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  • about 1 year ago

Any Tall mummas who had big babies?

Any mummas on here who are 6ft +? How big was your baby ☺️? Mines measuring 9.9lb at 40+ 5 weeks and I’m not afraid since I’m 6ft but the hospital are trying to pressure me to change my home birth plan since she’s so big. I just wondered if other tall/large women have had positive births to big babies? 🤗
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Not tall but my own mum was only 5ft and I was 11lbs and she had me at home and it was all lovely. I think do what you feel is best. If there's any complications you can always get them rushed to the hospital anyway.

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I’m 5 foot and had a 10lb baby lol. He measured 7lbs 4 ounces at 36 weeks. Had to have a c section

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Huge babies run in my family (I’m only 5’4)and my midwife has assured me that babies of any size can all come out naturally! My grandmother was 4’11 and got out a 10 lb baby safely 😂 If you’re feeling any anxiety from the docs trying to pressure you, maybe reviewing your birth plan with your midwife/doula could quell any fear and clarify your desires and vision for this birth! ♥️♥️

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I think this is wonderful and don't change a thing doctors always trying to go against nature

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My friend is not big but she had a big baby like 9 or 10lbs naturally, thry say big babies just push themselves out, my guess is if you are 6ft tall you'd have a big pelvis to accomodate baby, I'm small so I guess ivea small pelvis.

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