23 Ideas for Wrist Tattoos for Women

23 Ideas for Wrist Tattoos for Women

Looking for great wrist tattoos for women? We’ve got ideas for you that are meaningful, cute, and unusual. Let’s take a look.
The wrist has always been a popular spot for tattoos among women.

Wrist tattoos are highly visible — you and those around you are likely to notice them often.

And because there isn’t a huge amount of space to play with, they also tend to be small and delicate, which is great if you don’t want a tattoo that’s too big or bold.

Before we give you some ideas, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about wrist tattoos.

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  • What do tattoos on the wrist mean?
  • Should a wrist tattoo face you?
  • Which wrist should a woman get a tattoo?
  • Top 10 wrist meaningful tattoos
  • Cute tattoo ideas on the wrist
  • Small wrist tattoos for women

What do tattoos on the wrist mean?

Some people say that a tattoo on your wrist shows your true emotions — like the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve”.

But there’s no definite meaning to having a tattoo on your wrist, but the tattoo itself can be meaningful to you if you wish.

Because you’ll be able to see it so easily — unlike a back or even a shoulder tattoo — your wrist tattoo can be a regular reminder of something that really matters to you.

Should a wrist tattoo face you?

It really depends on the design of the tattoo and its symbolism.

If you’re using it to remind you of something deeply personal, you might want it to face you.

But there’s no hard and fast rule about this.

You could also let your tattoo artist guide you about the best placement for your design.

Which wrist should a woman get a tattoo?

A tattoo is a very personal decision, and there’s no right way or wrong way of doing things.

Listen to your intuition on this one and pick the side that feels right for you.

You may want to correlate it with your right or left-handedness.

Which wrist is likely to be more noticeable to you? But again, no rules.

How painful are wrist tattoos?
Erm. On the whole, tattoos aren’t famous for not being painful, so if you want to get one, you should brace yourself for some pain.

The wrist ranks quite highly on tattoo pain charts because the inside of the wrist has delicate skin and nerves, and the top of the wrist has a prominent bone.

The sides of the wrist aren’t as painful, and you’ll likely find that the pain becomes less intense as you move up the forearm.

The pain only lasts as long as your tattoo artist is tattooing you though. After that, the intensity will quickly start to subside. And once your tattoo has healed, it won’t be sore at all.

Top 10 wrist meaningful tattoos

OK, let’s take a look at a few tattoo options for your wrist.

Here are the most popular wrist tattoos for women:

  1. Loved one’s name. Immortalize your love for a parent, a child, a partner, or a friend with their name as your wrist tattoo.
  2. Birds. Birds often symbolize freedom, courage, and a willingness to explore. Pick a bird that you love. You could go for something colorful and delicate like a hummingbird or for that famous traditional tattoo, the swallow.
  3. Word or phrase. Is there a word or a phrase that you feel you need to remind yourself of? “Believe,” “Dream,” and “Stay strong” make for popular wrist tattoos.
  4. Angel’s wings. This classic design never goes out of fashion. Angels’ wings also come in an endless variety of styles — choose one that resonates with you.
  5. Meaningful date. We all have dates that mean something to us: the birth or death of a loved one, our wedding day, or the date we started a new life in a new country. Pick an interesting font and keep that date top of mind.
  6. Symbol of faith. Celebrate your faith through a religious or spiritual symbol that means something to you.
  7. Flowers. Flowers always make for elegant, feminine tattoos. Which one speaks to you? Roses, tulips, daisies?
  8. Arrow. Remind yourself to aim carefully for what you want in life with this meaningful little design.
  9. Semicolon. You might have seen this one before. It symbolizes solidarity for those who struggle with mental health issues. That’s because a semicolon represents a pause but implies that there is more to come.
  10. Mandala. Intricate mandalas, which carry potent symbolism about spiritual journeys, make for beautiful wrist tattoos. You could let the design run down onto the top of your hand if you wish.

Cute tattoo ideas on the wrist

How about something a little more adorable?

Here are some cute wrist tattoos for women to inspire you:

  1. Paw prints. Cat or dog lover? Get a couple of paw prints tattooed on your wrist.
  2. Feather. Feather tattoos often symbolize freedom and travel. While you could make yours a simple, elegant feather, another option would be to choose a more distinctive or colorful feather, like that of a peacock.
  3. Butterfly. Butterfly tattoos are often symbolic of change and renewal and can be particularly meaningful if you’ve undergone a major transformation. Butterfly tattoos can be as simple or detailed as you like and look great in color.
  4. Animal. What’s your favorite animal? Go for a tiny seahorse, bear, or cheetah on your wrist.
  5. Sun, moon, and stars. Remind yourself to reach for the stars with this inspirational wrist tattoo. You could choose just one celestial body or a combination of all three.

Small wrist tattoos for women

Now for some delicately small wrist tattoos for women:

  1. Anchor. Remember to ground yourself with this simple tattoo.
  2. Heart. Small and sweet, a little heart can remind you of what’s important.
  3. Airplane, a boat, or a bicycle. Travel lovers, this one’s for you!
  4. Leaf. A little leaf can be the very thing you need to remind yourself of your love for the natural world. And the need to disconnect from your digital life from time to time.
  5. Infinity sign. What do you feel is infinite in your life? Love? A person? A place? Personalize your infinity sign by adding this element to it.
  6. Lightbulb. Always push for the next great idea!
  7. Geometric shape. Play with interesting shapes for something unique and unusual.
  8. Minimalist line. A simple line or little looping design can make for an attractive wrist tattoo.

Happy inking!

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