“Zapp has changed the way I shop and this is how”

“Zapp has changed the way I shop and this is how”

Laura, mum of two in London, on the revelation that you can skip the supermarket and order groceries from your sofa using the Zapp app. Genius, huh?
I have a confession: I hate leaving the house unless I absolutely have to. That’s why I’m low-key obsessed with the Zapp app.

I’m a mum of two living in Chiswick, London. I usually work part-time from home as a virtual assistant, but I’m on maternity leave with my newborn baby girl happily gurgling next to me as I write this.

I’m not lazy, exactly, but recently, with a three-year-old and a newborn, I can’t be bothered to leave the house, so I’ll make do with what I have in the house to save myself a trip to the shops.

Enter Zapp!

My first Zapp delivery

I first came across Zapp through Peanut (which also ranks as one of my favourite apps of all time!), when I was sent a Zapp discount code to use for my first order.

Well, that Zapp promo code couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was sitting at home, nursing my baby girl, sniffling with hayfever, and feeling sorry for myself.

I’d run out of my usual hayfever tablets so I decided to try out this Zapp delivery app, and ordered myself my much-needed hayfever tablets, tissues, chamomile tea, and a cheeky Twirl.

When I clicked that checkout button, it took just 10 minutes to get to my door! Since then, it’s been a game-changer and I’m always recommending it to my friends.

Zapp for in-between shops

Despite doing a weekly food shop, I STILL find myself running out of the essentials.

The Zapp app is a lifesaver at these times when you’re not ready to face the supermarket again.

This week, it came to the rescue with sandwiches, nappies, formula, and a very essential chocolate craving.

I’m really passionate about protecting our environment so it was a bonus that the Zapp delivery driver arrived on an electric bike!

Zapp for parties

For me, I love and hate hosting in equal measure.

I love the idea of bringing everyone together but oh my, the pressure of catering for everyone!

Recently, I totally forgot that one guest was a vegan, and other than some crudités, I had nothing.

Enter Zapp. You can see a pattern is starting to form here right?

Zapp for gifts!

I’ve added my friends’ places to my locations on the Zapp app so I can easily send them gifts if they’re in need of some TLC too.

I’ve sent wine, popcorn, snacks, bubble bath, you name it!

I love being able to send a gift and have it arrive within minutes!

Last but not least, Zapp cares

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Zapp as a company until I wrote this review, but I’ve found out some pretty interesting things about how they work.

I thought Zapp delivery drivers stopped by other 24-hour shops in my area to get the products I’d ordered, but they actually have their own Zapp stores so you know what they have in stock before you place your order.

I was also pleased to find out that all Zapp delivery drivers are proper employees, with benefits ‒ not like some other delivery companies that pay on a delivery-by-delivery basis.

And one of my favourite facts about Zapp is that they work with Olio to reduce their food waste, so any unsold food that’s close to its sell-by date is shared within the local community.

So as you may have guessed, I thoroughly recommend the Zapp app for fast, easy, and convenient deliveries ‒ it’s an absolute game-changer!

London-based Peanut users can get £12 off their first Zapp order using code PEANUT

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