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Does anyone have a stay at home job ?

I work at a nursing home and I just want something that easy and pays well


Scan pictures

It may be a silly question but this is my first baby and scan I’m wondering how much are the scan pictures with nhs and if there is a limit on how many you can have also do u pay card or cash


High lipase in milk?

Can we do anything to change it? Or something ? My baby won’t drink my milk once I put it in the fridge .


Am I being sensitive/was this annoying af

Okay so I’m a single mom no help from my sons dad he just turned 2 last month we haven’t traveled yet (I loved to travel before my son was born wasn’t rich obviously but was doing pretty alright for myself) but I’m not in a place financially yet to do so w/ my son because life hit hard after I had him his dad disapp...


I'm at a loss...

I don't know what to do anymore. I can't afford my current bills as it is. We are currently living with my parents but it is becoming increasingly stressful. We don't make enough to move out.


Universal credit

Hello! Going anon purely because I can't deal with being judged! I'm reading a lot of people are recieving universal credit. My little girl is 4 months, and my maternity pay is due to go down in my next pay. I'm only admin in the NHS, but my partner works full time. Just wondering if I'd be entitled or eligible et...


Scan at RBH

Hi All, I have my 12 week scan at RBH this week. In the letter it says we can buy some scan photos. Does anyone know whether they take card or do we need to bring cash (if so, is it just coins)? Is there a limit to how many we can purchase? We’d also welcome any more tips and advice! Thanks


Maternity allowance(Gov) and UC

Hey, so I feel like asking the professionals in my personal care is a waste of my time, So my question to all you lovelies is this: I get PIP I get UC I currently work full time, But i am not eligible for SMP So how does the Gov maternity allowance work with UC and PIP?

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