What Is an Orgasmic Birth? And How Can You Have One?

Team Peanut9 months ago3 min read

Is a Birthgasm real? Ah, the things you find yourself typing into that search bar. Well, in this particular instance, you may just find the answer you’ve been looking for: an orgasmic birth is indeed possible. Now, why didn’t they teach us that in biology class?

Water birth

So while you may never have thought that you’d reach the height of pleasure while delivering a baby, turns out that having an orgasm during childbirth may not be such a far-fetched idea.

Orgasm during birth

While humans have been giving birth for as long as human beings have been humans, conversations about childbirth and what it actually feels like are too often left in the shadows. Sure, we have a plethora of movie scenes that depict women reaching a climax of pain as labor pushes them to a profanity-spewing breaking point—but the idea of equating pleasure and delivery is hardly mainstream.

So does childbirth feel good? Or, at the very least, can it? The answer is yes.

Turns out, labor doesn’t have to be only torturous. For many women, childbirth is not all about pain. Sure, it may be because they have entered into the mystical realm of orgasmic childbirth—or perhaps it is simply because they have had an experience that feels loving, empowering, and the right kind of intense.

What is an ecstatic birth?

First things first, what causes an orgasm during birth?

To answer that question, we’ve got to take a moment to appreciate just how amazingly awesome and caring our bodies are. We produce a magical little hormone called oxytocin, yes that’s the “love hormone”, and this shining star arrives on the scene in full force during childbirth, stimulating contractions and lipids that help out with vital processes like blood flow.

When it comes to orgasmic birth, this little love hormone, with the help of a bunch of its friends, goes all out and gives you quite the season finale to your pregnancy show. Basically, it’s a way of using pleasure to manage pain.

The very existence of the orgasm during birth seems to throw into question the whole idea of orgasmic pleasure itself. Perhaps it’s not simply about sexual pleasure in the sense we’ve come to understand it, but feeling overwhelmingly inhibited and blissful.

Now that you know that orgasmic childbirth exists, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s anything you can do to engineer it.

How to have an orgasm during birth

The bad(ish) news is only about 0.3% of mamas achieve this particular brand of ecstasy.

And, while there are theories out there that serve to help you along with your orgasmic birth, they are a little tricky to achieve in practice.

Some mamas consider masturbating to get there, others get their partners involved. Now, as enticing as this may seem, the practicality for many may make these methods of achieving orgasmic birth more than a little challenging. Picture the scenes at the hospital (where about 97% of women give birth). Um. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

One thing you may want to consider (whether you want to have an orgasm during childbirth or not) is making your birth environment as chilled as possible. Think of the things that calm your senses. Music helps, scents help, sights help. And why not try massage? Touch is another great way to manage pain via a soothing, pleasurable sensation.

Above all, feeling like you’re in an environment where you are protected by loved ones can go a very long way to wrap you in all the good feelings.