What Will My Baby Look Like?

Team Peanut6 months ago4 min read

What will my baby look like? Of course you’re curious to find out! The question’s probably been running around your head for the last nine months. But is there any way to get an answer before the big day?

Mama and baby

Um, no – not really. Definitely not for sure. The only reliable way to know how your baby will look is through a little game of wait and see.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about your little one’s possible appearance.

How will my baby look?

You know the score. The sperm meets the egg, they’ll settle down in the mama’s womb, and 9 months later the most wonderful little thing in the world pops out. The process is pretty familiar. However, beneath it all is a magical exchange that produces a person that is completely and utterly unique.

Let’s talk genes

Ultimately, that all boils down to your baby’s genes. These genes are the bits of information that make you look like you. There are thousands of them, and they determine your eye color, hair color, the sound of your laugh, the size of your feet, the length of your nose, and on and on.

These genes are carried in the egg and sperm and mix together in marvelous and unexpected combinations to create a baby.

Is there a way to see what your baby will look like?

Unfortunately, the answer’s no. There’s no real way to say that your baby’s eye color will be the same as yours or their dad’s. Or that they’ll have big feet or little feet.

Genes are just far too complicated. Which gene will get passed on to the little one is notoriously hard to predict. That’s why you should always take with a little pinch (or a great big handful) of salt any tool that promises to predict what my baby will look like. It’s a bit of fun, but it won’t give you any certainty.

Do babies look more like their mother or father?

In the face-off between mamas vs dads, which will the baby resemble more?

Amazingly, loads of studies have tried to find a precise answer to this. The result? Well, the case is far from closed (sorry!).

For a long time, it was generally thought that babies more often resemble their dads. The theory was that mamas have a greater certainty that their kids are in fact theirs (on account of something pretty obvious). Meanwhile, dads needed a bit more evidence to convince them. And that – or so the theory goes – encouraged evolution to make babies look a little more dad-like, so they’d be convinced to look after them (how nice!).

However, the reality is that some babies look more like their mama, and others more like their dads. And others look a little like both. Despite this, people love to focus on resemblances between babies and their dads. And that happens even in cases when kids actually look a little more like their mamas.

What traits do babies get from their mother?

While you may have seen around the internet that babies get their intelligence from their mama’s genes, that’s not so cut and dry. In fact, there isn’t any hard and fast rule that links particular traits of yours to your baby. Sorry to spoil the fun!

So, to the question, what will my child look like? Part of the beauty of having a baby is to be surprised. But remember, even if baby doesn’t have your bouncy curls or dad’s sparkling eyes, the traits that you pass on are not limited to your genes or your looks. They’ll learn your affection, your tastes and interests, and your habits and mannerisms, too! And seeing all that develop can be even more fun than seeing whose nose baby has when you finally glimpse their little face.