What is a Baby Shower? How to Plan a Baby Shower

What is a Baby Shower? How to Plan a Baby Shower

Wondering how to plan a baby shower? Who arranges it? When do the invites go out, and to who? We’ll answer all of these questions and more.
If you’re reading up on baby showers, either you or someone very close to you is about to have a baby.

Celebrations and gifts are in order.

Baby showers typically happen within the last trimester of pregnancy, when mom is pregnant enough to be showing, but has gotten over the nausea and vomiting that comes during the earlier months (we hope!).

She needs a day to celebrate and to get the nursery ready.

The nesting period is coming soon, so let’s make sure mom is stocked up on diapers, baby bottles, and nursery furniture.

The baby shower may be planned, but the baby’s due date is never 100% certain!

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  • So what is a baby shower?
  • What are baby showers for?
  • Who throws a baby shower?
  • Need some baby shower ideas?
  • Is there such a thing as baby shower etiquette?
  • What do you do at a baby shower?
  • What are the best gifts for a baby shower?
  • When should you have your baby shower?
  • How do you plan your first baby shower?
  • How to plan a baby shower on a budget
  • How to plan a virtual baby shower
  • How far in advance should you plan your first baby shower?
  • How much time does this all take?

So what is a baby shower?

First up, there’s no rule saying you have to have one at all.

But they can be a great way for your community to celebrate and show support at this exciting time.

A baby shower is the day that the soon-to-be mama gets the love, attention, and gifts she deserves.

This is an amazing day to get all the gang together, and spoil mom with great food and great company.

What are baby showers for?

They are for a day of fun! True- but the real reason we have baby showers is to make sure mom and dad can get much-needed baby supplies gifted by friends and family.

Who throws a baby shower?

The mom-to-be’s sister, aunt, or mom most often throws the baby shower.

There’s no rule here!

It can be the best friend (or a group of friends), co-workers, or even the dad’s family or friends.

The idea is that anyone close to the new mom, who wants to celebrate her and the little one, can make the effort to throw a little bb party.

But times are always changing.

And there are no longer hard-and-fast rules here.

So if you want to throw your own baby shower or ask someone you trust to do so, go right ahead!

Need some baby shower ideas?

There are so many great ways to throw a baby shower.

It all depends on the mom-to-be.

Is she someone who wants her friends and family to gather in someone’s backyard?

Would she enjoy a favorite restaurant in the city?

This is about mom, so plan something she would love and enjoy while pregnant.

Good food is high on the list as are refreshing drinks and over-the-top desserts.

Those work in any setting.

Is there such a thing as baby shower etiquette?

The most important etiquette for a baby shower is to do what makes mom happy.

The same goes for this being a girls-only party.

The tradition is that boys are not invited, but tradition means nothing if the new mom isn’t happy.

If she wants her partner there to help open the gifts, then that’s the only rule to follow.

Who comes to your baby shower?

Whoever you like, mama!

Just keep in mind that the bigger the guest list, the more unwieldy the planning and hosting can get.

So you might want to keep invites for your nearest and dearest.

In the past, baby showers were female-only gatherings.

So you might find many of the activities and suggestions out there have a more female audience in mind.

But again, the world’s moved on, and non-gender-specific showers are becoming increasingly popular.

One of your guests might identify as non-binary, for example.

Or your male partner or best friend would enjoy being part of the celebrations.

You might also want to add brothers, uncles, and grandfathers to the mix.

Who you invite is totally up to you!

Consider who you want close to you as you go through this journey.

What do you do at a baby shower?

What happens at a baby shower is that you eat good food and have fun.

There’s seeing all the family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, enjoying a great lunch, and watching mom open much-needed gifts.

If this mom is a fun one, then add in some baby shower games.

Even the lame ones give everyone a great laugh.

These games are baby shower traditions!

A few of our favorite baby shower games are:

➡️ Need more inspo? 15 Baby Shower Games

What are the best gifts for a baby shower?

In a nutshell, the best gifts are any that can be used during a baby’s first year.

If you’re the gift giver, please include the receipt.

It’s so hard to anticipate what size baby will be wearing when they’re born, what smells mom can tolerate during the first months, or even what breast pump will work out best.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

  • Parasol Diaper Membership Let’s face it, the most needed gift is diapers. This subscription box includes all of the natural diapers and wipes that mom needs per month— 3 giant diaper packs, 4 packs of wipes, and 2 diaper gift packs for friends. All developed for sensitive skin, crafted with medical-grade, gentle fabrics to be kind to baby’s bum and mama earth.
  • Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle - The best baby bottle bundle means mom can get started on feeding as soon baby’s home. These bottle and nipple shapes most closely replicate the breast, which makes them a favorite amongst mamas.
  • Pottery Barn Kids EttaVee Bedding Set is the way to get a baby’s room ready— with style. We love EttaVee for its vibrant, bold colors and patterns, so it’s no surprise the leopard print sheet and muslin baby blanket are our absolute faves.

  • Niki’s Natural Baby Wipes New parents need a lot of wipes (seriously, more than you can ever imagine), so let’s start them off with a four-pack (or more) of these eco-friendly, plant-based wipes containing manuka honey and coconut oil.
  • Nuby Silicone Avocado Teether is a favorite amongst babies and moms. Nuby is a brand moms know and trust, and this teether is enough for the kiddos to chew on and grasp with both hands.
  • Dr. Talbot’s Oral Care Set works for newborns and up. At first, mom can put the gum brush onto her finger for a gentle massage (which babies love!). As the baby grows, you can move up through the 4 step set towards a gentle toothbrush for toddler teeth.
  • Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage High Chair takes baby from 6 months through toddlerhood. This super-cute, easy-to-clean chair folds up for storage and has wheels for portability. It has 6 height adjustments and 3 comfortable reclining positions that work for napping and feeding.
  • Regalo My Play Mat This lightweight, foldable play mat works for tummy time as well as for toddler gymnastics in the living room. One side is covered in a colorful alphabet pattern for the kids while the other is done in a soft grey chevron pattern for when you want to feel more put together.

  • Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center This convertible activity center is the place baby will be spending a lot of time. And mom will be glad, as it means she can be hands free! It changes over time to keep the kiddos entertained, ultimately becoming an activity table when they’re ready for free-standing drawing or playing.
  • TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet is the ultimate shower gift, as this is where baby will be taking many, many naps. It’s a beautiful, restful, stylish sleeping spot, and it’s smart. How smart? Its unique motion, light, and sound features work with Amazon Alexa or Google Home (or through its own mobile app)— pitching in when you need a little help.
  • World of Eric Carle Muslin Baby Blanket from Pottery Barn Kids You will soon know every single line to every single Eric Carle book, which is not a bad thing. This super-soft, oversized blanket features our favorite Eric Carle character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Wi Fi Baby Formula Dispenser The dream gift for any new parent— it makes the formula for you! Just set it with water and powdered formula and let it do the work. It even alerts you when it’s ready (and warm) and reminds you by wi-fi when it’s feeding time.
  • Cybex Eezy S+ 2 All Terrain Stroller is a compact city stroller made for family travel. It features an easy-to-open bumper bar and large, all-terrain wheels with all-wheel suspension to ensure a smooth ride on all surfaces. Created for infants from birth (with a CYBEX infant car seat) up to 55 lbs., it’s available in six gorgeous colors making it a fabulous shower gift.

When should you have your baby shower?

Again, there are quite a few options here.

But there are a few practical things to take into account before you send those invites.

You might want to avoid having a baby shower too early on in your pregnancy.

During their first trimester, many mamas-to-be feel particularly tired, nauseous, and moody.

So there’s a chance you won’t feel like getting your party on.

Then again, too late into your pregnancy may also be a no-go.

The end of the third trimester may bring aches and pains, frequent trips to the bathroom, and sleep trouble.

Fun times.

Also, your little peanut’s schedule might be different from yours — they might just decide to greet the world a little earlier than you had been expecting!

And while that’ll make quite the talking point during “pin the sperm on the egg,” it’s probably not quite what you’re going for.

So many mamas-to-be plan for a shower somewhere around the end of the second trimester or start of the third — between 24 and 32 weeks.

At this point, you’ll probably have a bodacious bump to show off but will still be feeling relatively comfortable.

Another option?

Have your baby shower after the birth of your wee one — often called a sip and see party.

How do you plan your first baby shower?

Is this your first pregnancy?


As exciting as planning for your first baby shower can be, it can all feel a little overwhelming.

But don’t worry!

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make the whole process easy (and, of course, fun!).

Pick a baby shower theme

In a world full of picture-perfect Insta feeds and Pinterest boards, it can be difficult to know where to start with any celebration — never mind a baby shower.

There’s just so much inspo on offer.

So our pro-tip?

Pick a theme.

Not only will your guests love it, but it’ll help you filter some options, so you don’t feel so swamped with ideas.

Sure, there’s the oh-so-classic pink or blue theme, but there are so many adorable other options too.

How about a safari theme?

A Halloween theme?

Or even a dinosaur theme?

(We’re roar-ly on board with this one 🦖).

How to plan a baby shower on a budget

Who said fun and flair have to be expensive?

Sometimes, keeping things simple and engaging in a little DIY can make things all the more delightful.

And some themes lend themselves particularly well to those planning on a budget.

For example, a simple but elegant theme, such as monochrome white, stripes, or polka dots, can be visually stunning — and makes saving those all-important dollars that bit easier.

If you include a simple theme like this in your dress code, your guests can easily join in too!

Rustic-themed baby showers are bang on trend and just beg for DIY decorations .

You’ll be surprised at what you can do with a little imagination.

Just look at these totally Insta-worthy decorations made from toilet rolls — mind blown.

How to plan a virtual baby shower

The pandemic taught us a lot of things, including how to do pretty much everything online — and that includes baby showers.

Going virtual is totally doable — and a particularly great option if you have far-away family and friends.

But there are a few things to bear in mind if you want to make it a success:

Limit the number of guests.

We’ve all been there—too many people on a virtual call equals chaos and frustration as people compete for air time.

So keep things intimate by inviting just a select few (or have multiple smaller virtual birthday showers instead!).

Decide on a platform and send invites early.

Tech trouble at your baby shower is not ideal.

And while you can’t control everything, there are steps you can take to decrease the risks of running into frustrating glitches.

Decide on a video call platform early, and make it one most people are familiar with.

Send out the invites well in advance so guests can check everything works beforehand.

Plan activities and speeches.

The chance to mingle is limited on a video call, so you might need to add a little more structured fun to your virtual baby shower.

Think games, activities, and even party favors sent through the mail!

And, because it’s all virtual, there’s no mess to clear up after — win.

How far in advance should you plan your first baby shower?

Ideally, you’ll want to send invites out at least a month before the shower to give people time to RSVP and plan their calendars.

That means you’ll need to have your theme and venue sorted by then so you can tell people in advance.

If you have a baby registry, you probably want it set up before invites go out.

How much time does this all take?

Well, that depends on you, mama!

If you’re keeping things fairly simple, you may need no more than an afternoon to plan.

But if you’re going for something more extravagant, it’s probably a good idea to get going with extra time to spare.

And remember, mama-to-be, a baby shower is a celebration of you and your little one.

So if planning one starts to feel a little much, don’t be afraid to call for reinforcements or tone everything down.

And if you need support along the way, our Peanut community is always here to help.

Go and have fun, mama.

You deserve it. 🥳

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