What is the Peanut App? All You Need to Know

What is the Peanut App? All You Need to Know

You might have heard of the Peanut app for moms, or the pregnancy Peanut app, but it’s so much more.

Let us show you all we can do, and answer the question What is the Peanut app?

We don’t mean to toot our own horn (maybe just a little), but we now have a community of women over 3 million strong.

So there’s a chance you’ve heard of us, but you’re not sure what the Peanut app actually is.

We thought we’d clear things up, and answer a few of your questions, starting with What is the Peanut app?

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What is Peanut app?

Simply put, the Peanut app is an app made to make sure that no woman navigates womanhood alone.

Created by Michelle Kennedy, Peanut was founded in 2017 as an app for moms to make friends ‒ to combat the loneliness Michelle was feeling and knew other moms could be feeling, too.

From there, team Peanut grew, and so did our community of women.

We grew from the “Peanut mom app” to Peanut for pregnant women and the TTC community.

Then, in 2021, came Peanut Menopause, expanding Peanut to women of all ages.

The future of the Peanut app? For now, that’s our secret.

Find friends near you

Over 17M connections made by 3M+ women

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

Peanut app for moms

So, Peanut started as an app for moms to meet and make friends, swapping advice and sharing stories, helping new and veteran mamas feel less alone.

Our Peanut mom community is still a huge part of the Peanut app community, and each story we hear of Peanut moms meeting up and making meaningful connections truly warms our hearts.

We’re gonna say it: thanks to the Peanut app, moms are making more connections with each other, and some are feeling much less lonely.

So, if you’re after an app for moms to make friends, or a mom meet-up app, the Peanut app is the one for you.

Peanut for pregnant women and TTC

After the Peanut app for moms came the addition of the pregnancy Peanut community, and those trying to conceive (TTC).

Unlike other pregnancy apps, the Peanut pregnancy app was less focused on tracking your pregnancy and more about making connections with other pregnant Peanut friends.

To make things even better, the Peanut mom app and Peanut pregnancy app are one and the same, so even after you’ve had your baby, you can still feel supported.

Pregnancy and trying to conceive can be equally as lonely as motherhood, with their own unique anxieties.

The TTC and pregnancy Peanut community aims to break down taboos and ease those worries, opening conversations about pregnancy loss, infertility, pregnancy symptoms, and relationships while pregnant or TTC.

Peanut for menopause

After the Peanut mom, Peanut pregnancy, and TTC communities, we started the next chapter of the Peanut app: Menopause.

Menopause is a topic surrounded by taboo and hushed voices, from pseudonyms like “The Change” (so mysterious) to very little information about symptoms of menopause.

Our aim of the Peanut app for menopause?

To break free from the stigma and start talking about menopause, while making connections along the way.

Find friends near you

Over 17M connections made by 3M+ women

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

What is the Peanut app? FAQs

Whether you’re new to the Peanut app or you’re totally Team Peanut, we don’t expect you to know everything there is to know about the Peanut app.

So here are some answers to the more common questions we get asked.

Is Peanut a mobile app?

Yes, the Peanut app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

What does “Peanut” mean?

What’s the meaning behind the name “Peanut”?

Well, the Peanut app started as an app for moms.

“Peanut” was the nickname our founder, Michelle Kennedy, gave her baby while she was pregnant.

Turns out, she’s not the only one!

Is there a Peanut app for dads?

No, we don’t have plans to create a Peanut app for dads.

The reason for this is because there are unique challenges and experiences of womanhood, and, sometimes, society isn’t the safest place to be a woman.

The Peanut app was created to be that safe space for women ‒ a place to make meaningful connections, ask questions without judgment, and share stories.

Is Peanut a dating app?

No, Peanut is not a dating app.

It’s more a sort of Peanut social network for women ‒ the “Peanut friend app”.

Is Peanut a social network?

Sort of.

It’s not a social networking app in the traditional sense.

But the Peanut app is designed to help women connect with like-minded women in a similar life stage, so in that sense, Peanut is a social network.

Is the Peanut app free?

Yes, the Peanut app is free to use and free to download for everyone, but we also have some premium features that have a cost ‒ hey, we have to keep the lights on at Peanut HQ!

Plus, the content on the Peanut website ‒ including our comprehensive blog ‒ is also free to access.

Find friends near you

Over 17M connections made by 3M+ women

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

We hope we’ve answered the question “What is the Peanut app?”, along with a few other questions you might have about us.

Got any other questions about how to use the Peanut app?

Check out our FAQs, community guidelines, beginners’ guide, or send us an email ‒ we’d love to hear from you.

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