Anyone still listen to Selena? Alguien sigue escuchando a la Reina?
Me gusta
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Muestra tu apoyo

Of course


We listen to her daily! My oldest loves bidibidi bombom

Yes !!!

Yes my friend has her own group and she sings como la flor so well

I loved 🥰 the movie 🍿 🎥

Selena: The Series is amazing if you haven’t already seen it!

I love Selena la serie! I thought Christina serratos played her beautifully!

@Megan yes she sure did! 🥰

Big fan, dance 💃

All the freaking time. Trying to get my teenage son to appreciate her like I do. She would be a worldwide superstar now if she had more time with us. 🥰

Have you read chris’ book? If youre a selena fan its a must read

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