What is a Womb Tattoo? + 13 Ideas for Your Next Ink

What is a Womb Tattoo? + 13 Ideas for Your Next Ink

If you found yourself slightly confused at the idea of a womb tattoo, you’re not alone.

Let’s clear this up; a womb tattoo is not a tattoo on the womb itself. Phew.

Instead, womb tattoos are designed to look like the womb.
They can be on the lower belly or anywhere else on your body.

And we happen to think they’re a pretty cool and powerful celebration of love and our amazing bodies.

Feeling intrigued?

Here are 13 picks for womb tattoo ideas, along with their fascinating meanings.

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  • What does a tattoo symbolize?

What is a womb tattoo?

Womb tattoos get their name from the shape and design of the tattoo.

This usually resembles the shape of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

While many women choose to have these tattoos on their bellies, a womb tattoo doesn’t have to be here.

You can have a womb design anywhere at all.

Many women get them on their arms and legs to make them easier to show off.

Because these tattoos can be as simple and small or as large and complex as you want, it really is up to you where you put them.

What does having a womb tattoo mean?

A womb tattoo can mean anything you want it to.

It’s your tattoo, after all!

One of the most popular womb tattoo meanings involves motherhood, family, and childbirth.

It can also be a way of showing solidarity with other women, support for reproductive rights, or marking a medical procedure like a hysterectomy,

A word of caution, though.

While you can get a tattoo during pregnancy and breastfeeding, many tattoo parlors recommend waiting for your ink because of the risks associated with infections.

What are succubus tattoos for?

A succubus is a demon from medieval folklore who appears in dreams to seduce and entice unsuspecting men.

She’s usually depicted as a beautiful woman with animal features like wings, claws, or tails.

So what does this have to do with womb tattoos?

Well, in the erotic version of Japanese animation — called hentai — some characters have a womb tattoo that references a succubus by including demon wings.
This is supposed to show the extreme sexuality of the character.

For some people, a succubus womb tattoo links with confidence and pride in their sexuality.

For others, it connects with the occult — appearing alongside devils, wings, bats, and gothic hearts.

It could also be a way of honoring your chemistry with your partner or celebrating your own wild side.

Dark and gothic?

Or wild and primal?

It’s up to you.

What does a tattoo symbolize?

Womb tattoo designs can symbolize pretty much anything you like.

As with all tattoos, the personal meanings and reasons for getting them are entirely up to you.

If you’re searching for meaningful womb tattoo ideas, here are a few of our favorites.

1. Baby in the womb

Womb tattoos are a fantastic way to celebrate the birth of a newborn.

Some mamas decide to show this literally, with an image based around little ones in the womb.

It’s a lovely sentimental design, expressing feelings of joy and pride.

2. Abstract

You don’t have to go for a medically accurate image for your tattoo to qualify as a womb tattoo.

Because of the womb’s natural triangular shape, it’s well-suited to being portrayed in geometric line-based designs.

3. Gothic

Think succubus womb tattoos with elements like dragons and bat wings, pentagrams, snakes, skulls, and moths.

Combined with the shape of the womb, they create a dangerously beautiful design.

4. Floral

Flowers can symbolize hope for new beginnings. 🌸

They suggest dark winters are over and happier spring times are just around the corner.

When combined with a womb tattoo, flowers create a pretty design as well as represent your own personal celebration.

5. Moon and sea

Because the menstrual cycle runs roughly monthly, the moon, waves, and tides are all popular and stylish options.

They show our deep connections with mother nature and a mama’s bond with their little ones. 🌑

6. Angel wings

Angel wings symbolize freedom, faith, and protection.

With a womb tattoo, you’ll often see them on either side of the design, creating a triangle shape.

They can also refer to a guardian angel in the case of a pregnancy loss or death, communicating deep emotions of love and grief.

7. Birthdays

If you’re celebrating a birth with a womb tattoo, why not incorporate your little one’s birthday in the design?

If you have more than one child, it’s also a lovely way of expressing your love and motherly connection to each baby as they arrive.

8. Birds

Birds are a common feature of womb tattoos, symbolizing independence, freedom, peace, and happiness.

They also represent links between heaven and earth, with close ties to the cycle of life, death, and birth.

9. Hearts

You’ll often see heart designs in womb tattoos, giving shape to the whole tattoo or illustrating the ovaries.

They’re also perfect for injecting romance and love into your ink. 💚

10. Political messages

Many great womb tattoos make a political statement.

They can feature fallopian tubes and ovaries making rude gestures at unsuspecting legislators.

They’re often used to show support for women’s reproductive rights around the globe.

11. Words and phrases

There’s nothing to say you can’t incorporate some of your favorite mottos, lines of poetry, or affirmative messages into your womb tattoo.

So, what do you want your tat to say?

12. Lotus flowers

Lotus flowers frequently appear in womb tattoo designs.

As they grow in murky waters, these flowers symbolize strength, beauty, resilience, and rebirth — making them a perfect expression of personal resilience.

13. Stars

You’ll often see stars dotted around the edges of designs.

As a common womb tattoo trope, they represent hope and success.

They also symbolize fate and the idea of the stars being our guides.

So whether it’s your partner or children, they’ll always know their way home.

A womb tattoo is a very personal choice.

Go with what you love, and don’t feel the need to explain it to anyone.

If you want more womb tattoo inspiration, or to show off your completed tattoo, head over to the Peanut community.

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