1 year ago

Labor without an epidural?

My first two kiddos I had a epidural and it messed with my back for awhile; so curious ladies. How did labor go with doing it natural and no epidural? Tell me your stories!

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1 day ago

I had a epidural with my first. With my second I was induced at 37 weeks. I opted for a dose of IV meds and by the time I was ready for my epidural I was 9/10cm and ready to go!

3 days ago

I tried natural. After 36 hours of labor, I begged for gas. That did nothing and I begged for epidural. After a few more hours of epidural, they prepped me for a last minute c section because they found out he was sunny side up and the chance of him coming out vaginally was 0. I could’ve lasted through the pain and intensity if I had an end goal (ie. 2 more hours), but there was no end in sight. 😝 Next kid? I’m not going to play a hero and I’m going straight for an epidural and it’ll be a planned c section if they predict the kid is over 6 lbs.

19 days ago

It was tough for me. I had a 24 hr labor with iv pain meds. I say it’s totally doable. It’s a mind set that you’ll get through it. If this is your 3 baby it should be quicker than 24hrs. I would say or at least this is my plan. Stay at home as long as possible, break my water once baby is engaged and far down, take the iv pain meds push. I dialed all the way in 2hrs from 6-7. Which took me about 18 hours to get there bc my laboured slowed down at the hospital. I used Benadryl at home and with the iv pain med. so that seemed to work for me. I pushed for 1.5 hrs.

19 days ago

Hello! Have you consider taking a childbirth class that teaches you how to labor and birth without medication?

23 days ago

Preferred my second birth without epidural, epidural are amazing but personally slowed my first labor down . Felt I didn't need it the second time, just used gas, and breathing

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