50 Welsh Baby Names with Their Meanings

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Beside picturesque landscapes, ancient castles and a rich history, Wales has a beautiful culture to offer. Interestingly, Welsh baby names often come from the Celtic language. Popular in Wales and beyond, Welsh names have strong and interesting meanings - perfect for your baby-to-be.

Welsh Baby Names

Whether you’re looking for a unique name that honors your Welsh heritage, or a traditional name that has Welsh roots, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of Welsh baby names.

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  • What are common Welsh baby names?
  • 10 common Welsh names for boys:
  • 10 common Welsh names for girls:
  • What are unique and rare Welsh names?

What are common Welsh baby names?

Looking for a popular name that’s unique at the same time? Look no further.

10 common Welsh names for boys:

  1. Andreas: Welsh version of Andrew, strong, manly.
  2. Aron: Celtic Saint.
  3. Arthur: The legend himself. Perfect for your little King.
  4. Brad: Broad clearing.
  5. Cedric: Generous.
  6. Dylan: Son of the sea and waves.
  7. Harri: Welsh version of Harry.
  8. Lewis: Lion-like.
  9. Owen: Youth.
  10. Reece: Enthusiasm, passion, ardor. Variation of Rhys.

10 common Welsh names for girls:

  1. Anna: The name of one of King Arthur’s sisters.
  2. Caitrin: Pure and clear.
  3. Carys: Beloved one.
  4. Ceri: To love.
  5. Deryn: Bird.
  6. Dona: Goddess in Welsh mythology.
  7. Gracie: God’s favor, beauty, kindness and mercy.
  8. Gwyneth: Derived from the Kingdom of Gwynedd.
  9. Meredith: Great ruler. Popularized by Grey’s Anatomy.
  10. Morgan: Sea-born.

What are unique and rare Welsh names?

Want a name that’s extra special for your little one?! Here you go.

Rare Welsh baby boy names:

  1. Afan: Celtic Saint.
  2. Amlodd: Grandfather of King Arthur.
  3. Bowen: Son of Owen.
  4. Bran: Raven.
  5. Celyn: Holly in Welsh.
  6. Darren: From Airelle.
  7. Eryl: Short and sweet.
  8. Idris: Ardent lord.
  9. **Iver: **Fighter with bow.
  10. Martyn: Warrior of Mars.
  11. Morgan: Protector of the seas.
  12. Niclas: Victory of the people.
  13. Ninian: Welsh saint.
  14. Oswalt: Divine power.
  15. Pembroke: High land area.

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Rare Welsh baby girl names:

  1. Abertha: Sacrifice.
  2. Cari: Friend.
  3. Caryl: Love.
  4. Daron: Oak.
  5. Del: Meaning pretty.
  6. Efa: So cute!
  7. Eilir: Alluring and spontaneous.
  8. Eilonwy: Gorgeous princess, sounds about right!
  9. Enid: Soul or life.
  10. Gladys: Princess.
  11. Glenda: Holy, good.
  12. Guinevere: A Welsh classic, meaning white shadow.
  13. Lola: Violet, beauty.
  14. Seren: Star in Welsh Celtic.
  15. Teagan: Beautiful.

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