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What is a Crunchy Mom?

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Last updated: Jan 23 2023

So what is a crunchy mom? And a silky mom? And how about a scrunchy mom? We’ll help you sort through the details.

What is a Crunchy Mom?

Part of becoming a new mama is learning a whole lot of new terminology.

You’ve had to find out about everything from colostrum to fontanelles to object permanence.

And then there are the terms that describe parenting styles.

Crunchy, silky, scrunchy — there’s a lot to know.

So let’s get cracking: what is a crunchy mom?

And how do you know if crunchy parenting is right for you?

We’ll take you through the details.

In this article: 📝

  • What does crunchy mom mean?
  • What do crunchy moms believe in?
  • What is the opposite of a crunchy mom?
  • What’s a crispy mom?

What does crunchy mom mean?

Crunchy mom is a term used to describe a mama who embraces a style of what is called “natural parenting”.

Think organic home-prepared baby food, zero waste, and unmedicated births.

So where does the term come from?

Well, as it turns out, it’s got a long history. In ages gone by, the term granola mom was used to describe the kind of mama that made homemade granola for their kids and used essential oils to medicate most ailments.

It’s associated with hippy culture, and while it’s not as much in use anymore, it does have a descendant.

You guessed it: crunchy mom.

A reference to the crunchy texture of that homemade granola, a crunchy mom is the contemporary version of a granola mom.

(That’s why there are some references to crunchy moms also being “neo-hippies.”)

What do crunchy moms believe in?

Crunchy parenting believes in:

What is the opposite of a crunchy mom?

Of course, there’s a term for this too — a silky mom.

A silky mom opts for a medicated hospital birth, is happy to use disposable diapers, and is pro-vaccination.

They embrace both bottle and breastfeeding, and using formula is a-okay.

When it comes to sleeping, cots are fine, as are sleep training techniques.

They’re also happy to give their children medicine that’s recommended by the medical establishment.

So yes, a silky mom is on the other end of the spectrum from a crunchy mom.

And what if you don’t fully identify with either? Is there something in the middle? As it turns out, there is:

What’s a crispy mom?

A crispy mom or a scrunchy mom falls somewhere in between.

These terms refer to the kind of mama who is a blend of both — taking elements of both crunchy and silky moms and choosing what works best for them.

So a crispy mom might opt for cloth diapers but approve of vaccinating their kids early.

Or they might go for exclusive breastfeeding for a long period of time, but would also be happy to use medicine prescribed by their doctor when their babies are sick.

Basically, if you’d like to try your hand at making your own organic baby food while reading up on sleep training techniques, you might just be a crispy mom.

The bottom line is there’s no one way to do this mamahood thing.

You find what works best for you and your family.

And if you need support along the way, check in with your Peanut community.

The one thing that we can all agree on is that we don’t have to do this alone.

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