Best Baby Registries: Tried & Tested

Best Baby Registries

When your baby arrives, you don’t necessarily need to buy all the gear yourselves.

After all, babies can be pretty pricey! (But you don’t need us to tell you that)

That’s why starting a baby registry is so useful: you get to create a wish list of items for loved ones to send to your growing family.

These thoughtful baby shower gifts show their support and help your little one travel safely, play happily, sleep soundly, and feed comfortably.

But before you start curating products, you need to pick a retailer with a baby registry.

For some, this might be a no-brainer ‒ fans of popular baby registries like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

For others, it’s a good idea to browse different sites to make sure you find the best baby registry for you and your baby.

Finding the best baby registry for you

To help you find the best places to register for baby shower gifts, we’ve done the legwork, looking at product selection, return policies, free gifts, discounts, brand variety, and group gifting.

Whether you’re after a luxury baby registry or a more minimalist baby registry, we’ve got the best of the best.

Let’s find the best baby registry for you.

Our top baby registries: 📝

  • Amazon
  • MyCrib
  • MyRegistry
  • Babylist
  • Target
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Walmart
  • Crate and Kids
  • Baby registry FAQs


Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon baby registry is beloved by mamas across Peanut ‒ it’s easy, it’s affordable, and it has a huge range of products available to choose from.

Why we love it

The Amazon baby registry is universal, so you can add any item from any site.

Plus, you can benefit from a 10% completion discount on items left on your baby registry ‒ if you’re a Prime member, that’s increased to 15%!

Still not convinced?

You also get a free Amazon Welcome Baby Box for both you and baby.

If you’re wondering how to create a baby registry on Amazon, it’s so quick and simple!

They’ve made the whole process of creating an Amazon baby registry a quick step-by-step, so you could set up your baby registry in mere minutes!

Top products

This Portable Diaper Changing Pad is one of the highest-rated baby items on Amazon ‒ an easy addition to your baby registry.

And to help baby sleep, try the Baby Shusher!

Not sure what to add to your Amazon baby registry?

Go for the Amazon baby gift card.


When it comes to Amazon registry returns for baby products, they’ve made it nice and easy.

Simply click “Thank You Lists and Returns”, then choose the item you want to return, click “Return Item”, and follow the instructions.

Returning items from Amazon registry is allowed for up to 1 year from purchase for gifts, or within 90 days if you buy them yourself ‒ all for free!

Not sure how to find the baby registry on Amazon?

We’ve made it super simple ‒ just follow the link below!


MyCrib Baby Registry

Now, a baby registry platform specially created for our UK mamas-to-be: MyCrib!

Why we love it

For us, MyCrib is a go-to for a hassle-free baby registry experience.

It’s completely free, lets you add products from any site, and even offers group gifting for big-ticket items.

Plus, with real-time price comparisons and a simple-to-use platform, it’s like having your own personal shopper!

Top products

There’s lots to choose from on the MyCrib site, from big brands like Tommee Tippee and Mamas & Papas to designers like Done by Deer and Liewood.

It’s hard to pick just a few products as our faves, but we’re loving the eco rascals bowl and spoon set, the Tommee Tippee LetsGo portable baby bottle warmer, and the frankly adorable VICROAD baby hooded knitted rompers.


MyRegistry Baby Registry

Add any gift from any shop ‒ whether they have a website or not ‒ with the MyRegistry baby registry.

Why we love it

The MyRegistry baby registry is the only truly universal baby registry on our list.

See something you want in a shop?

Download the app and scan the barcode to add it to your list.

If you’d prefer some cash to go toward daily baby essentials, you can always add a cash gift to your baby registry.

Top products

While there aren’t any baby registry gifts specific to MyRegistry, the cash gift is a useful addition to any baby gift registry.

It depends on the returns policy from the individual store, but most places tend to be flexible for baby registry gifts.

See something you like in a brick-and-mortar shop?

Add it to your baby registry list with MyRegistry:


Babylist Baby Registry

Is Babylist a good registry?

According to our mamas on Peanut, yes!

Why we love it

The Babylist baby registry offers one of the biggest free welcome baby boxes on our list.

The Babylist free box comes with over $160 worth of free samples, coupons, and baby essentials.

This is another baby registry site that can add items from other websites, so if you see something elsewhere online, with the click of a button, you can add it to your Babylist registry!

To make things even sweeter, they also offer a 15% registry discount on anything bought directly from the Babylist site.

Top products

Our mamas of Peanut love this Solly Baby Wrap Carrier ‒ comfy for you and baby, too!

If you’re planning on formula feeding, then the Baby Breeza Formula Pro Advanced is a must for easy formula mixing.

Check out more of our Peanut mamas’ favorite baby carriers here.


Returning gifts from your Babylist registry allows 9 months to send any unwanted items ‒ plenty of time when you’re busy with baby.

We love that you can support more small businesses with Babylist ‒ create your baby registry now:


Target Baby Registry

Our mamas on Peanut love the range of baby furniture at Target, along with the convenience ‒ after all, there are Targets all across the US ‒ perfect for your baby registry.

Why we love it

Just like buybuyBABY, there are lots of Target locations available in the US ‒ over 1,800 stores, in fact.

The free welcome kit with $100, 15% registry discount, and access to Target Circle for exclusive deals make the Target baby registry one of the favorites of our mamas on Peanut.

Top products

If you’re after a baby monitor, the Nanit Pro Camera and Wall Mount is a fantastic choice.

Looking for a budget toy to occupy your little one?

Go for the Bright Starts Oball Shaker Toy.

Returns:** Target registry returns couldn’t be easier ‒ you can return gifts within 1 year after baby’s due date to one of Target’s 1,800 locations, for free!

The Target baby registry is one of the more popular registries on our list ‒ convenient and budget-friendly!

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry

Looking for someone a little more environmentally conscious?

How about the Pottery Barn baby registry?

Why we love it

Chic designs, 20% baby registry completion discount, and a free consultation with their design team ‒ they have a fabulous eye for style!

Whatever nursery decor theme you’re after, you’ll find it at the Pottery Barn baby registry.

Top products

We fell in love with the beautifully designed Skye Moon & Stars Muslin Travel Play Mat, which goes perfectly with the matching Skye Moon & Stars Musical Cot Mobile.

Perfect for sweet dreams!


The Pottery Barn return policy for their baby registry is simply within 90 days of purchase or 90 days of baby’s due date (whichever comes last).

Sure, it’s the most expensive baby registry on our list, but so trendy.

Create your Pottery Barn baby registry here:


Walmart baby registry

Another budget-friendly, minimalist baby registry option with lots of convenient locations (over 4,500, to be more accurate) ‒ the Walmart baby registry:

Why we love it

Lots of affordable, well-known brands, like Huggies, Disney, Graco, and Chicco, our Peanut mamas love the range of baby registry items to add to your list.

Plus the free welcome box worth $40 and easy-to-use app makes this one of the more popular baby registries on our list.

Top products

The adorable Bedtime Originals Lambs & Ivy Animal Choo Choo Express Elephant Humphrey Plush Toy is sure to become baby’s best cuddly friend, and the Nanobebe Baby Bottle Starter Set with Warmer & Pacifiers is a baby registry essential.


Return any item from your Walmart baby registry within 1 year for free ‒ via post or in-store.

Super-convenient and budget-friendly, the Walmart baby registry is easy to create:

Crate and Kids

Crate and Kids baby registry

The Crate and Kids baby registry by Crate & Barrel makes sending thank you cards a quick and simple experience.

Why we love it

The 15% baby registry completion discount, unique “thank you” manager, and handy mobile app make the fast-growing Crate and Kids baby registry one of the more recent favorites of our mamas on Peanut.

Top products

The Hampshire Olive Green Baby Crib is designed to be long-lasting, converting into a toddler bed with ease, and the Wonder and Wise Activity Baby Push Walker is both trendy and educational for your little one.


Non-furniture items have a return deadline of within 90 days and baby furniture should be returned within 30 days ‒ not as long as some of the other baby registries on our list.

Our Peanut mamas love the design of the furniture on the Crate and Kids baby registry ‒ and the 15% completion discount!

Baby registry FAQs

When to start a baby registry

So when should you start a baby registry?

Well, if you’re expecting your first baby, we recommend starting your baby registry as soon as you make your pregnancy announcement, to give friends and family plenty of time to buy gifts for your baby shower.

For your second baby, it’s up to you whether you decide to create a baby registry, because you may have some of the bigger-ticket items from your first.

But if there are any items you’d like to add to your second baby’s registry, it’s best to get the baby registry list started when you announce your pregnancy.

Our top tip: aim to have your baby registry list finalized by a month before your baby shower, so your guests have time to buy the right gifts.

What should you not put on a baby registry?

Wondering what not to put on your baby registry?

Here are a few suggestions of things to leave off your baby registry by our mamas on Peanut:

  • Newborn clothes ‒ you won’t need many of these, since baby’s time fitting into newborn clothes won’t last long.
  • Lots of baby toys ‒ you’ll have to wait a few months until baby will be playing with them, so leave them off the baby registry list for now.
  • Cuddly toys ‒ While they’re cute and snuggly, soft toys are actually not all that safe to have in baby’s crib.
  • Baby shoes ‒ Again, these are adorable, but baby won’t be walking for quite some time, so there’s no need for baby shoes right now, just opt for socks.

What is a universal baby registry?

A universal baby registry means you can add products you like from any store.

Some universal baby registries have mobile apps so you can easily add products as you see them in-store, or buttons you can add to your internet browser to add items you see while you’re internet shopping.

How do I make a baby registry announcement to my friends and family?

A lot of our mamas on Peanut recommend making your baby registry announcement at the same time as your pregnancy announcement.

If you’re sharing your pregnancy on social media, why not add a link to your baby registry so friends and family can easily buy your baby shower gift when they can?

Another top tip is to include your baby’s nursery color palette in your baby registry announcement, so people know what colors to choose.

What is the best place to do a baby registry?

How do you know which is the best baby registry for you?

That’s up to you ‒ only you know what’s best for you and your baby.

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