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  • N
  • 4 days ago

Has anyone got a pretty push gift?

I want to know!
  • K
  • 4 days ago

First time I got a brand new car. This time will be diamond necklace

  • A
  • 5 days ago

After my 2nd baby, my wedding rings didn't fit so my husband got me my dream wedding set with much bigger diamond 🙊💎

  • M
  • 5 days ago

This is the funniest thread, I didn’t know gifting for creating a little human was a thing! How can I tell my BD without TELLING him? ☺️

  • J
  • 5 days ago

I got 2 new Pandora charms, that were baby footprints etc.

  • T
  • 5 days ago

My hubby said he won't be getting me one because they aren't real things. We are also looking at moving just before we have the baby. That ring is gorgeous though.

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