.
  4. Caradog: Meaning “loving person”.
  5. Carwyn: Meaning “holy love”.
  6. Ceredig: Meaning “lovable”.
  7. Caryl: Meaning “love”.
  8. Deykin: Meaning “beloved”.

What is the Welsh name for “beautiful”?

Your baby is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, so here are our Welsh baby names meaning “beautiful”:

  1. Teagan: “Beautiful”.
  2. Ceinfryn: “Beautiful hill”.
  3. Tegwyn: “Beautiful”.

What is Welsh for “darling”?

Here are our favorite Welsh names for your little darling:

  1. Annwyl
  2. Anwylion
  3. Anwylyd
  4. Gwyn
  5. Hannwyl
  6. Hanwylion
  7. Hanwylyd
  8. Wyn
  9. Wynion

What is Welsh for “family”?

Family is the most important thing in the world, so if you want to honor yours with a Welsh name meaning “family”, here it is:

  1. Teulu

What is the most Welsh name?

It’s hard to say what the most Welsh name is, although you could opt for something totally different with:

  1. Cymru: Meaning “Wales”.

There you have it ‒ 281 beautiful, lyrical Welsh baby names for you to choose from.

Hwyl fawr, mama!

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