1 year ago

Mamas who have suffered loss?

I am 7w3d. This is my second pregnancy, my husband and I lost our first baby. They did an ultrasound last Wednesday and said everything is looking great so far. But I need mamas that understand my anxiety. How do you get through the fear?

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I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Believe me, the anxiety will probably be there the whole time until you get to hold your baby. I had to instill in myself and tell myself daily … “FAITH OVER FEAR” i has terrible anxiety because I loss a baby and conceived the next baby a month later. Stay positive and speak positivity over yourself and your baby. You’ve got this mama!

26 days ago

I completely understand the anxiety. I miscarried at 20 weeks and 2 years later I had my son. I was so terrified the entire time, and he was 5.5 weeks early. I know it's easy to say and hard to do but have hope. Let yourself get excited 😊 please don't put yourself down if things don't work out. I know how painful it is, how it haunts you. Don't give in to the fear do your best to be in the moment, you will be glad you did later on. Best of luck 💜

1 month ago

I don’t think you get over the fear!! My whole pregnancy I was scared of loosing her because I lost my last baby 3 years ago! Even when in labour I was worried something was wrong it wasn’t until she was out and crying and placed on me that I new she was okay because she was infront of me! I think you’ll always be worried but when you get further on it’s more reassuring when you feel them move, I wish you all the luck xxxx

1 month ago

I lost 1 then I was told I’d have like 10% of having a successful pregnancy I was a nervous wreck my partner had to take me to hospital for back pain as I was convinced I was losing him he was just leaning on a muscle, look I can’t give you advice you just need try stay calm and positive. Don’t Google any concerns call midwife. If they told you everything looks great then trust them. It’s normal for you to worry especially after a loss. Xxx

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