Community guidelines

Peanut is for every woman wanting to find community throughout fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. This includes:

  • Cis and transwomen
  • Non-binary identified

What's off-limits?

We want to ensure that Peanut is safe and remains a platform for women to engage in fun and meaningful conversations.

Please know that if your post or comment was reported in breach of the following rules, this may lead to the permanent deactivation of your account.

If you see any off-limits content, please report it! All of us on Peanut will be grateful.

Hate speech

Peanut is anti-hate and anti-racist. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any content which supports racism, bigotry, hatred against users or groups based on factors including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender or age.

Anyone generating content of this nature will be permanently banned from Peanut and offending content immediately removed.

Rude or abusive behaviour

We value respect on Peanut and encourage all users to approach each other with no judgment especially when disagreeing with one another. We can all have different opinions! If you’re ever concerned or worried about something someone has said, we urge that you report them immediately and our team will get right on it.

We’re asking all Peanut users to respect this, and keep things friendly. You won’t always agree with what you read, but respecting each other encourages great conversations.

Buying, selling, and advertising

We totally understand the needs and/or extras you may have. We’re all for women trading and donating items on Peanut but we do not allow any selling. However, we’re not equipped to provide a safe space for transactions to occur.

We do not allow any advertising, which includes:

  • buying or selling items;
  • selling your services;
  • promoting your business;
  • promoting commercial events.


Peanut is not a job board, or a recruitment agency. Finding work can be challenging, but there are many other online resources for this!

Also, in some areas that we operate, multi-level marketing is against the law. Recruiting as part of an incentive sales program (for example, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Avon, Scentsy, etc) will be removed and may lead to your account being deactivated.

In particular, we will strictly take down:

  • any content promoting or recruiting for multi-level marketing schemes (MLM);
  • content asking for services (for instance childcare);
  • surveys on behalf of third parties (this does not include Peanut Polls).

Commercial events

Any and every event posted or mentioned on Peanut should be accessible to all women in the community. We ensure this by only allowing free/reasonably priced events to be promoted, we love it when women on Peanut get together so please always make sure that they’re accessible before posting.


We understand some women on Peanut may be in difficult positions or that there are some great causes to donate to but we’re currently unable to verify them. This includes any posts or comments about raising money for an individual or cause in any and every situation.

We do think vaccination is an important topic, but we’ve seen almost all conversations around vaccination degenerate or end up being a vector for misinformation, including unverified medical advice. We want the women on Peanut to keep the trust in our community and unverified medical advice can put women and peanuts in danger. Safety comes first in this case which is why we’re no longer allowing these discussions to take place on Peanut.

Seeking relationship or arrangement

Women join Peanut in search of a safe place to connect with other women and engage in interesting discussions. We’re not a dating platform so do not allow posts that are seeking dates or arrangements.

Explicit or too inappropriate posts

Sex is an important topic and we welcome those conversations. However, we reserve the right to remove overly graphic descriptions and images. We may also remove content we decide to be inappropriate for our platform.