72 Whimsical Winter Baby Names and Meanings

72 Whimsical Winter Baby Names and Meanings

There are many reasons to explore winter baby names for your new bundle.

Even the name Winter conjures images of cozy cabins, snowy adventures, and the fiery crackle of a burning log.

It’s a season of great relaxation, hibernating to rejuvenate, and embracing long nights to get some much-needed rest.

Above all, it’s a time of helping others and coming together as a family.

So, if you’re set to greet your babe in the winter months or you simply love the feeling of cold on your nose, these winter names offer a number of perfect choices.

Put on your coat.

We’re heading out.

In this article: 📝

  • What are cold names? ❄️
  • What is a wintry name for a girl?
  • What are boy names that mean winter?
  • Winter names for girls
  • Winter names for boys

What are cold names? ❄️

These winter names capture all things ice and snow – with a touch of frost for good measure:

  1. Chan: This Chinese name means “snow”.
  2. Crystal: A Greek name meaning “ice”, Crystal can also mean “gem” and “clear”.
  3. Edur: A name with Basque roots, Edur means “snow”.
  4. Eira: This one’s of Welsh roots and yes, you guessed it, means “snow”.
  5. Eirwen: This gender-neutral name also has Welsh roots. It means “snow”, as well as “fair” and “blessed”.
  6. Fannar: Meaning “snowdrift”.
  7. Flykra: This Nordic name means “snowflake”.
  8. Frost: Meaning “freezing”. A poetic option, this name is the surname of the American writer Robert Frost.
  9. Frostine: This icy French name means “freezing”.
  10. Gwyneira: This one’s of Welsh origin and means both “white” and “blessed snow”.
  11. Haukea: With its Hawaiian roots, Haukea means “white snow”.
  12. Haunani: This lovely name is also from Hawaii and means “beautiful snow”.
  13. Lixue: A charming option with Chinese roots, Lixue means “beautiful snow” too.
  14. Lumi: This sweet Scandinavian name simply means “snow”.
  15. Miyuki: A name with Japanese origins, Miyuki has two equally delightful meanings – “beautiful snow” and “beautiful happiness”.
  16. Neva: This sweet name comes from the Latin word nivis which means “snow”. Neve is another option.
  17. Nieves: And this one’s also “snow”.
  18. Snow: You guessed it!
  19. Tushar: This boy’s name of Hindu roots means “ice”, “snow”, or “cold”.
  20. Xuĕ: Meaning “snowfall”.
  21. Yukio: Here’s an adorable option with Japanese origins. It means “snow boy”.

What is a wintry name for a girl?

We’ve covered the weather but what about the winter spirit?

It doesn’t get more wintry than the divine representations of wintertime:

  1. Beira: In Scottish folklore, Beira is the goddess of winter.
  2. Kheimon: She’s the Greek goddess of winter.
  3. Khione: As the daughter of Kheimon and the god of the north wind, she is the ancient Greek goddess of snow and ice.
  4. Marzanna: This Slavic goddess is in charge of both winter and rebirth.
  5. Skaði: In Norse mythology, she’s a goddess associated with winter, skiing, mountains, and bowhunting.
  6. Winter: Hate to be too on the nose about this one, but we think it’s an ideal option.

What are boy names that mean winter?

If you’re seeking unique winter names for your baby boy, why not try:

  1. Boreas: He is the ancient Greek god who brings winter. He’s also the god of the north wind.
  2. Himesh: This name of Hindu roots means “Snow King”.
  3. Shakok: From the Laguna and Acoma Pueblo, Shakok is the spirit of winter and the northern mountain.
  4. Warrin: With its Pitjantjatjara origins, Warrin means “the cold months”.

And then, here are our favorite winter-themed names.

Winter names for girls

Across cultures, winter names attract.

Here are the very best female winter names that capture the magic of this magnetic season.

  1. Adolpha: Meaning “noble wolf”. 🐺🏔️
  2. Alba: With its Latin roots, Alba means “bright” and “white”.
  3. Angel: Snow angels, anyone? 👼🏼
  4. Anna: While the name Anna means “grace”, it also belongs to one of the main characters in Disney’s popular film, Frozen.
  5. Apricity: This interesting name means “the feeling of the warmth of the sun in winter”.
  6. Aurora: Aurora means “dawn” – and with a “borealis” on the end, it speaks of the natural light display that can be seen in the polar north.
  7. Bianca: This popular name means “white”, the color of snowy landscapes.
  8. Blanche: Like Bianca, Blanche means “white”.
  9. Carol: While this name means “free man”, it’s also the name of the songs sung at Christmas.
  10. Cherith: This Hebrew name means “winter stream”.
  11. Elsa: From its Hebrew roots, Elsa means “God is my oath”. Its wintry connotations? She’s a now-famous snow queen from Frozen.
  12. Ember. If you’re immediately thinking of the comfort of a crackling fire, this might be the perfect option for your bright spark.
  13. Epiphany: Meaning “manifestation” or “appearance”, it refers to the Christian Feast of the Three King which is celebrated twelve days after Christmas.
  14. Fionnuala: Straight from Irish mythology, Fionnuala means “white shoulder”.
  15. Garnet: This gorgeous dark red gem is the birthstone of January.
  16. Guinevere: With its Welsh roots, Guinevere means “white fairy” or “fair one”.
  17. Holly: Partnered with ivy, this ornamental plant is a classic wintry look.
  18. January: In the middle of the coldest of months, this name comes from Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions.
  19. Janara: And this name, the feminine form of Janus, is another compelling option.
  20. Natasha: From its Russian roots, Natasha refers to Christmas day, which falls in the middle of winter.
  21. Noella: Rooted in the French noël, Noella means “Christmas”.
  22. Olwen: This Welsh name means “white footprint”.
  23. Viola: Meaning “purple” or “violet” – tough little flowers that can survive frost and snow.

Winter names for boys

There’s magic to the season.

It’s a time for reflection, introspection, gathering, and transitions.

Let’s not forget celebrations!

Your baby boy is set to be your biggest one yet and we’ve got the winter names to rise to the occasion:

  1. Alaska: The Land of the Midnight Sun, this state is known for its snow-topped mountains.
  2. Andri: Of Old Norse roots, this name means “snowshoe” and is the Swiss form of Henry, which means “house ruler”.
  3. Aquilo: From Roman mythology, Aquilo refers to the cold north wind.
  4. Aspen: A place known for its wintry natural beauty, Aspen also makes for an extra-special snowy name.
  5. Aubin. From its French roots, Aubin means “white or bright, like snow.”
  6. Bodhi: Meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening”, Bodhi Day is celebrated on December 8.
  7. Bylur: This mighty name has Icelandic roots and means “snowstorm”.
  8. Caldwell: Meaning “by the cold stream”.
  9. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious”. This cute name is a variation of John. Its winter connotations? Mr. Frost, of course.
  10. Kári: Meaning “pure”. From its Icelandic roots, the name Kári is based on the Scandinavian god of wind.
  11. Nevada: From its Spanish origins, Nevada means “snow-covered”.
  12. Nicholas: This one’s a tip of the hat to Saint Nick. It means “people of victory”.
  13. Noel: Meaning “born on Christmas”.
  14. North: This navigational name points to colder climes.
  15. Rudolph: This adorable name belongs to a certain red-nosed reindeer. It means “famous wolf”.
  16. Yas: From its Navajo roots, Yas means “snow”.
  17. Yule: Meaning “born on Christmas”.
  18. Zane: This name means “God’s gracious gift” and “white like snow”.

Cozied up to the perfect winter name yet?

If babe isn’t confined by the season, there’s tonnes of potential in our Spring baby names list.

And there’s always the call of fall baby names too.

Happy hunting mama!

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