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  • 1 day ago

Labor without an epidural?

My first two kiddos I had a epidural and it messed with my back for awhile; so curious ladies. How did labor go with doing it natural and no epidural? Tell me your stories!
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  • 1 day ago

With my first kiddie I was able to do so all natural. I loved the experience and appreciated being able to get right up after birth. So when I had my 2nd kiddie I went over 11 hours attempting to have him natural as well but due to not being able to dilate fully I had to get the epidural * my boys were 9 lbs 6 oz, and 9 lbs 4 3/4 oz & the way my 1st boy positioned himself in me was pressed right up against everything which made it hard for my body to dilate. Although I loved the pain relief I had bad anxiety *ptsd* due to traumatic reasons I have a really hard time being with not being able to move. But with my boys they kind of forced my hand lol I came far too close to a c-section and I was more terrified of needing that due to watching my mom have a horrible experience from her c-section.

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Then with my last kiddie after going through a really painful pregnancy * i had gull stones, kidney stones, a bladder infection, pelvic infection, kidney infection and was hospitalized for most of the pregnancy due to it. I was in extreme pain - and knowing how I came way too close to needing a c-section for my first boy and seeing my last kiddie was just as big and was positioned similiar I decided to just get the epidural. Thankfully i did because while giving birth they realized he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and shoulder and they had to unwrap him while I was pushing - during that experience I actual tore front to back and it took about 2 1/2 hours to stitch me up. That pregnancy and delivery was my hardest one - but the epidural definitely came in handy then lol.

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  • 3 days ago

I had natural birth I was in labour for three days it hurts alot but it feels good after all

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  • 4 days ago

My second one without epidural, they were insisting me to take it as my labor was really painful I was induced for more than 22 hrs and my water was broken a week before during that week I was experiencing contractions on and off nd was on antibiotics too. So according midwives I wasn’t dilated enough, but I said no. And in next 10 minutes my baby was in my hands 🤪. I personally do not recommend epidural bcoz its not good for your back.

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  • 5 days ago

Painful, stressful and feels like everything inside you is tearing apart 😭😭😭😭!! But once it's done and baby is out , the recovery is AMAZING. I was out of hospital within 24hrs and in the kitchen next morning cooking and cleaning like I didn't even have my beautiful boy #3 lol. Epidural also fucked my back up big time the first time I had it with my first baby

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  • 6 days ago

Had a home birth with a midwife. no meds 3 hr labor pushing for 20 min would do it over the same way

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