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How accurate is the Chinese gender predictor?

Well, according to a study by the University of Michigan School of Public Health, who did the work and reviewed the records of 2.8 million births in Sweden between 1973 and 2006, the Chinese gender predictor method is 50% accurate.

So it’s not a definite sex predictor of your baby, but at least it can calculate your baby’s sex at any point in your pregnancy ‒ unlike a second-trimester ultrasound, which is the most accurate method of determining your baby’s sex.

How often is the Chinese gender predictor right?

According to the University of Michigan, the Chinese gender predictor chart is accurate about 50% of the time ‒ like flipping a coin.

Other sources claim that the Chinese lunar calendar gender predictor is accurate 90% of the time, but they don’t show any studies to support these claims.

How does Chinese gender predictor work?

Using the Chinese gender predictor calculator is super-easy ‒ simply enter your month of conception, enter your age when you conceived, then click ‘Boy or girl?’ to generate your result.

Using the ancient Chinese lunar calendar chart, our calculator will tell you whether you can expect a baby boy or a baby girl ‒ but take the result with a pinch of salt!

Who made the Chinese gender predictor?

Historically speaking, we’re not sure where the Chinese gender predictor chart came from, which is the basis of our gender calculator.

Some sources claim it’s 700 years old, recovered from a royal tomb, and others suggest it dates back to the 1700s, to ensure a royal line of boys in the Qing dynasty.

But it seems its origins aren’t from China at all!

We’ve done the legwork, and the words “Chinese gender predictor” weren’t used until the 1980s.

However, we can’t find the exact origins of the Chinese lunar calendar gender predictor, so it remains a mystery...

The difference between gender and sex

While we often use phrases like “gender predictor” and “gender reveal”, what we’re actually talking about is the sex of your baby.

The World Health Organization defines gender as “the socially constructed characteristics of women and men”, whereas sex is “the… biological and physiological characteristics of males and females”.

We’ve chosen to use “Chinese gender predictor” throughout this page as that’s the commonly used phrase to describe the lunar sex predictor chart.

After all, our collective language and understanding about sex and gender is constantly evolving, and we’re doing all we can to keep up the pace.