1 year ago

I want to tell my partner I’m pregnant on Christmas Eve but really struggling with keeping it to myself !

I found out I was pregnant on Friday. I’m 5 weeks tomorrow. I really wanted to tell him on Christmas Eve as I think it will be really special. But I keep getting anxiety and wanting to tell him, but I think I’ll wish I waited. What would you all do?

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9 months ago

You could make it a Christmas surprise for the rest of your family/families x

1 year ago

I’d just tell him. The second I saw the faint double line on the pregnancy test I SCREAMED for my husband and shoved it in his face🤣 and then made him go get me more tests

1 year ago

Cute idea but I wonder if You might end up revealing it accidentally between now and then— puking or something. I waited until the evening the day I found out and kinda felt bad keeping it quiet that long. At 8 weeks now I can’t imagine not having told him— he makes me nice snacks and does extra things, and you would miss out on that special treatment ;)

1 year ago

I would just tell him right away

1 year ago

I wouldn’t wait. You can still make it a christmassy surprise just do it early

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