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belly hair

does anyone have extreme belly hair since pregnancy ?! anyone have solutions besides shaving or waxing !? please help lol


When do hair go away

My 9 weeks old has hair on ears, forehead, knuckles and back of her neck. She has hair on arms and legs but I’m not worried about them. Do they go away with age?


Bad day continues

So GIL waited until I was busy (she came uninvited first off) and asked my partner if she could take our son. He’s not awake most of the time so he said yes. They left and today he came back with a mullet. A haircut me and my partner loathe bc of her (she kept giving him one and my partner one) after talking to her ...


I cut my baby’s thumb…

I cut my 4 mo’s thumb while clipping her nails… it’s a fairly big cut, it bled a lot too… I cleaned it and put a band aid on to stop the bleeding, now I’m scared and dying from guilt…


Any nail techs on here please?

Hey ladies, Ive been looking for a nail tech for awhile now I’m sick of doing my own nails I just want somebody good and will actually respond to messages 😭 is there anyone on here that does nails or can recommend somebody could please please (I usually have gel no acrylic) xx


Best scrunchies/hair ties for thick hair

I have crazy thick long hair that is on top of my head 95% of the time. I’m sick of my buns and ponytails slipping within 5 minutes. What are your favorite ties/scrunchies for thick hair?


Stupid Question

Can I get my hair dyed when pregnant a lot of people say you can’t buy google says otherwise!? 🤔


Postpartum Hair Loss 😩

Is anyone else suddenly losing big clumps of hair!? I know postpartum hair loss is a thing and that it peaks at 3months but I didn’t lose anything until a week ago now I’m losing LOADS. I’m unsure how I have any left!😩


Silk sheets - do they work?

We all know our phones listen to us so my phone has been showing me a stupid amount of ads for silk sheets as I’ve been discussing the fact my 5m old has a bald spot at the back of her head and is losing hair elsewhere. I don’t mind paying the money to buy one if they work, but is it all a load of rubbish?😂


Help! Hair colour change 😢 could it be hormones ?

I’m a person of colour as you can see in the pic and I’ve been noticing my thigh (tiny hairs) and legs mainly inner part of my legs and thigh hair colour is changing from brown to Gold/blonde is this happening to anyone ? What could be the reason ? 😳 pic taken without flash