Why Are My Breasts Getting Bigger After Menopause?

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It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about menopause symptoms, but changes to your breasts are really common. They can happen throughout perimenopause, and even after menopause itself.

Why Are My Breasts Getting Bigger After Menopause?

Some women find that their breasts get smaller, but if you’re one of the many women asking “why are my breasts getting bigger after menopause?”, we have some answers right here.

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  • Why do women’s breasts get bigger with age?
  • Do your breasts get bigger when you go through menopause?
  • Sore breasts during menopause
  • How can I reduce my breast size after menopause?
  • Why are my breasts getting bigger after menopause? The final word

Why do women’s breasts get bigger with age?

Many women find that their breasts look smaller as they get older – gravity and loss of skin elasticity are mostly to blame here, and there’s also a genetic factor.

But, if you’re finding the opposite, that’s also completely normal.

The main reasons why women’s breasts get bigger as they get older are:

  • Weight gain or weight redistribution
  • Fluctuating hormone levels due to menopause.

Do your breasts get bigger when you go through menopause?

A recent study showed that menopause and breasts getting bigger frequently go hand-in-hand.

Almost 19% of women said that they needed a bigger bra after menopause. In contrast, only 1.7% said that they needed to size down.

Your breasts can start to change long before the official menopause (12 months after your last period) and perimenopause breast growth is reasonably common.

As well as looking bigger, your breasts might feel more tender.

Another thing to note: Many women find that their breasts start to feel lumpier with age.

It’s important to continue to do self-exams and to check in with your doctor if you find a new lump or if you notice any other symptoms.

These include: puckered skin, discharge from or inversion of your nipple, and drastic changes in how your breasts look compared to each other.

Sore breasts during menopause

Your breasts get sore during menopause for the same reason that they may have been sore before your period or in early pregnancy.

As your hormone levels go up, fluid can build up in your breast tissue. And because your hormone levels get a little spiky during perimenopause, this pain can strike at unpredictable times.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not just your breasts themselves that can be painful. Larger breasts mean that you’re more likely to suffer from back pain too.

What can you do about sore breasts during menopause?

Here are some tips to help with sore breasts (by the way, this is pretty good advice for all stages of life with boobs, not just menopause):

  • Wear a properly fitted bra (as many as 80% of women may be wearing the wrong size)
  • Massage your breasts when they feel achy
  • Use a warm compress to ease the pain
  • Cut down on caffeine to generally improve your menopause symptoms, including breast tenderness

How can I reduce my breast size after menopause?

First of all, if you’re not happy with the size or shape of your breasts, it’s best to wait until after menopause before you make any decisions.

A breast reduction operation is absolutely possible, but many surgeons would recommend holding off until your hormones (and therefore your bra size) has settled.

Before you get to that point, you can do what you can to stabilize the hormones which are causing the changes: get lots of rest, eat healthily, exercise, and try supplements like St John’s wort or essential oils like clary sage.

Why are my breasts getting bigger after menopause? The final word

As with other symptoms during menopause, it’s your hormones that are responsible for your bigger bra size.

Breast changes are totally normal at this time. But, if you’re uncomfortable, there are things you can do to help.

You’re beautiful, and you’ve got this.

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