• Rehyan
  • Romford, Greater London, GB
  • 14 days ago

Anyone heard about Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Apparently drinking it around 32nd week can help soften your cervix and get your body prepared for labor. Apparently shortens labor as well. But is this even true? Anyone got any first hand experience about this? I’ve just had my first cup. Tastes like a strong herbal tea. Quite refreshing. Anyone know about this ?
  • C
  • 14 days ago

I love tea but never heard of that

  • K
  • 2 months ago

I drank this tea 2 times daily my last few weeks of pregnancy and then when I went into labor I made a strong “tea bomb” before heading to the hospital with like 8 bags steeped in one cup. I had a VERY FAST labor and let’s just say I went through my entire labor in triage over the span of about 3 hours. It was my first pregnancy and the nurses were shocked how fast it went. Thus why I had no pain medication. If you do this beware because I believe it works! I used the Traditional Medicinals brand.

  • R
  • about 1 month ago

Same here! First pregnancy and delivery and it was only 2 hours 51 minutes. Every contraction from start to finish was 3 minutes apart and it took only 10 minutes for me to push him out with a small amount of gas and air 😅

  • N
  • 3 months ago

Any specific brand you would recommend

  • S
  • 16 days ago

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea or Earth Mama Third Trimester Tea

  • M
  • 3 months ago

I drank this starting on my 38th week and then 3 days before I was due, my water broke and I had a smooth, quick labor! I also ate a lot of pineapple during the last few weeks! And dates too!

  • A
  • 4 months ago

My midwife told me it can be beneficial throughout your pregnancy, because it helps the uterus. But to induce, I've heard that Evening Primrose capsules can work.

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